Protein diet

One of the most popular therapeutic diets that allows you to lose tired extra pounds, strengthen your immunity, improve your mood, improve your health and normalize your metabolism, is a protein diet. Its duration is two weeks, for which it turns out to get rid of three to eight extra pounds.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that this diet is primarily aimed at improving the metabolism in the body, therefore, people suffering from diseases of the kidneys, stomach and / or intestines, the cardiovascular system, its use is strictly prohibited. To achieve maximum effect, it is necessary throughout the course of the diet to strictly adhere to its rules and comply with the menu. All this time, the body will not receive carbohydrates, and due to this, the process of burning fat stores will begin.

Protein diet: products and menus

The first day:

In the morning, coffee without milk and sugar;

For lunch - two eggs, a glass of tomato juice, boiled cabbage with a spoon of vegetable oil;

In the evening - boiled fish in any quantity.

Second day:

In the morning - a slice of rye bread and unsweetened tea or natural coffee;

For lunch - a salad of vegetables, boiled fish (it is possible with vegetable oil);

In the evening - boiled veal and one glass of kefir.

Day Three:

In the morning - as on the second day;

For lunch - apples and one fried zucchini;

In the evening - two eggs, boiled beef, coleslaw with a spoon of vegetable oil.

Day four:

Breakfast - unsweetened natural coffee;

Lunch - three grated carrots with a spoon of vegetable oil, hard cheese, one egg;

Dinner - any number of fruits, except bananas.

Fifth day:

In the morning - grated carrots;

For lunch - a piece of boiled fish and one glass of tomato juice;

In the evening - fruits, excluding bananas.

Day Six:

In the morning - unsweetened natural coffee;

For lunch - boiled chicken, carrot and cabbage salad;

In the evening - grated carrots with a spoon of vegetable oil and two eggs.

Day Seven:

In the morning - tea without sugar;

For lunch - boiled veal and fruits;

In the evening - any previous option, except Wednesday dinner.

Starting from the eighth day of the diet, the menu is repeated in the reverse order, i.e., on the eighth day as the seventh, ninth as the sixth, tenth as the fifth, etc.

The main rule of the diet is the lack of sugar, honey, salt, seasonings and other flavor enhancers in the diet . Another significant point of this diet is the use of at least three liters of fluid per day. A protein diet can be used no more than once a year, since a constant or very frequent restriction of carbohydrate intake can lead not only to weight loss, but also to poor health.

A protein diet is often used for athletes, it is considered a fairly simple way to get rid of extra pounds. After all, to comply with it, you just need to exclude fats and carbohydrates from your diet. Potatoes, cereals, flour products, sweets, pasta and butter fall under the ban. All these products simply need to be replaced with protein foods, i.e. fish, eggs, low-fat dairy products and lean meat.

Due to a decrease in the amount of carbohydrates supplied with food, the body does not receive the necessary amount of fuel, i.e. glucose, and begins to expend fat reserves already available for a rainy day.

Protein diet, like everyone else, has its pros and cons. Doctors are of the opinion that the restriction of any product is fraught with negative consequences for the body, and such a “minus” is inherent in any diet. The “pluses" of this diet include the lack of hunger in connection with the length of the process of digesting protein foods and the large expenditure of energy for this process. In addition, the diet of the protein diet is quite diverse.


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