Useful Diet Products

The need to buy dietary foods usually occurs in the elderly, when digestive system failures begin. And also this problem is familiar to people who have a history of a disease such as gastritis, cholecystitis, diabetes mellitus or some other, but negatively affecting the state of health, if you do not follow a diet, do not eat certain types of food.

Many, however, do not know what are needed diet products where to buy them - these questions are not clear to everyone. This is because in most stores food products are not marked with the word "diet", and even among meat there are such products among dairy products.

Diet and Dietary Products

The very concept of “diet” includes a complex of that food that gives a person the necessary minerals and vitamins, as well as calories, without causing inconvenience in terms of health: without causing complications from the digestive system.

For some patients, nutritionists calculate the number of calories consumed daily, and for others, the degree of content of essential trace elements. It all depends on the specific disease.

And if we consider dietary products from the point of view of a doctor that are suitable for most people, then they can include:

  • Skinless white chicken
  • Low fat or low fat cottage cheese, milk, sour cream
  • Cereals like Hercules and Rice, Buckwheat
  • Bran
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Products with sugar substitutes, but you need to be careful, because some of them (sorbitol, for example) weaken
  • Vegetables are almost everything, but an individual doctor's consultation is needed if you doubt their usefulness just for you. Boiled vegetables are digested best and are more harmless, as they undergo heat treatment, while losing, however, some useful properties.
  • Fish. Exotic is extremely desirable to remove from the menu, excluding oysters, octopuses, eel. But preference should be given to river fish, which is less oily. Mackerel and catfish are not for everyone.

Another feature of diet foods is freshness. Buy diet eggs - they are sold in small packages in large hypermarkets and are stored less. Than their brothers. As for mayonnaise and cheeses, about which they write that they are light (lean). That is by no means a synonym for "diet."

And also get in the habit of looking at the quality of the purchased greens (dill, salad) - the store option here is not very suitable. Celery, radishes, peppers - you can afford to occasionally. And of the dried fruits, raisins are preferable - light, which has a beneficial effect on the stomach and intestines, and from it you just do not get fat, do not get sick.


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