Tangerines: useful properties.

Why are we so fond of these small sunny fruits, guests from warm countries, which have become an indispensable attribute of our New Year and Christmas holidays? Their breathtaking, freshest and most delicate aroma blends so organically with the smells of festive spruce and the first snow into one unique perfume symphony ... Mandarins are pleasant in all respects, moreover, they act on the body like a rechargeable battery. Their delicate, juicy flesh gives not only a sweet taste with a slight acidity, but also a positive attitude, natural energy and vivacity.

Scientists have found that tangerines, the useful properties of which are not fully understood, actually contain a large amount of substance that can affect our mood. At the same time, the organic acids and vitamins that make up the fruits enhance the regeneration processes in the body, perfectly restore strength after increased loads and add stamina.

Something about the benefits of mandarins

Those who regularly include tangerines in their diet, their beneficial properties are well known. Fruits have an antioxidant effect, which means they are indispensable in the war against the aging of the body. They are a successful prevention of diseases of the visual apparatus.

Beta-cryptoxanthin, which is part of the miracle fruit, prevents lung cancer in a third of smokers, which is a significant indicator. Fruit juice goes well with meat dishes, facilitates their absorption, increases the production of digestive enzymes. The healing properties of mandarins are largely due to the presence in the fruits of large doses of ascorbic acid, essential oils and phytoncides. Their action explains their ability to strengthen the immune system and resist the pathologies of various organs and systems. The flavonoids contained in the peel of this citrus have anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. They successfully help fight such a serious illness as cancer, causing leukemic cells to die. In addition, tangerines are also a good prevention of obesity . The beneficial properties of these fruits lie in the ability to successfully deal with depression, stress, and causeless anxiety.

The usefulness of mandarins is undoubted: in the countries of the East they are considered a symbol of health and longevity. These valuable and healthy fruits must be included in your daily menu for everyone who cares about their well-being. Often they are used to normalize the weight of those who are concerned about extra pounds.

Tangerine diet

There are several types of tangerine diets, all of them are low-calorie and very effective, but you can not get carried away with such a diet because of an unbalanced diet.

A three-day mono-diet is popular, during which time you can reduce weight by 4-5 kg. This diet allows you to eat up to one and a half kilograms of tangerines daily, you can also drink purified water and green tea without sugar. A longer diet is not worth choosing.

A diet during which only tangerines are eaten, whose beneficial properties provide a fairly good health, really gives the desired result. But in order to fix it, it is necessary to continue to include these citrus fruits in your diet for six months and drink a glass of freshly prepared tangerine juice with pulp daily for breakfast. You can cook it manually or in a juicer, for this the fruit is cleaned and the bones removed, but the bitter membranes do not need to be removed, because they contain substances that help burn fat. Therefore, eat these juicy tasty fruits for health, get vitamins and burn extra calories!

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