How to get better in a week

Despite the fact that most of humanity is concerned about the problem of excess weight, many people do not know how to recover in a week. Yes, yes, in a short time. As well as those who suffer from fullness, they also want to have a beautiful figure in a short time. Severe thinness does not color a person. This article talks about a few tricks and methods of how to get better in a week.

It should be noted right away that do not dream of gaining many kilograms at once. It is not real and unnatural. In the body, everything should happen gradually so that there are no cardinal failures, especially in a system such as metabolism. But it is she who is more responsible for the state of weight.

I’ll tell you how to recover at a maximum of 5 kg. For a thin person, such an amount will be very noticeable. This article will be interesting for both sexes. Men suffer even more from excessive thinness.
So, for starters, it does not hurt to consult a doctor. Leanness may be the cause or effect of the disease. Only by eliminating this possibility, you can proceed with further actions.

Next, you need to study your diet and, if necessary, radically change it. First, set yourself up so that you will now eat regularly at least three times a day. It is better if you set the diet so that the meal time is the same every day. But we are talking about a full three meals a day. Between these meals you should have a snack. The amount of food must be gradually increased. There are certain foods that cause appetite. Before eating, you can drink apple juice or eat fruit.

Such food does not mean that you need to eat a large amount of food. Just don't make your body go hungry and give yourself a bite to eat.

Protein-rich foods are recommended. Therefore, eat meat, eggs, fish, and especially chicken. Foods containing carbohydrates are also beneficial. Use potatoes, bread, pasta and cereal instead of a side dish or eat as a separate dish.

Sweets should not become the most popular food. Otherwise, there may be problems with the digestive system and, as a result, with the skin.

Any kind of oils, dairy products are also necessary. For a snack, you can use any fruit. Especially good in this case are bananas, which are very high in calories. You can eat any nuts.

As drinks, I recommend fruit juices, milkshakes and, of course, water, to quench your thirst.

And now specifically for each meal. For breakfast, you need to eat almost half the calories calculated for one day. It is better if it is milk porridge, pancakes, sandwiches and cocoa.

Lunch should be full, consisting of the first and second courses. Be sure to drink a liquid, such as compote.

Dinner can not be replaced with kefir or light curd. Prepare a meat dish to saturate your body with protein. But eat no later than two hours before bedtime.
Such a diet, which includes snacks, will allow you to gain the necessary kilograms. And then you will not be tormented by the question of how to recover in a week.
After eating, do not immediately take on the job. You can lie down a bit. So that she is better absorbed.

Such a regime does not mean at all that physical activity should be excluded. On the contrary, in order to increase muscle volume and not swim with fat, you need to choose swimming, dancing or yoga. If you are wondering about how to get better for a guy, then along with the fulfillment of all these requirements, you can visit the gym. But all exercises must be performed at a moderate pace, without overworking.

A very important point is the rejection of bad habits that adversely affect the whole body. A good healthy sleep and outdoor walks are also recommended.

How to get better in a week? Just balance your diet, relax more and do not get into stressful situations.


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