Barley porridge - the benefits are beyond any doubt

Pearl barley is a refined barley grain that has passed the stages of grinding and polishing. Barley is an unpretentious and inexpensive cereal that has been known to man since time immemorial and is widely used in the culinary art of many countries.

However, in the territory of the post-Soviet space there is a biased opinion regarding this product. For many, pearl barley is associated with the army, a children's camp, or just a cheap dining room, which serves fresh and unsightly-looking dishes. Yes, this porridge needs to be properly cooked so that it is crisp, appetizingly looking and really resembles the very pearls - pearls, from which its name came from.

If pearl barley porridge is present in the diet from time to time , the benefits of such nutrition will affect the state of health, appearance and, as a result, mood. The fact is that barley is one of the most valuable cereals, in which there is the most complete assortment of vitamins, micro and macro elements, nutrients and biological active substances that a person needs.

Among the mineral salts, iron, calcium and potassium dominate; phosphorus, iodine, manganese, bromine, selenium, copper, zinc and cobalt should also be noted. Of course, with such a rich mineral composition, the benefits of barley are not in doubt. Only selenium is a real treasure for the body. This trace element has a powerful antioxidant effect, strengthens the immune system and is insurance against many serious diseases. No less valuable is phosphorus, which regulates metabolism and brain activity, as well as necessary for the absorption of calcium.

The vitamin composition is no less rich: vitamin A, B vitamins, including folic acid, as well as D, K, E and PP. Such a component as folic acid is necessary for women's health and the normal course of pregnancy, other B vitamins are needed for the full functioning of the nervous system, vitamins A and E are responsible for beauty and are involved in antioxidant mechanisms, vitamin D favors the absorption of phosphorus and calcium.

The fact that pearl barley is a good for the body is beyond doubt, because in terms of its rich protein and amino acid composition, barley is even superior to wheat. One of the most valuable amino acids is lysine, which has an antiviral effect that protects against colds and herpes. In addition, lysine is involved in the production of collagen, a substance that slows down the appearance of wrinkles and supports skin turgor. So the pearl barley included in the menu is a benefit for the appearance, which is expressed both indirectly (healing the whole body) and directly (directly affecting the skin).

The positive effect of this simple food on the human body is very multifaceted, and the reason lies in barley, from which pearl barley is made. The benefits of this cereal have been proven by many generations and proven in the laboratory. It normalizes metabolism, eliminates toxins and toxins, helps with diabetes, liver disease, kidney dysfunction, diseases of the gall bladder, stomach and urinary tract, malfunctions of the endocrine system and many other pathologies. In addition, barley provides the brain with the necessary substances and allows you to remain clear of mind until old age. This food is good for the elderly, as well as those who suffer from low vision, overweight and digestive problems. The high fiber content in barley makes it possible to establish the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. This is one of the most useful dietary products included in a variety of weight loss programs. And even with problems like indigestion or food poisoning, pearl barley can come to the rescue.

So it’s good for people of any age to have such meals as barley salads , soups and goulash with this grits in their diet. It will be delicious and just friable pearl barley porridge. The benefits of barley will be manifested in improving the functioning of many organs and strengthening the entire body.


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