Do women have any pollutions?

Translated from Latin, the word "pollution" means "dirty" or "soiling." In fact, this is an involuntary eruption of the seed, which is not a consequence of self-satisfaction or sexual intercourse.

In this regard, the question often arises: "Do women have any pollutions"?

Female discharge

The word "pollutions" means the allocation of male seed. However, women also have pollutions. Of course, this happens much less often than men, but to say that they do not exist is incorrect.

Most often, they already suffer from adult women who have fully revealed their sensuality. But virgins are able to survive these sensations.

Types of discharge

Emissions can be of 2 types: physiological and pathological. The first appear in people who do not live a regular sex life. For example, in men, they begin during the puberty period and continue until a stable sexual life appears.

As a rule, this type of pollutions arises as a result of dreams of erotic content. In this case, men produce full sperm. And in women, the pollutions are mucus, which is secreted due to the contraction of the uterus, as well as the secret produced by the Bartholin glands.

Pathological emissions can be the result of overexcitation of brain neurons. They also appear against the background of pain in the genitals, neurasthenia or neurosis. In some cases, they are a symptom of inflammation of the seminal tubercle, prostatitis, colitis, hemorrhoids, or deferentitis. May occur with constipation. Moreover, in men, the ejaculate often contains impurities: blood, pus or protein (fibrin).

pain in the lower abdomen

Reasons for the appearance of pollutions

In general, women’s emissions occur in the morning or at night. The secretion due to the orgasm that a woman experiences in a dream is very plentiful. Nighttime emissions in women occur as a result of intense arousal. She has an erotic dream in which she makes love to a man. At the same time, both the husband and a completely stranger can act as a partner.

Often a woman experiences a deep emotional emancipation in a dream, and all secret desires and fantasies find a way out in her dreams. Sometimes in these dreams, such intercourse takes place that she would never tell someone out loud.

We can say that it is in a dream that a woman completely relaxes, receiving unspeakable pleasure, which leads to orgasm.

But she can dream not only pleasant dreams, but also nightmares. Sometimes they are so absurd that in the morning she does not understand how this could even cause excitement. However, this is a reliable fact. It can be a huge genital organ with human features. Or a slippery snake that crawled into a woman's vagina. Also in a dream, subconscious fears, for example, rape, can occur. But despite the horror that she is experiencing at this time, the woman feels a stormy orgasm in her sleep.

Emissions are inherent in a woman of any age and marital status. It is impossible to say that only single ladies are exposed to them. It can be widows, and virgins, and married women, and single.

Perhaps the reason lies in the sexual failure of the sexual partner. Or in her solitude. Also the motive may be too violent fantasy.

Another reason lies in the woman's dissatisfaction with the usual sexual intercourse. But due to circumstances or natural modesty, she cannot inform her husband about this.

man and woman in quarrel

Otherwise, when the partner takes pleasure in intercourse, but pollutions still occur, another reason comes to light. Perhaps, inside the lady lies the strongest excitement, and then erotic dreams give an impetus for the complete liberation of the body from this sensation.

In any of these cases, the woman receives a strong discharge and is in a state of complete comfort and relaxation. Her mood improves, she feels relief and joy.

happy woman

Healing treatment

If the pollutions are of physiological origin, then they do not need to be treated, since this is a completely normal, healthy phenomenon. As soon as sexual problems in a person’s life are solved, such dreams disappear on their own, respectively, and pollutions too. And there is no harm from them.

In the event of a pathological occurrence of pollutions, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

woman with a book

If a woman does not want to experience these moments, then it will be advisable to talk more often with her partner about her erotic desires. Well, before going to bed, try to avoid watching romantic films or reading novels.


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