How to reduce appetite: the secrets of nutrition

In an effort to lose weight, most people try to adhere to a certain diet, which is characterized by restrictions in the calorie intake of food. However, in addition to the need to compile a special menu, a rather pressing question arises as to how to reduce appetite. It is no secret that insufficient calorie content and limited diet will be accompanied by constant hunger, especially in the early days of dieting. In order not to break loose and achieve the intended goal, you should use some methods to reduce appetite, which modern dietetics has in its arsenal.

how to reduce appetite
According to nutritionists, the most effective method that is guaranteed to reduce appetite is massage aimed at active points. It is noteworthy that anyone can cope with the implementation of such a procedure, in addition, it will not require compliance with any additional conditions. To reduce appetite , just massage the point between the fingers - forefinger and thumb. Massage in this case means seven to eight clicks on this area, and they must be of such strength that you can feel a slight pain. Feeling bouts of hunger and thinking at the same time about how to reduce appetite, you should do this massage first on the right hand, and then on the left. The second point for a similar self-massage is located directly in the nasolabial fold, which should make seven tangible clicks.

how to reduce appetite folk remedies
In addition to massage, there are several other ways in order not to want to eat. For example, if a person on a diet is painfully given a calorie restriction of the diet, then you should pay attention to how to reduce the appetite of folk remedies. A broth made from three teaspoons of parsley greens, poured with 250 milliliters of water and boiled over low heat for four, maximum five minutes, is considered to be very effective. Next, everything should be cooled and taken several times a day for a third or a quarter glass. In the event that attacks of uncontrolled appetite occur in the evenings, you should brew a sufficiently strong black tea, adding a dessert spoon of honey and a little milk. Drink the drink you need very slowly, in small sips.

Thinking about how to reduce your appetite, you should also pay attention to the simplest methods. For example, if you brush your teeth before going to bed, you can easily overcome evening and night attacks of hunger. Far from the last role in reducing appetite is the proper organization of nutrition throughout the day. For example, it is advisable to eat at least five times a day, but the portions should be small. In addition, the essential components of the daily diet should be proteins that allow you to quickly get enough.

reduces appetite
Before you find options for yourself to reduce your appetite, you should remember that you can’t tolerate too much hunger, because it is he who is considered by nutritionists to be the surest way to not follow a diet and gain excess weight.


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