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This happy day has come when you became a mother. Now in your life enormous changes will occur. You can no longer be as independent as before. Great responsibility is placed on women's shoulders for the health and development of her baby. You should not forget about yourself. After all, who will take care of the crumbs, if not you ?!

The discharge of the woman in childbirth and the child from the maternity hospital occurs on 3-5 days. Doctors first make sure that both are doing well. Despite this, some complications may develop later. In addition, until the recovery period is completed, it is impossible to notice some pathological processes. Each woman at discharge is told about when to go to the gynecologist. After childbirth, these periods may vary for each patient, they depend on the medical history.

when to go to the gynecologist after childbirth

Who needs a gynecologist examination after childbirth?

Many newly minted mothers are interested in whether everyone needs an entry to the antenatal clinic? And maybe, if there are no complaints, it is possible to do without the visit to the gynecologist? In addition, the woman now has very little free time. If the baby is breastfeeding, then it is simply impossible to break away from him. Of course, there are women who ignore this point without experiencing any problems in the future. Doctors recommend not doing so.

It should be noted that there are no exceptions. Every new mother needs to visit a gynecologist. It does not matter how the birth occurred and whether there are any complaints now. Such a consultation will bring you only benefit, as it will be possible to verify your correct recovery. If we are found pathological processes, then remove them at this stage, it will be easier than a pound of cure their consequences. The time when to go to the gynecologist after childbirth is determined by the course of the process itself. Let us consider individual cases in more detail.

The natural appearance of the baby: the terms of visiting the doctor

When to go to the gynecologist after childbirth, if they went naturally and without complications? Doctors cannot tell the exact length of time. You should contact a antenatal clinic as soon as the recovery period ends. Each woman may have a different duration.

In the first days after the birth of the baby, the discharge is intense, they have a bright color (similar to menstrual bleeding). After about one or two weeks, they begin to lighten. By the end of the first month of release becoming orange-reddish hue, they are less abundant and do not bother the woman. Further, the color of the goose is changing every day. By 6-8 weeks after birth, they become mucous, as before pregnancy. Then it’s worth making an entry to the antenatal clinic. So, with a natural birth that proceeds normally, you need to visit a gynecologist in 1-2 months: as soon as the recovery period ends.

after birth, lower abdomen hurts

If there were complications during childbirth

All would be well if most of the birth did not pass with difficulties. Complications can be very different: from poor labor and poor disclosure of the cervix to surgery and the death of the child. If during childbirth there was at least something unnatural and abnormal, then you need to contact a gynecologist within a week after discharge.

Such an early consultation is necessary to evaluate your condition. The doctor probes the uterus, excluding stagnation of blood in it and the formation of clots. Be sure to inspect the fabric with stitches (if any). Some pregnant women who do not listen to the advice of doctors, filament stitches may differ. It’s not too late to fix it all. In case of insolvency of the cervix (often after its trauma), an inflammatory process or improper fusion of the mucosa can occur. All of these diseases in the future may be fraught with serious problems, including infertility. That is why you should be safe. A gynecologist should examine a woman after a difficult birth in the first 7-10 days after discharge.

Visit to the clinic after cesarean section

When to go to the gynecologist after giving birth cesarean section? Women who have given birth to a baby through laparotomy have special rules. The recovery period takes longer. Due to the suture on the peritoneum and uterus, blood stasis can occur. Such flora becomes ideal for the propagation of pathogens. In the place where the incision was made, inflammation sometimes begins. If you contact a specialist in a timely manner, then all troubles can be eliminated without consequences.

The first examination of the gynecologist after childbirth should occur immediately after discharge. Of course, in the hospital, doctors will check your condition, but this does not guarantee that after a few days you will not feel worse. Operation Cesarean section is a reason to treat yourself more carefully.

entry to the antenatal clinic

In what cases is it necessary to consult a doctor immediately?

It often happens that after birth the lower abdomen hurts. Women mistakenly believe that this is a normal occurrence. In fact, this symptom may indicate health problems. It is recommended to immediately contact the antenatal clinic, or call an ambulance, if after birth you have the following complaints.

  • Fever. It should be remembered that during lactation, measurements are made in the elbow. High values ​​thermometer often a sign of acute inflammation (cervicitis or endometritis). It is especially dangerous for the operated mummies, since the infection from the mucous layer can pass into the muscle.
  • Unusual discharge from the genitals. If, along with the usual mucus, a purulent impurity appears that has an unpleasant odor, then this symptom may indicate the same inflammation or the addition of the bacterial flora.
  • Weakness, fainting, vomiting, diarrhea or lack of stool for several days, pain during urination. You should be alarmed by everything that is disturbing to one degree or another.

How is the first examination after delivery?

When to go to the gynecologist after childbirth, you already know. Many young moms are afraid of this visit, they are afraid of the pain due to the recent emotional experiences. Do not be intimidated by delaying the moment of consultation. It is better to know what exactly awaits you at the reception.

  1. Medical history and survey. A gynecologist will surely find out what exactly bothers you, how the birth went, how long the process lasted, and with what parameters the baby appeared.
  2. If there are no complaints, then the examination will begin on a gynecological chair. There will be nothing new for you here. The doctor probes the uterus and appendages, examines the neck with the help of mirrors.
  3. Taking smears is a mandatory manipulation. Often, after childbirth, women have a latent inflammatory process. Installing it with laboratory tests is very easy.
  4. If you have stitches (on the stomach from a cesarean or in the perineum), then they are always visible and probed. This procedure may cause you some discomfort.

After the examination, the specialist will appoint a time for a second appointment (when the tests are ready). Most likely, the next time you will not be inspected, and simply appoint treatment (such as required).

Women's consultation at


If the lower abdomen hurts after childbirth, then you will immediately be prescribed an ultrasound. Diagnosis will show the size of the uterus and the effectiveness of its contraction, as well as determine the condition of the inner surface. Often, pain in the lower abdomen speaks of clots. In this case, postpartum discharge is completed unnaturally quickly. The reason for this is blockage of the cervical canal. If you do not receive medical attention on time, then sepsis may develop.

Ultrasound after childbirth should be performed in all women. This is a very informative method to determine the condition of the patient. In most cases, it is carried out before discharge from the maternity hospital. If this was not done, then in the first days after returning home, this issue should be resolved.


Repeated pregnancy

Repeated pregnancy sometimes makes the first visit to the gynecologist after giving birth to women. Doctors in the maternity hospital should explain to each newly made mother about this danger. Become pregnant again may be after 1-2 months, and not waiting for the first menstruation. It is imperative to use contraceptives, and sex life begins only after visiting a gynecologist.

Even if you plan on children with small difference in age, repeated pregnancy is recommended not earlier than one year. Your body needs time to recover. Otherwise, bearing may be difficult.

when to go to the gynecologist after giving birth cesarean

Women's consultation at the address or private clinic?

You can contact a gynecologist at the place of registration or in a private clinic. In the first case, you will be provided with free services (if you have an insurance policy). If you prefer to pay in a private clinic, you can choose a convenient time and place for you. In large cities, there are several clinics that monitor women's health. If you live in such a place, then you should know where the women's consultation is located (at the address). In small cities and towns there is only one clinic. All residents apply to it, regardless of where they are registered.

District gynecologist: important nuances

Usually in antenatal clinics, all doctors have certain areas. To what do you feel - find out at the registry. You can get this information by phone. Ask when calling your doctor. It happens that the patient remains dissatisfied with the specialist. In this case, you have every right to consult another doctor from the consultation to which your area of ​​residence belongs.

after how much after childbirth go to the gynecologist

To summarize

Today you became aware of how much after giving birth to go to the gynecologist. Do not ignore the need for this examination. Be sure to see a doctor and find out:

  1. whether the recovery period proceeds correctly;
  2. are there any complications;
  3. what should be protected during breastfeeding;
  4. when you can get pregnant again.

Have a good health!

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