Chemical diet for weight loss: menus, rules, results and reviews

The desire to have a toned figure is characteristic not only of women, but also of men. And the matter is not only in the external beauty and relations with the opposite sex. Normal weight and a slender figure indicate good physical and mental health. It has long been known that overweight provokes cardiovascular diseases and endocrine pathologies, and also negatively affects emotions and self-esteem.

How to achieve the desired parameters? Many resort to a variety of nutritional regimes that help lose weight in a relatively short amount of time. Similar programs include the chemical diet. According to reviews, this mode promotes relatively quick and easy weight loss. This is due to the fact that the program is designed for two to four weeks and is not too tight and excessive.

However, before we go on to consider the detailed menu of the chemical diet for a week, let's get acquainted with the general rules of this diet and its features.

heavy weight

A bit of history

It is very important to find out who came up with this technique and why. Thanks to this, we can make sure that the nutrition program is effective and safe for health.

Who is the founder of a chemical diet? Osam Hamdiy. It was thanks to him that a new technique for losing weight was released. What was the chemical diet designed for? Osam Hamdiy, being a specialized dietitian and a famous professor, tried to choose a nutrition program so that people with disabilities who suffer from diabetes could lose weight with it.

Although there is no doubt about the safety and harmlessness of this diet, nevertheless, before beginning compliance with it, you should consult your doctor or nutritionist.

But back to the beginning of our story. After the general public got acquainted with the results of the chemical diet, ordinary people who did not suffer from diabetes or other serious pathologies of the endocrine system began to use it for weight loss. Thus, this power system has gained popularity and recognition.

What is its effectiveness?

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How does the technique work? It is based on the activation of the necessary chemical reactions that occur in the human body. No wonder it is also called a diet for chemical reactions. However, do not worry. You will not need to absorb synthetic substances or any other reagents. The menu of the technique is selected so that the chemical reactions that occur in the body of each person are directed to weight loss, and not to the accumulation of fat and extra pounds.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this system? It is very important to know in order to decide whether this technique is suitable for you or not.

Let's talk about the pros first

The advantages of a chemical diet include its high effectiveness. For a month of such a diet, you can lose twelve to fifteen kilograms. But this is not so little, right?

The next advantage of the technique is that it improves the digestion process, as it saturates the human body with useful vitamins and minerals. By the way, the diet menu is very diverse, so you will not only enrich your body, but also will not experience a nagging feeling of hunger. Thanks to this, losing weight will be accompanied by positive emotions and a good mood.

good mood

A great advantage of the diet is the fact that it assumes a precisely planned menu, so that losing weight becomes very easy and simple. No need to calculate calories, weigh half the products, make up the menu. All this is already done before you! The exact diet menu is presented below.

The disadvantages of the method

But what without them? First of all, you should know that the main products allowed in the diet can cause some allergic reactions, such as skin rashes, itching or swelling. In this case, losing weight using this technique will have to be stopped.

A big minus, many losing weight note monotonous breakfasts. However, this should not stop you. To achieve amazing results, you need to sacrifice something.

And finally, about contraindications. Future and lactating mothers are not recommended to sit on this diet. If a person suffers from serious chronic diseases, then before starting to lose weight with the help of this technique, you should consult your doctor.

What are the main rules of this system?

Basic principles of the methodology

According to reviews, a chemical diet can effectively lose weight if you strictly adhere to its diet. Here are some things to look out for:

  • Dishes cannot be salted. If you can’t completely refuse seasoning, then minimize salt.
  • If the menu does not show the exact volume or weight of the product, then it can be consumed in unlimited quantities.
  • The last meal should take place four to five hours before bedtime.
  • Products should be steamed or boiled or baked.
  • Do not forget about the liquid! At least one and a half liters of clean water without gas should be knocked out per day, and this is not counting tea, coffee and first courses. However, remember that drinking food is not recommended. You can also diversify your diet with herbal teas, coffee, without adding sugar or cream.
  • In no case can you swap days, weeks or products from the menu below. Do not forget, the diet is based on chemical reactions that occur within us.
  • If you break loose or mix something up, do not be discouraged. Start eating according to the method anew, from the very first day, and do not forget - you will succeed!
  • Accompany this diet should be moderate physical activity. Normal morning exercises or simple walks are enough.
  • If you want a snack, then this can be done two hours after the main meal, using a small amount of fresh vegetables.

So, we smoothly moved on to one of the main questions: which foods are allowed and which are prohibited by this food methodology?

What can I eat

The very first and most important thing is to eat chicken eggs, as well as grapefruits, which can be replaced with oranges. In general, grapefruits are indicated in the original chemical diet (for 4 weeks or 2 weeks), since they have the necessary trace elements and substances that contribute to fat burning. However, if it’s expensive for you to buy these fruits, or if you live in an area where they are not sold, then you can stop at oranges.

eat grapefruit

What other fruits can I eat? First of all, pineapples, cherries, lemons, tangerines, kiwi, which are also considered excellent fat burners. Allowed fruits also include apples, watermelon, melon, and peaches.

What about vegetables? This food system involves the use of eggplant, cabbage, carrots, olives, peppers, radishes, beets, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers.

And it's all? Of course not. According to the original menu of this food system, you can eat bran bread, feta cheese and cottage cheese, olive oil, chicken and beef. Do not forget about fish and seafood. The menu should include hake, flounder, cod, pollock.

You can also diversify the menu with seasonings. However, be careful, not all spices are allowed, but only dried paprika, basil, allspice, vinegar or rosemary.

What can not be eaten?

Among the prohibited foods, it is necessary to mention all pasta and carbonated drinks that contribute to metabolic disorders. You should also completely forget about sausages, fastwood and white bread. And, of course, set out to spend time without confectionery, such as cookies, cakes, sweets. If you really want glucose, then the usual sweets can be replaced with honey, dried fruits, marmalade. Alcoholic beverages are also contraindicated in the food system of interest to us.

make a choice

However, this is not all. Interestingly, some vegetables and fruits are on the list of unacceptable foods. For example, potatoes, grapes, figs, mangoes and bananas. Dates, jam, ice cream and chocolate are also forbidden, and, of course, mayonnaise, lard, ham, pork, veal and lamb. Unacceptable seafood includes salmon, trout and salmon.

How to lose weight on a chemical diet, adhering to the above diet? This can be read below.

4 weeks chemical diet menu

According to reviews, the power supply system, designed for a month, gives the highest results. Weight loss will take place quickly and efficiently without harming the body.

Below is a table of a chemical diet for 4 weeks with a menu and an indication of specific dishes.

boiled eggs

Let's start from the first week.


Detailed menu


For breakfast, you can eat one or two eggs, as well as a half of citrus grapefruit (you can orange).

Dinner consists in the absorption of a large number of fruits of one kind. You need to eat until fully saturated.

For dinner, you can taste 150-200 grams of lean meat (baked or boiled).


We start breakfast with two or one eggs, we eat everything with half an orange or grapefruit.

For lunch, you can cook 150-200 grams of any allowed meat.

For dinner, you should try a salad of fresh vegetables (cucumber, pepper, tomato), citrus fruit and lettuce. We also add eggs (one or two to taste).


The usual breakfast is eggs and an orange.

For lunch, treat yourself to one toast and low-fat cottage cheese. You can eat a tomato.

Serve the meat again for dinner. A gram of two hundred will be enough.


One or two eggs and grapefruit.

Lunch is permitted with fruits of the same kind. We eat until saturated, but, of course, do not overeat.

For dinner, prepare a salad, but add carrots and green peas to cucumber, tomato and pepper. This dish will go well with lean meat in the amount of 150 grams.


And again, eggs and half a citrus.

We dine again with eggs and boiled (or stewed) vegetables - zucchini or carrots.

For dinner, you can treat yourself to boiled fish and grapefruit, as well as a salad of fresh vegetables.


The usual breakfast - boiled eggs and half a citrus.

We dine only with fruits and only one kind.

For dinner, prepare a vegetable salad and indulge yourself with grilled beef (no more than two hundred grams).


Already tired, but necessary - eggs and grapefruit.

The dinner is truly grandiose: chicken breast, orange and two tomatoes.

For dinner, stew or boil vegetables.

Victory! The first week is over! How much did you manage to lose? According to the slimming reviews, during this period they lost about three or four hated kilograms. But this is not the limit!

But we must seriously work further. Therefore, we move on to the second week.

DayDetailed menu

For breakfast, you can eat one or two eggs, as well as a half of citrus grapefruit (you can orange).

At lunch, eat meat and a little salad.

We have dinner with boiled eggs, stewed vegetables, a slice of toast and, of course, citrus. Do not forget about quantity - eating less portion is better.


We start breakfast with two or one eggs, we eat everything with half an orange or grapefruit.

We have lunch with meat (no more than two hundred grams) and a light salad of vegetables.

For dinner, two eggs and citrus are served. However, the meal can be varied with stewed or fresh vegetables and toast.


The usual breakfast is eggs and an orange.

For lunch, cook lean meat and vegetable salad.

For dinner we eat the same as for breakfast, in addition we consume a small portion of fresh salad.


One or two eggs and grapefruit.

For lunch, enrich your diet with cottage cheese (no more than 150-200 grams), fresh or boiled vegetables and our favorite eggs.

An evening meal consists of only two eggs.


And again, eggs and half a citrus.

Lunch is more varied - low-fat fish fillet.

The day ends with a meal of two boiled eggs.


The usual breakfast - boiled eggs and half a citrus.

For lunch we allow ourselves to be pampered - meat, citrus and two tomatoes.

The evening meal is very tasty - fruit salad. We eat until we get enough, but do not overeat.


Already tired, but necessary - eggs and grapefruit.

Lunch and dinner consist of the same set of products: two hundred grams of meat, one tomato, some stewed vegetables.

Another week passed. According to the reviews of those who have lost weight, the weight lost is already five to seven kilograms. And even if you lose weight slowly, do not be discouraged. The minimum result is also a result.

woman and scales

We pass to the third and fourth weeks of our chosen diet. Admittedly, sticking to a diet during this period is quite difficult. However, try to motivate yourself with something, think about the results already achieved and ... go ahead!

The third and fourth weeks differ from the first two in that for each day a certain amount of products is indicated that must be consumed during the day. The order and mode of eating meals you choose.

Third and fourth weeks
DayProduct List
MondayA variety of fruits, but only allowed
TuesdayRaw or boiled vegetables
WednesdayEat as many fruits and vegetables as your heart desires
ThursdayLow-fat fish fillet, boiled vegetables, lettuce
FridayMeat with a side dish of vegetables
SaturdayWe only eat fruits that belong to the same species.
SundayAnd again, fruits of a certain kind
MondayOne slice of bread, two hundred grams of canned tuna, three to four cucumbers and tomatoes, a few fruits
Tuesday250 grams of meat, cucumber and tomato in the amount of three to four pieces, fruits
WednesdayTwo pieces of tomato and cucumber, a tablespoon of low-fat cottage cheese, a little boiled vegetables
ThursdayYou can eat half a chicken and one bread slice. Also, do not forget to treat yourself to cucumber and tomato (two each) and citrus
FridayTwo boiled eggs, three tomatoes, a salad and an orange
SaturdayOn this day, treat yourself to two chicken steaks and a glass of kefir, also do not forget about fresh vegetables (two pieces of cucumber and tomato)
SundayWe continue to pamper ourselves. On this day, eat 250 grams of canned tuna, a tablespoon of cottage cheese (of course, low-fat), one citrus, some stewed vegetables and our favorite cucumber with tomato in the amount of two pieces each

So, we got to the finish line. According to reviews, in a month you can lose a decent weight and lose a dozen centimeters at the waist. If this does not happen to you - do not despair, perhaps this type of food simply does not suit you. So look for something new and more effective. Or take a break and restart your chemical diet. After all, most likely, it turned out to lose a few kilograms.

woman on the scales

But what if you find it difficult to adhere to this nutrition system for a month? Then you can go on a chemical diet for 2 weeks. The menu of this technique will be discussed in the next section.

Lose weight in fourteen days

Is it possible to lose extra pounds in half a month? Of course, during this period no one will promise you twenty kilograms of plumb, but it is quite possible to reduce body weight by a couple of kilograms. Below is a menu of a chemical diet for 2 weeks. However, there are two options.

One of them is that eating in the first seven days should be the same as in the first week of a month’s diet. And the days from the eighth to the fourteenth will be similar to the fourth week, presented above.

However, you can eat differently. For convenience, below is another table with a detailed menu for each day. The seeds will be the same each time - two boiled eggs and half a grapefruit (we already know that it can be replaced with an orange).

First and eighth

For lunch, eat as much fruit as you need to forget about hunger. However, the fruits must be of the same species.

For dinner, boil two hundred grams of meat.

Second and ninth

At lunch, we eat meat.

We have dinner with toast, two boiled eggs, citrus and vegetable salad.

Third and tenth

A day meal includes two tomatoes, a slice of low-fat cheese and toast.

In the evening we eat the same as for breakfast.

Fourth and eleventh

At lunch, again we eat a large amount of the same fruit.

We have dinner with meat and fresh vegetable salad. Do not forget that the smaller the portions, the better.

Fifth and twelfth

For lunch, boil two eggs and gnaw two carrots.

We have a royal dinner - baked or boiled fish, grapefruit and fresh vegetable salad

Sixth and thirteenth

A daily meal consists in the absorption of the same fruit until saturation is felt.

For dinner, we cook meat and a salad of fresh vegetables.

Seventh and fourteenth

For lunch, pamper yourself with chicken breast, stewed vegetables and one citrus.

For dinner, bake or stew vegetables.

So, we examined in detail the menu and diet during the diet. Now let's find out how to finish it right.

We leave gradually

This is very important, because if you immediately pounce on sweets, pastries and fat, you can not only gain weight even more than it was, but also harm your stomach. Illegal foods should be introduced gradually, increasing physical activity. For example, you can do fitness or jogging in the morning. Or perhaps you don’t want to return to junk food at all, and a chemical diet will become for you not only a nutrition system, but also a way of life.

However, it is important not to overdo it.

Real reviews

Having studied the reviews of those who have lost weight about a chemical diet, you can understand that it is suitable for almost everyone. Most of those who adhered to this technique lost weight, not just two or three kilograms, but seven, and even all ten!

On the other hand, people say that sticking to a power system is not so easy. Following the regime, many thinners began to hate eggs and could no longer put them in their mouths. It was difficult for others to keep a long interval between meals.

However, all these nuances are nothing compared to brilliant results.


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