Breast correction: methods, choice of procedure, reviews

Mammoplasty is a plastic surgery performed to correct the breast. Plastic surgery to correct birth defects can be carried out from the age of 18 years, it is by this time that the woman’s mammary glands fully develop. But most often women over 30 years old seek mammoplasty in order to restore the former elasticity of the breast and return to it a beautiful appearance or size after the delivery and rapid weight loss.

When is the procedure performed?

A mammoplasty procedure is performed to:

  • enlargement or reduction of the mammary glands;
  • changes in their shape and appearance;
  • restoration of the former natural form;
  • correction of pronounced asymmetry.
Indications for breast correction

Women most often turn to the surgeon for an operative measure for the following problems with the mammary gland:

  • too small a size that a woman does not like;
  • hypertrophied form, which brings physical and aesthetic discomfort;
  • prolapse of the breast, for example, after carrying a child, feeding with milk or with rapid weight loss;
  • congenital asymmetry of the chest ;
  • restoration of the appearance and shape of the breast after mastectomy - an operation to remove the gland in cancer.

The main types of correction

There are many ways to correct breasts. Before the procedure, a woman must determine exactly which method is suitable for her. To do this, you should visit a doctor who will help you choose an effective operation based on the individual characteristics of the patient.

Breast enlargement

The most popular in plastic surgery is the correction of the mammary glands. It is used by women of different age categories. Women resort to breast augmentation, as a rule, due to aesthetic reasons, since they want to look more attractive and sexy.

This method involves the introduction of a silicone prosthesis under the pectoralis major muscle or under the mammary gland itself. The area for the introduction of the implant will be selected depending on the patient’s physique, her lifestyle and personal preferences. Most often, it is installed under the pectoral muscle: the introduction of an implant under the mammary gland is in demand, as a rule, among athletes who regularly train this part of the body.

Features of breast augmentation

The implant administration method will be selected depending on the following factors: the woman’s age, her individual body structure, prosthesis size, and the desired effect.

Breast augmentation surgery

Plastic doctors in modern clinics use the following methods of implant placement:

  1. Periareolar access. With this correction, the incision is made along the upper or lower border of the areola of the nipple. Surgeons most often choose the second incision method with a large implant. In addition, periareolar access helps not only increase breast size, but also tighten it and eliminate areola defects. The surgeon makes a minimum incision at the border of the pigmented and natural skin, therefore, after surgery, the scar is almost invisible.
  2. Axillary access for correction of the mammary glands. With this procedure, the implant is inserted through the armpits. Axillary access is best suited for young girls who have not yet had time to give birth to a baby, since the sensitivity of the nipples in this case is preserved. In most clinics, this procedure is carried out using specialized endoscopic equipment, so the risk of damage to the lymph nodes is significantly reduced. After surgery, a woman may have small, almost invisible to the naked eye scars in the armpits.
  3. Submammar access - correction of the mammary glands with implants, in which the incision is made in the breast fold, while the specialist does not affect the breast tissue. This method of breast correction is considered the most convenient for creating an implant pocket. The submammary method is best used for women with lowered breasts and lots of glandular tissue. In this case, after surgery, the scar will remain hidden breasts.

On average, the procedure lasts for 1.5 hours. But its duration can vary significantly depending on the complexity of mammoplasty.

Breast reduction surgery

This correction method is used by women with very large breasts. The method of the operation is selected depending on the volume of glandular tissue and the number of measures required.

Results of mammoplasty

There are two ways to reduce breast glands:

  1. Vertical way. This method is used for small breast reduction - not more than 500 grams of glandular tissue. During the operation, the doctor makes an incision around the areola and lowers it down to the intersection with the submammary fold. At the end of the procedure, a woman may have small scars.
  2. T-shaped method. An anchor method of breast reduction is used to remove a large number of tissues - about 3 kilograms. During the procedure, the surgeon makes an incision near the areola, and then conducts it down to the submammary fold and continues to cut through the fold itself. In most cases, this method of adjusting a very large breast is used in conjunction with a tightening procedure.
Breast reduction

The time for all breast reduction manipulations varies from 2 to 4 hours.

Breast Lift

Mastopexy helps restore the patient’s breasts to their lost shape, tighten them and restore elasticity. Most often, women whose breasts have undergone age-related changes or become unattractive due to too rapid weight loss or during feeding, go for a tightening.

During the operation, the specialist makes a T-shaped cut, slightly raises the nipple and fixes it in a certain position, which allows you to return the old appearance to the mammary glands. On average, a breast lift procedure lasts for two to three hours.

The main contraindications

Experts determine a number of contraindications in which a woman is prohibited from correcting the mammary glands:

  • the presence of formations of a benign and malignant nature in the body;
  • neoplasms in the chest;
  • bearing a child or breastfeeding;
  • the presence of an infectious disease, for this you first need to be cured;
  • undiagnosed lesions.

Diagnostic measures

Before performing breast correction, the operating surgeon conducts a preliminary diagnosis of the patient’s condition, which helps to identify her individual characteristics, as well as assess the general state of health.

Before breast surgery, a woman should undergo the following tests:

  • general and biochemical blood analysis;
  • ECG;
  • FLG;
  • Ultrasound of the chest;
  • examination by a mammologist;
  • get tested for HIV and hepatitis;
  • coagulogram.

After the doctor receives the results of all examinations, he will hold a personal consultation with the patient, at which he will discuss the chosen method of operation and all the features of the recovery period after the procedure.

Patients who live in another city and cannot see the doctor in person can communicate with him by phone or video.

Recovery period after surgery

Immediately after the surgical adjustment of the shape and size of the breast, the woman is in the clinic for 1-4 days. The hospital should have comfortable wards, as well as modern equipment for quick and comfortable recovery.

At the first time of the rehabilitation period, it is important to regularly process the stitched seam, and change the bandage to a new one. Such procedures should be performed by the operating physician. On the 7-10th day after the operation, the specialist removes the stitches. After that, over the next 30 days, the patient should exclude physical activity from her lifestyle, follow a special diet and consume medications prescribed by a doctor.

underwear after breast surgery

During rehabilitation, a woman must wear special compression underwear: it helps to maintain the position of the mammary glands and reduces the manifestation of pain. Compression knitwear is important to wear for 14 days after surgery.

The doctor who performed the breast correction should carefully monitor the condition of the woman throughout the entire period of rehabilitation. He appoints consultations, monitors the seams and the general condition of the patient. Also, a woman has the opportunity to visit a doctor unscheduled to get answers to questions.

Procedure cost

The cost of breast correction will directly depend on the clinic in which the procedure will be performed, as well as on the chosen technique. The total amount in many hospitals includes:

  • consultation with the operating doctor;
  • breast surgery;
  • anesthesia in the operating room;
  • hospital stay during rehabilitation, including meals;
  • postoperative monitoring and medical care in the institution.

The amount can vary from 80 to 250 thousand rubles and above, everything will depend on the prestige of the clinic and the procedure that needs to be carried out.

The main causes of breast loss

Major changes in breast shape occur during pregnancy and lactation. But there are a number of other factors that affect the elasticity and appearance of the mammary glands. The most common include:

  • gravity is a natural cause of the loss of the shape of the glands that occurs in all women;
  • age (in adulthood in a woman, the glandular tissue begins to be replaced by loose and fat, which provokes the omission);
  • genetic features;
  • regular weight changes;
  • weakness of the connective tissue (as a result of age-related changes, getting a bruise, feeding or stretching);
  • wrong underwear;
  • bad habits and smoking, which destroy the elastic fibers in the chest.

Non-surgical techniques

It should be noted that currently there are many methods for the correction of mammary glands without implants.

Chest pads

This includes:

  • Breast care: the use of special creams, gels, massages, procedures in beauty salons, exercise complexes;
  • specialized inserts: push-ups, stickers for the mammary glands, patches for increasing breast size;
  • invasive methods: the use of fillers and threads, lipomodelling.

Breast myostimulation

When correcting the shape of the mammary glands without surgery, the effect of electric current on certain muscle groups is used. In this case, their active reduction occurs. To restore the shape of the breast and carry out its tightening, myostimulation of the muscles of the chest, as well as the pectoralis major and minor muscles, is used. For a positive effect, a course of therapy is carried out, and then a break is made.

The break between the courses of breast myostimulation is very important, because after some time after the procedure, the sensitivity of muscle tissue to the effects of impulses begins to decline. This technique will help restore breast shape with minimal cost.

The use of microcurrents

The use of microcurrents is combined with the use of various moisturizing and nourishing sprays for the skin of the breast, which help the impulses to penetrate into deeper tissues and bring a stronger effect.

The procedure has a positive effect on metabolic processes in tissues and stimulates cell division, the production of elastin and collagen, which helps to improve the appearance of the breast and has a beneficial effect on its elasticity.

Laser breast augmentation

Laser breast correction is a fairly new and uncommon method, which is currently used mainly in the United States. Its principle of action is the effect of a pulsating laser beam of a certain length on the mammary glands, which helps to improve the condition of the breast tissue. As a result of such exposure, iron slightly increases in size and pulls up.

For the visible effect, a woman is prescribed a course of treatment consisting of 6 procedures with an interval of several weeks.

Power Features

What do you need to eat to grow breasts? This is the most common question among women. But to improve breast growth with products is possible only in adolescence, when the glands only develop and increase in size.

healthy foods

So what do you need to eat to grow breasts? You should give preference to products such as:

  • soybeans;
  • ginger, cloves, turmeric, apples, tomatoes, pumpkin;
  • legumes: peas, beans, lentils;
  • rice, corn, wheat and oatmeal;
  • vegetable oils - sesame, linseed and olive.

Patient Reviews

On the correction of the mammary glands there are a large number of positive reviews. Many women post their photos with the results of "before" and "after" operations. This correction method will help improve the appearance of the figure and relieve complexes. The main thing in this case is to choose a professional doctor and a good clinic, then no complaints and problems will arise. But there is a flip side to the coin, some women were unhappy with the result. As a result of the operation, not only the defects were not eliminated, but also certain complications arose. In order to prevent this from happening, you must carefully choose a clinic and not save on surgery. After all, the question concerns not only the appearance, but also health.


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