What is separate nutrition: how to lose weight, adhering to such a diet

There are many practices and techniques that help maintain weight, maintain health, youth and gain lightness throughout the body. But, despite all the inventions, doctors and scientists "puzzle" over the "elixir of life." Of course, separate nutrition is mainly aimed at reducing weight and cleansing the body, and not at getting rid of wrinkles.

separate food

There are a number of disagreements and contradictions on this subject. No one can really answer the question of whether food is harmful or beneficial . Adherents of a healthy and proper lifestyle do not quite agree that separate nutrition can only bring benefits to the body. But, despite this, the number of followers of this technique is increasing annually.

What is meant by separate nutrition? The basis is the principle of using only compatible products. Proteins and carbohydrates must be absorbed separately from each other - at different hours, otherwise there will be disturbances in the digestive tract, and this will lead to the deposition of fats and slagging of the body. Proteins include the following ingredients: fish, meat, eggs, poultry, mushrooms, dairy, beans, etc.

diet 90 days of separate nutrition

To carbohydrates - starch, flour products, cereals, sugar, sweet foods. Separate nutrition should be balanced, healthy and rich in vitamins. The predominant products in this diet should be fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits. Starches, proteins and fats are consumed separately from other components and in small quantities. All processed products are excluded from the menu (sugar, flour, margarine).

For proper digestion of food, it is necessary to maintain an interval of 4 hours (between meals). If it’s not entirely clear to you what food is separate, then examples of the daily menu will be given below.

If you ate fruit for breakfast, then after half an hour they are processed and sent to the intestines, without leaving a single gram of fat. But if the fruits were consumed as dessert immediately after the protein dish, then this, in turn, will cause the process of decay and fermentation in the stomach. Food will be in the body for at least 6 hours.

Contraindicated to adherents of a separate diet: whites, pasties, dumplings, cakes, cakes, potatoes with meat. Nothing but harm to health, these high-calorie, fatty and unwholesome dishes will not bring. First of all, you need to think about how to help your body stay young and alert, and not slagged. Therefore, if you have clearly decided for yourself that food is a tool to maintain a strong mind and good health, and you want to always stay slim, then a balanced diet is the right way to achieve the goal.

separate food menu for the day

Approximate Separate Meals: Daily Menu

Breakfast should consist of nutritious foods such as classic yogurt and orange.

For lunch, boil chicken with mashed celery.

For dinner, treat yourself to a light vegetable soup and oatmeal cookies.

At first, endurance and patience will be required, since the stomach and brain will require high-calorie foods and glucose. If this technique seems attractive, then you can extend it. A diet (90 days) of separate nutrition will help lose weight and normalize metabolism. Without torment and exhausting training, positive results will be visible.

Such a diet is very useful, firstly, it is low-calorie, and secondly, it is not exhausting and brings an amazing effect. It is not necessary to immediately adhere to such a diet for six months, try from short distances. The main thing is to strictly follow the recommendations and do not eat after 20 pm. Be sure to drink 2 liters of fluid throughout the day. Brew fruit, herbal teas, unsweetened fruit drinks. Combine diet with at least minimal exercise to maintain muscle tone.

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