Hawaiian blend

The Hawaiian mixture consists of a set of frozen vegetables and rice. It is designed for quick cooking. It is an excellent dietary product for healthy eating. Gaining weight from it is almost impossible, despite the fact that the rice in its composition is a starchy product. Peas and corn delay its absorption. If there is a need to ensure that the mixture was not just the basis of a healthy diet, but also helped to lose weight, it is better to buy it with brown rice or basmati varieties, which are digested much longer.

The Hawaiian mixture, which includes green peas, corn, sweet red pepper and rice, is very popular with Russians today. This is a classic composition, but different vegetables may also have other vegetables in it.

There is even a diet based on this mixture. It is called in tune - "Hawaiian." It consists in eating almost only this mixture. This is not to say that such a diet is healthy. It is unacceptable to limit your diet only to a set of several vegetables and rice: in this way the body will not receive all that is necessary. Therefore, it is more reasonable to simply include the mixture in the diet, along with the use of other useful and necessary products.

The Hawaiian blend is the perfect base for simple, quick and delicious breakfasts and dinners. Shock freezing ensures perfect preservation in all vegetables included in it not only of taste and nutritional value, but also of vitamins. In addition, the appearance of vegetables is perfectly preserved, allowing you to cook from them not only delicious, but also very effective in appearance. It does not include nutritional supplements.

Many people periodically buy the finished mixture, some prefer to freeze it on their own. On its basis, you can cook salads, casseroles, side dishes for meat. The product can be boiled, stewed, steamed. The simplicity of cooking has made it very popular with housewives today.

The Hawaiian blend is a product that almost everyone loves: adults, kids, teens. It can be served as an independent dish, because it already has rice, or you can include it in more complex ones.

If you are used to cooking everything yourself, then making a mixture of individual products will not be difficult for you. You will need such products: zucchini (two small), carrots (2-3 pcs), bell pepper (5 pcs), onions (1 pc), boiled corn (2 pcs), canned peas (1 can), boiled rice ( glass).

Pepper, onion, zucchini, carrots cut into cubes. Hull corn from the ears. Mix everything, adding peas, mix and place in three bags for freezing, place in the freezer.

One of the simplest dishes is prepared as follows. The Hawaiian mixture is boiled in slightly salted water, reclines in a colander. You can stew it a little in a pan with vegetable oil (6-8 minutes). It is an ideal diet food.

You can turn on the mixture with the composition of the casserole - it turns out original and tasty. Pour the frozen mixture into boiling water, boil, drain the water. Beat 2-3 eggs and combine them with the mixture. Put everything in a greased baking sheet, bake for about half an hour.

And you can try to make an even more exotic casserole with cheese and pineapple. Put the boiled mixture in a baking dish greased with oil, put slices of pineapple on it, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and grated cheese. Bake in the microwave or oven until the cheese is melted.

The Hawaiian mixture calorie content is quite low (120 kcal), so it is useful to eat it for anyone who wants to get rid of unnecessary kilograms or just wants to maintain natural harmony. You can supplement the diet with fish, meat, dairy products, so as not to harm the body and provide it with everything necessary.

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