The best diet: reviews and results. The best diet in the world.

the best diet
The best diet is one that for a short period of time deprives a large number of kilograms, but without harm to health. Do not believe that this happens? In vain! After analyzing all the available information and reading an incredible amount of reviews, experts concluded that the best diet can safely be called English.

How did you get it?

After long and thorough experiments and studies by British experts, the best diet in the world was revealed, taking into account all the mistakes and shortcomings of other methods of losing weight. It should be noted that at first dietitians had doubts about the effectiveness of this method, but the theory was quickly confirmed in practice, and the English diet became one of the most popular in the world. By the way, a fairly large number of doctors recommend using this particular diet to restore the body after diseases. As for the correction of the figure, the best diet helps to quickly reduce the weight of the bases of the slightest harm to health.

Main principles

the best diet in the world

To understand what the presented diet has earned so much popularity, you should consider all its basic principles. These include:

1. The alternation of consumed products (fiber - proteins). In this case, the days should change according to principle 2 through 2.

2. Strictly observe low-calorie nutrition.

3. Eat food 4 times a day, but in small portions.

4. Do not use sugar. It is best to replace it with honey.

5. You should sit at the table only at the strictly allotted time, and at the same time do not arrange any snacks.

Among other things, the best diet is based on the following rules:

  • the lack of consumed fats should be offset by your own reserves;
  • fiber significantly accelerates and improves the digestive tract;
  • the diet should last at least 20 days, for which you are able to lose up to 8 kilograms of excess weight.


As mentioned above, the best diet in the world requires strict adherence to diet. Indeed, this is how you can lose weight without harming your own health. Thus, every day you should eat at the same time, namely:

  • how they woke up, that is, at 8-00, 9-00 or 10-00 (depending on the circumstances);
  • at 13-00 (lunch);
  • at 16-00 (afternoon snack);
  • at 19-00 (dinner).

Given the indicated hours, the specialists who identified the best and fastest diet made up a detailed menu. You can see it below.

Sample menu for fast and effective weight loss
what is the best diet

We said above that the English diet is based on the principle of separate nutrition. Thus, for two days you should eat mostly protein foods, two days for carbohydrate foods, etc. But not everyone knows which products belong to one category or another. In this regard, we will present you a step-by-step menu of the best and most effective diet.

First and second day

The diet should begin with fasting days. The diet at this time should be based only on kefir or milk. However, for breakfast and afternoon snack it is allowed not only to drink a glass of milk drink, but also to eat a small slice of black bread. As for lunch and dinner, it is better to get along exclusively with milk or kefir.

Third and fourth day

These days are protein. Imagine their detailed menu:

  1. best diet reviews
    For breakfast, you should make yourself coffee with milk, but without the addition of sugar. In addition, it is allowed to eat a dessert spoon of butter and any honey.
  2. For lunch, the best diet recommends preparing yourself a meat or fish broth in the amount of a small cup. In addition, you can eat a piece (about 200 g) of boiled veal or pollock. As a side dish, you can use green beans, green peas, 150 grams of raw vegetable salad and two small pieces of brown bread. You can also drink one of the following drinks: green tea, dry wine, a decoction of herbs or mineral water.
  3. At mid-afternoon, the best diet, reviews of which are only positive, allows you to enjoy only a glass of low-fat milk or a cup of tea with a dessert spoon of linden honey.
  4. For dinner, you can eat one of the following products: two hard boiled chicken eggs, 50 grams of not very fat cheese, meat or fish, as well as a glass of kefir or a slice of brown bread.

Fifth and sixth day

These 48 hours are fruit and vegetable. Consider their detailed menu:

  1. Breakfast should consist of only two oranges or apples.
  2. For lunch, you should prepare a plate of vegetable soup, which should not include potatoes. In addition, you should eat a vegetable salad (for example, vinaigrette) and a slice of black bread. For dessert, you can make mousse with the addition of fruit.
  3. In the afternoon, you can have a bite to eat with any fruit except grapes and bananas.
  4. For dinner, you should make a vegetable salad, as well as eat a dessert spoon of honey and drink a cup of green tea.

Next, you should return to the first unloading day and repeat the whole cycle again. If it’s hard for you to limit yourself only to milk and kefir, then you can immediately start a protein or vegetable diet. The result from this will not change.

To summarize

the best and fastest diet
Perhaps the question of what is the best diet can be considered closed. This way of eating allows you to lose as much as 8 kilograms of excess weight in less than a month. It is worth noting that the presented menu is only an example. In this regard, it can be modified at your own discretion. For example, instead of vegetables and fruits, it is allowed to use such cereals in the water as buckwheat, oatmeal or millet. So you diversify your diet, and it will be much easier for you to follow a diet.

As you know, the considered method of losing weight is used by a huge number of modern women. And, it is worth noting that they are quite satisfied, because they can get rid of excess fat on their stomach, hips and sides pretty quickly. But in order to consolidate the result after this diet, you should definitely change your usual diet in the future. In addition, you need to exercise more often or just lead an active lifestyle.


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