Why is it harmful for women and teenage girls to wear thongs?

Someone does not like such a model of cowards as thongs, but she still has a lot of fans and admirers. Probably, many have heard that it is harmful to wear panties of this model, but why? Perhaps full knowledge of the harm will persuade you not to wear it at least every day.

When and how did the model appear?

This model was invented at the beginning of the twentieth century. Officials who saw how girls in nightclubs dance striptease completely naked, decided that it was too much. But to prohibit striptease as such was unprofitable. They found a solution by ordering the girls to wear such panties in which only the most intimate places would be covered.

why is it harmful to wear a thong

And already at the end of the 20th century, thongs broke into the wardrobes of many women. They realized that in them they feel even more sexy than without panties at all. The whole thong boom began. At one time it was even fashionable for them to peek out from under very low-rise jeans. Then no one has ever wondered whether it is harmful to wear a thong and why.

Medically harmful

To the question of whether it is harmful to wear a thong for women, gynecologists unequivocally answer that yes. Explaining that the point is that narrow ribbon that connects their front and back.

Firstly, it constantly rubs against the delicate skin of the perineum, causing irritation and damage to the mucous membrane.

Secondly, its proximity to the genitals and anus allows microflora from the intestine to freely penetrate the vagina and vice versa. And this categorically should not happen. Bacteria that are in the intestines and do no harm there, in the vagina can lead to serious inflammatory processes.

why it is harmful to wear thongs for girls

The harm is compounded by the fact that thongs are overwhelmingly made of synthetic fabric. Synthetics also contribute to the growth of bacteria due to the greenhouse effect it creates.

Why is it harmful to wear thongs for teenage girls?

It's no secret that girls are attracted to shocking adolescence. Unusual models of clothes and linen rarely go without their attention. But why is it harmful to wear a thong at such an early age?

For starters, the same reason why adult women. The possibility of inflammation due to a favorable environment for bacteria. During puberty, the human body is especially weakened. And young girls still become mothers, and you need to protect women's health from a young age.

The second reason is that this is a very sexy wardrobe item. Girls in their teens are completely useless to cultivate sexuality. After all, their peers already have a hormonal explosion, and then there are classmates in thongs under the dress, and this is not far from trouble.

And the third reason is that you can severely freeze the lower back and organs of the genitourinary system during long walks. After all, adolescent life involves the possibility of sitting on not very clean and cold surfaces. Young girls often sin by neglecting their health during long walks. That is why it is important to explain to young girls why it is harmful to wear a thong.

In what cases is wearing a thong justified?

Every day, 24 hours a day, and especially at night, you should not wear it unequivocally. It can cause such harm to women's health that then it will not be at all up to beauty.

But still there are cases when it is permissible to wear thongs. For example, to the beach for even tanning of the buttocks. Or under a tight evening dress so that the seam from the underpants does not stand out. With the reservation that you should choose panties from high-quality and natural material. And at the first opportunity to replace them with a more convenient and practical model.

is it harmful to wear a thong and why

Remembering why it is harmful for women to wear thongs, you need to wear other types of underwear every day and under tight clothes. Under a skirt made of thick material or jeans, it is completely not visible what kind of underpants are there.

Women can say that this is sexy, and their man would like to undress to see them in thongs. But now there is such a variety of underwear, and not only thongs look sexy.

If you really want to wear them, you should remember the following rules:

  • wear a thong for no more than 3 hours;
  • do not wear thongs during pregnancy and inflammatory processes;
  • select linen strictly according to size;
  • buy panties exclusively from natural materials;
  • Do not wear them in winter.

Swimsuit with thong panties

Their popularity is due to the fact that the maximum area of ​​the buttocks will be covered with a tan. And in the future, any model of panties will sit beautifully.

Is it harmful to women to wear thongs?

Yes, this can sometimes be allowed, because we do not go to the beach every day and spend there not 24 hours. But it is worth remembering that such a model of underpants almost does not protect against the ingress of dirt into the vagina and anus (which is why it is harmful to wear thongs on the beach). Therefore, you need to sunbathe exclusively on a personal and clean towel or bedspread. Sitting in a thong in the sand is contraindicated.

And also worth a closer look at the model of Brazilian panties. They have a wider strip of tissue in the area of ​​the anus and perineum and therefore protect against dirt better. But the buttocks are also open.

How to replace a thong under an evening outfit?

But even under thin clothes it is not necessary to wear thongs. The presence of linen under clothes does not always look ugly. The main rule is that it be made of thin fabric and match the skin. For some reason, many people pick up linen in the color of the outfit, and this is wrong, because it stands out more under the clothes. But the body merges, and only upon closer examination can we understand that it generally exists.

whether thongs are harmful for teenage girls

But if the dress does not imply any linen, then there is a way out. For example, now they produce seamless underwear. It is woven in such a way that not a single seam stands out under even the thinnest clothes. And if you pick it up to match the skin, then it is imperceptible even under a transparent dress. In addition, there are corrective models that will help make the silhouette more elegant, hiding the slightest flaws.

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