What can I eat after poisoning without harm to the body

Nowadays, polluted ecology and low-quality products, food poisoning occupy not the last place in a number of human diseases. Food poisoning is increasingly happening in both children and adults. It can be caused by eating almost any food. What is the case with food poisoning, any person decides independently, but there are a number of recommendations that help a depleted body to bounce back.

Very often there are cases of poisoning with various chemicals that have lately surrounded us everywhere. Such cases of poisoning can have very serious problems, so it is best to consult a doctor in any case of poisoning.

After poisoning, the body spends all its strength on cleansing from toxins and recovery. Let's try to figure out what you can eat after poisoning. The body needs a large amount of energy for this, but do not forget that it spends its energy on the digestion of food. The question of what you can eat after poisoning can be answered unambiguously - you need to eat digestible food. Your diet should be as sparing as possible. Let's try to figure out what you can eat after poisoning.

During poisoning, the human body itself tries to cleanse itself of toxins, so eating at this moment is almost impossible. Drink more fluids at this time. When a person’s stomach is completely empty and vomiting has stopped, the patient can be given strong black tea with one teaspoon of sugar and dried bread. After some time, it will be possible to give the patient chicken stock. There is no rigid framework in the question of what can be eaten after poisoning. The patient can choose his favorite porridge, cooked on water, for example buckwheat, rice or semolina. You can cook liquid mashed potatoes (you can not add butter or milk to it). The main point in the question, what is after the poisoning, the main thing is to take into account that the portions should be small.

What can I eat after poisoning the next day? At this time, you can already slightly diversify the diet. It is allowed to use a small amount of white chicken meat (breast), steam cutlets, light soups. The main requirement for food is its digestibility, so all food should be lean. Very good effect on the body is the use of rice broth, which has long been used for various poisonings. To restore the microflora of the digestive system, it is useful to take different probiotics.

What is there after poisoning in the first week to fully establish the digestive system? The patient’s diet at this time should consist mainly of soups with different cereals and lean borsch. After poisoning, the body is catastrophically lacking vital amino acids, so nutritionists recommend using pea or bean puree at this time, which is easily absorbed and contains a large amount of vegetable protein. To bean puree, you can add sauerkraut or seaweed, low-fat fish or boiled lean meat. Practically any boiled or pickled vegetables can be eaten. The use of baked apples is very beneficial for the body.

Full recovery of the body after poisoning occurs after a couple of weeks, so at this time you should limit the amount of meat in the diet. It is advisable to eat lean boiled meat.

After any poisoning from the diet should be completely excluded: carbonated drinks, juices, coffee; canned food; smoked meats; chocolate; salty, spicy, fried, oily, food; any alcohol. In the early days, it is better to abandon dairy products. Raw vegetables and fruits at this time should also not be consumed.

During the recovery period after poisoning, the process of eating itself plays an important role. Overeating is absolutely unacceptable at this time. Meals should be strictly limited. The nutrition of the patient should be fractional. It is best to take food 6-7 times a day. The transition to a normal diet will be possible only after normalization of the gastrointestinal tract.

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