Useful properties and calorie content: garlic

In many products, we are primarily interested in their calorie content. Garlic, however, is by no means loved for this. I must say that this plant is found in two types: shooter garlic forms a flower-bearing stalk with air bulbs at the very top, well, and non-shooter manages without such an “arrow”. The birthplace of this plant is considered to be Central Asia, but it was grown in many countries. This is Ancient Egypt, and Greece, and Rome, and India. Few dishes can do without this aromatic spice.

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Garlic, which is very low in calories, is popular in a wide variety of cuisines. One head contains only four calories. Virtually carbohydrate free and completely free of fat. Specific, but so beloved by many, the aroma is provided by sulfur, which is part of the plant. It also affects cholesterol, reduces blood pressure. Scientists believe that garlic can prevent the development of cancer of the colon and stomach. In addition, this plant strengthens the immune system and is a natural, natural antibiotic (it contains allicin, which prevents complications from the common cold or flu). Therefore, no matter what its calorie content, garlic will always be popular among various nations. Well, if you really want to refresh your breath after eating garlic, you can chew a sprig of parsley, cinnamon or cardamom seeds.

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But let's leave calories alone. Garlic has an antiseptic and preventive effect, contains vitamins C, D, P, B, iron, sodium and calcium, potassium and manganese, as well as zinc, iodine and magnesium, selenium and valuable essential oils. This plant destroys a significant number of various bacteria, does not allow atherosclerosis to develop, cleanses blood vessels, and therefore serves as a means of preventing strokes and heart attacks. Being a natural antioxidant, garlic protects DNA from various chemicals and mutations. Many scientists even believe, as mentioned above, that this is one of the anti-cancer drugs.

You can not even take into account its small calorie content. Garlic should be eaten raw, but not chewing cloves (the stomach may react), but adding to the stew, baked or fried meat, salads, any vegetables and even mashed potatoes. Just pick the cloves carefully: if green sprouts have already appeared, the plant will give the dish a noticeable bitterness. Quite clearly about the properties of the products with which garlic is combined, the calorie table tells. There are quite a few drinks in which garlic can also be added. But most often this is done to obtain a strengthening effect during epidemics of influenza, and their taste is not the most pleasant.

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As for the products, then garlic is combined with almost all vegetables, it is ideal for lamb, but can easily be used in other dishes. Its extremely low content of sugar, saturated fats, sodium, lack of cholesterol and an excess of calcium, selenium, vitamins and other useful substances makes this plant extremely valuable. In addition, it is very tasty.


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