The right diet for heartburn

Heartburn is a condition in which a certain amount of gastric juice is ejected from the stomach into the esophagus. Normally, this happens up to 5-6 times in a horizontal position and a vertical position - 1-2 times per hour / The person does not feel this phenomenon, it is not dangerous for the esophagus, since contact with the mucous membrane of the esophagus does not exceed 5 minutes. But in pathological cases, the discharge of gastric juice increases up to 50 times, a person already feels the influence of gastric juice on the esophagus, which is manifested by a burning sensation, sometimes pain. All these people call heartburn. As the contact of the juice and the mucous membrane increases, a local inflammatory process appears, which ultimately leads to constant pain and impaired swallowing. If heartburn appears more often than 2-3 times a week, this suggests that a person suffers from gastroesophageal reflux. With this disease, the sphincter, which is at the level of transition of the esophagus into the stomach, is weakened.

There are some factors that reduce the sphincter tone, such as: fatty foods, chocolate, citrus fruits, coffee, alcohol, spicy foods. But this condition can also occur with an increase in certain hormones in the blood (progesterone, secretin, glucagon, somatostatin) or in other situations (during smoking, pregnancy, physical overload).

A heartburn diet is practically the most important element in the treatment of this disease. Even the best remedies cannot cure him completely if nutrition is not regulated. In countries of the former Soviet Union, Pevzner’s diet No. 1, 1a or 1b is used depending on the stage of the disease. Cooking is considered important in food; food should be steamed or boiled, in no case fried. Food temperature should be equal to body temperature, or rather organs - 37-38 degrees, since cold and hot food stimulates the formation of gastric juice and lowers the tone of the lower esophagus sphincter. Also, the food should be in liquid form or gruel-like, solid food is excluded, since with prolonged heartburn, some inflammatory damage to the mucous membrane of the esophagus is possible. The daily portion is divided into 6-7 receptions. It is important that the patient does not eat food in large quantities, since when the stomach is completely full, its expanded walls further stimulate the production of hydrochloric acid. So you should eat often in small portions.

A heartburn diet eliminates spicy food, all the pickles, canned food, chocolate, a lot of sweets. Also excluded coffee, black tea, cocoa. From vegetables and fruits, garlic, onions (raw), sour apples, cherries are not allowed. Highly fatty foods should be avoided; vegetable fat in small quantities is used. You should also abandon the use of alcoholic beverages, smoking, carbonated drinks.

Low-fat meat should be added to the diet (proteins increase the sphincter tone), milk and dairy products, but not too acidic. For drinking, you can use green tea, not very sweet compotes, herbal tea, kissel and just water. Food should also be high in fiber to prevent constipation. The diet for heartburn should be varied and rich in vitamins, as with some acidity some useful substances may be lost.

After eating, in no case is it allowed to take a horizontal position, since it is after eating food that the stomach is especially active for moving food towards the duodenum, so that when it is reduced, food can also enter the esophagus. When you are in a horizontal position, the pressure on the sphincter of the esophagus, which is not able to hold food in the stomach, increases even more. Acid release will be even more frequent. Within half an hour you should take a walk, do something sitting or standing. The last meal should be 2 hours before bedtime. Diet with heartburn should be observed almost all my life, a culture of nutrition should be developed. Of course, a strict diet should be maintained for a month and repeated 2 times a year.

For the treatment of many diseases, including such as heartburn, folk remedies play an important role. People treat heartburn with viburnum jam, potato juice, olive or sunflower oil, some herbs (wormwood, chamomile, etc.).

Heartburn is a very unpleasant phenomenon, it is a constant discomfort that a person feels. Proper nutrition for heartburn guarantees a successful treatment for this ailment.


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