Can borsch be given to nursing mother? The best recipes and recommendations of professionals

World famous red beetroot soup is a favorite dish of many people. Borsch is deservedly considered one of the most delicious and healthy soups. But after discharge from the hospital, many women ask a very fair question: “Can borsch be given to a nursing mother?” Reasonable ladies are always very careful about consuming foods with a bright saturated color during lactation, being afraid to cause an allergy in a child.

is it possible for borsch to a nursing mother

Proper nutrition

As you know, the quality and composition of the products that a nursing mother eats directly affect the baby’s immune system and overall health. In addition, a woman’s diet will affect the child’s further taste and culinary preferences when he grows up. While a young mother is breastfeeding, she should choose foods rich in vitamins, minerals. The calorie content of dishes should also be increased so that the milk supply is sufficient for a full meal for the child.

Borsch is a delicacy that will be difficult to refuse for many young mothers. Is it possible to eat borsch to a nursing mother? Of course, yes. Refusing a favorite dish is not necessary, as experts say, you just need to slightly change the usual recipe. Observing some important points, you can fully enjoy your favorite soup, while benefiting from such nutrition.

Is it possible for a nursing mother borsch with beets

Potential hazard

Pediatricians say that borsch contains a set of products that can cause an allergy in a child. Therefore, it is better for a woman to introduce this dish into the diet after she is convinced that the baby normally reacts to beets, carrots or tomatoes. Is it possible for a nursing mother borsch with beets? Yes, if the baby does not have a reaction to red or orange products. Remember that the use of "bright and colored" products is allowed only after the baby reaches the age of a month or more. If a child has just been born, he is less than a month old, then mother is strictly forbidden to eat colored products that are potentially dangerous for the baby.

Checking the baby’s reaction is easy. Eat a small portion of borscht cooked according to your usual recipe for breakfast. If by the evening of the next day the child does not have a rash or redness (signs of an allergy), then you can gradually introduce this first dish into your diet.

It is worth remembering that borsch is a food product with a high content of calories and fats. Its components can adversely affect the condition of milk, making it more fat. This can make it difficult to suck milk or adversely affect the gastrointestinal tract.

Another standard ingredient is white cabbage. Many women answer positively to the question: “Is it possible for a nursing mother borsch with cabbage?”. However, it is worth remembering that the use of cabbage by the mother during lactation can cause the baby’s stomach problems, constipation and intestinal colic. Sauerkraut is very dangerous in this regard. Specialists in the field of pediatrics advise to completely abandon this product for the period of breastfeeding.

The benefits of borsch

After childbirth, mothers need to restore strength and get the maximum energy from food. Here, borsch is an ideal dish. Can borsch be given to nursing mother? Definitely yes. After all, it has the optimal ratio of carbohydrates and proteins that give energy and strength. If you cook on low-fat broth, then digestion is normalized and stagnation will go away. Fiber contained in vegetables helps to remove harmful substances and toxins from the body.

A product like beets is very useful for our circulatory system. Thanks to the use of this food product, the risk of cancer is reduced. Beets are very useful for diseases of the kidneys and liver.

Carrots contained in borscht, removes waste products of pathogenic bacteria from the body. Potato increases the content of potassium in the body, relieves swelling.

During the preparation of borsch, it is better to change the vinegar to citric acid or freshly squeezed lemon juice. Remember that the products used in the preparation must always be fresh. Frying vegetables before adding them to the dish is not recommended. The use of fatty meats for broth is also best avoided. Is it possible for borsch to a nursing mother, if all the rules are followed, the formula is somewhat simplified and the child’s reaction is checked? Of course yes! In this case, the dish will bring a huge amount of benefit and will simply please the nursing mother with her favorite taste.

Is it possible for a nursing mother green borsch


There are several easy to prepare borscht recipes that are great for young mothers. Is it possible for a nursing mother a green borsch? Sure. For women during lactation, recipes are perfect, where instead of cabbage, green sorrel is used or there is no fatty meat in the preparation of the broth.

Is it possible to eat borsch to a nursing mother?

Standard borsch

The broth will require lean meats: chicken or beef. Cook the broth should be about one and a half hours, constantly removing the resulting foam. After that, add the potatoes. Remember that we will not do the roasting. Chopped onions and grated carrots, put directly into the boiling broth. It is also better not to fry beets, but to stew in a certain amount of broth, adding lemon juice (3-5 teaspoons) or citric acid. After cooking, the meat is removed and cut into pieces. You can add some spices to the borsch. Importantly, do not choose spicy and overly spicy seasonings.

Is it possible for a nursing mother borsch with sorrel

Green borsch

To prepare green borsch, you need a pound of lean meat, which should be boiled for about an hour, removing the foam. Dice potatoes, three carrots on a grater. Do not grill! Stew vegetables only a little in the pan, adding the broth.

Instead of the usual cabbage, we will use sorrel (two small bunches) and parsnip (one piece). Is it possible for a nursing mother borsch with sorrel? Need to! Sorrel contains a lot of useful substances, has an excellent effect on digestion and does not give allergic reactions. Sorrel is added at the end of cooking. When all the vegetables are ready, put it in a pan and cook the borscht for a couple of minutes. Serve such a green soup with sour cream or grated boiled egg.

is it possible for a nursing mother borsch with cabbage

Borsch without meat

To prepare a dietary borsch, you will need a standard set of vegetables. We put potatoes to cook. Stew carrots, onions, beets and tomatoes in water with seasoning. Cabbage is added last, when other vegetables are already stewed, boiled. By its readiness, the readiness of the dish is also determined. Is it possible for borsch to a nursing mother if there is no meat in it? It is possible and necessary. Vegetable soups cooked on water are much more beneficial for a woman during lactation than those with a fat content.

It seems to some mummies that green soup or borsch without meat is not tasty. And you try adding your favorite seasonings to the dish, chop finely more herbs, add a little low-fat sour cream. And the taste will change. If the baby is allergic to traditional borsch with beets, tomatoes, fatty broth and sour cream, then it is not necessary to categorically refuse borsch. There are many alternative options for cooking your favorite dish, which will be delicious for you and useful for the baby.


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