How can you diversify the fasting days on kefir

Nutritionists around the world are united in the fact that if you want your body to work properly and periodically released from toxins, you need to arrange fasting days. The most popular options in our country for resting the body from severity are fasting days on kefir.
Consider how and with what to use kefir on such days, but you should immediately pay attention to the fact that using the proposed menu is not worth it as a multi-day diet. You can eat this way no more than 1-2 times a week.
This is the most popular and simplest option for a day of rest: drink 1.5 liters of kefir, dividing this amount for the entire period of wakefulness.
If it seems to you that this option is a bit heavy, try to arrange for yourself efficient fasting days of a combined type:
- kefir with cottage cheese and honey;
A menu of such a plan is much easier to carry than if you only use kefir all day. For breakfast, eat 3 tablespoons of low-fat cottage cheese with kefir. For lunch, you can also cook cottage cheese by adding a little honey or berries to it. And for dinner, cook the cottage cheese with honey and drink a glass of kefir. In between meals, as well as before bedtime, you must drink one glass of kefir.
- fasting days on kefir and watermelon;
Another option is how you can build a kefir day to make it easier to survive and not break. For such a menu you will need a ripe watermelon and 1 liter of kefir. You should have six tricks in one day. Three of them are kefir, including the last, and the remaining three are 1/3 of watermelon. Alternate foods, just be careful of those who have kidney problems, because watermelon is considered a fairly strong diuretic.
- kefir with fruits;
Mandatory in this embodiment are products such as kefir and apples, but, in addition to them, it is permissible to diversify your table with other fruits and berries, for example, pear, strawberries, currants. Traditionally, the number of meals throughout the day should be six.
Kefir fasting days in this case should begin with breakfast, during which you drink kefir, and eat those fruits that you like. Then, after a while, treat yourself to an apple. For lunch, prepare a fruit salad with kefir dressing, you can eat the same as for breakfast for lunch, an apple for dinner, but before bed you should definitely drink a glass of yogurt.
In order for fasting days not to harm the body, you must adhere to certain rules that prescribe how to make fasting days really useful:
- choose the product that you can eat, that is, you like its taste;
- First, try to spend such days no more than once a week, thereby accustoming the body to gradual cleansing;
- try to load your body as little as possible on a fasting day, because the number of calories you consume is small;
- Occupy yourself with business, you should not think about food, otherwise by evening you will be in a state of a hungry beast, which increases the likelihood of a breakdown;
- drink enough clean drinking water;
- if the fasting day fell on working hours, after work occupy yourself with something pleasant, raise your spirits;
- after the fasting day comes to an end, getting out of bed the next morning, do not jump on food, do not overload the body again, but rather try to switch to proper nutrition.

Not only fasting days on kefir are popular in our time. In order to cleanse the body, you can use fruit mono- diets , and diets on green tea, and buckwheat. The choice is yours, because to be guided, first of all, you need your taste preferences.


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