How to get pregnant quickly? Grandma's method: proven methods

The greatest happiness in a woman’s life is a child. It is pregnancy that holds families together and is the event that can completely change the life of not only women, but also men.

Waiting for a baby completely changes not only habits, but also the woman’s behavior, making her more sensitive, attentive, responsive.

Unfortunately, many modern families face such a problem as the difficulty of conception. The inability to get pregnant can affect even absolutely healthy spouses who are ready for such a serious step.

How to quickly get pregnant Grandma's method

After trying, which can last not only months, but also years, many simply give up and stop trying. In vain. Today, the world knows many ways to conceive. Along with drug treatment, there is another very effective unconventional way for those who do not know how to get pregnant quickly - the grandmother's method.

It is no secret to anyone that the most valuable and wise life's advice is always given by an experienced grandmother.

Proper nutrition

Many women, faced with the impossibility of conception, have long been trying to cope with this problem on their own. They change their diet, begin to eat properly, thereby enriching the body with all the vitamins and minerals necessary for the future baby and useful microcomponents.

Fats and Fatty Acids

For those women who decide to change their diet because they do not know how to quickly become pregnant, the grandmother's method, based on the use of a large amount of fats and fatty acids, can be very effective.

how to get pregnant quickly grandma's method

In order to enrich your body with useful fatty acids, it is recommended to eat foods such as:

  • red fish, herring, crab meat and other seafood;
  • oils of olive, sunflower, flax;
  • ground or walnuts;
  • milk, sour cream, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir, etc.

Buckwheat for the future mother

In many countries of the world, in order to get pregnant and have a healthy baby, women six months before conception begin to gradually add buckwheat to their diet, since it contains useful substances and vitamins that are not found in other cereals. In addition, the prevention of anemia is another useful and pleasant feature of buckwheat. Despite the fact that buckwheat is included in the list with the provisional name "Proven Folk Methods", it will not work to get pregnant quickly if used improperly. To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to boil porridge from buckwheat groats in water, without adding milk or butter, since the calcium contained in dairy products prevents iron from entering the body. For those who cannot eat porridge, there is an alternative - pancakes or pies on water from buckwheat flour.

Fresh vegetables or porridge

For those who love vegetables more than cereals and do not know how to get pregnant quickly, the grandmother's method, tested over years and generations, can help.

How to get pregnant quickly ways

Six months before the expected moment of conception, a woman and a man should actively start adding fresh vegetables to their daily diet, such as turnips, carrots, cabbage.

Cabbage, carrots and turnips contain coarse fiber, which is not absorbed by the body, but, despite this, helps to eliminate dangerous toxins and microcomponents, as well as rejuvenates the body.

Herbal decoctions and infusions

Often, precisely because of a deficiency in the body of the future mother of vitamin E, the long-awaited conception does not occur. For those who do not know how to quickly become pregnant, the grandmother's method, based on the proper brewing of herbal infusions, can be very useful.

In order to normalize the female reproductive system, it is recommended to drink fresh broth made from rose petals or sea buckthorn berries.

How to quickly get pregnant folk remedies way

Many women say that the long-awaited conception occurred after the use of infusions of plantain and sage. However, doctors urge not to use such drugs without a prescription.

Another famous plant that our ancestors used was the pine forest uterus.

Doctors approve and urge the use of alcoholic infusion of herbs with the following indications:

  • vaginal inflammation;
  • the need to improve ovarian function;
  • preparation of the uterus for conception;
  • elimination of gynecological diseases;
  • infertility;
  • toxicosis.

The advantage of this plant is absolute harmlessness to the female body, with the exception of cases of allergies to the grass itself.

How to get pregnant quickly: ways to choose the most effective postures

Many couples underestimate the importance of choosing the right posture and body position. After all, it is the correct position that helps as much sperm as possible reach the uterus.

10 Grandma's Ways to Get Pregnant

List of 10 grandmother's ways to get pregnant quickly:

  • You should not get up immediately after sexual intercourse.
  • It is not recommended to lie on your stomach or back, lying on your side is an ideal position.
  • After sexual intercourse, you need to raise your legs straight, support the pelvis with your hands and stand in the pose of "birch".
  • To prepare a man, he must start eating right in advance, and also refrain from intercourse 2-3 days before the alleged conception.
  • Choose the right date in the woman’s cycle, ideally this should be the first day of ovulation.
  • If there are signs of inflammation or an increased acidity of the vagina, it is recommended that you douche with a weak soda solution before sexual intercourse, which will prepare the environment and make it more comfortable for sperm.
  • After sexual intercourse, it is not recommended to wash yourself with soap or gel for intimate hygiene.
  • Many people think that you can’t get pregnant during a period when insomnia, depression or stress are tormenting, as the body is morally weakened and not ready for the baby to appear.
  • It is also not recommended to take alcohol during conception, alcohol makes sperm sluggish and inactive.
  • During conception, it is recommended to forget about the female orgasm, since during it the uterus rises slightly, which means that it becomes more difficult for sperm to get to it.

The magical energy of flowers

House plants have a huge impact on the human body. What is the safest, aesthetically pleasing and effective grandmother's method? How to get pregnant? To plant indoor flowers.

For example, ficus. It is especially effective to keep this plant in the bedroom, you need to take care of the plant as if it were a small child.

It is believed that with proper care, the plant will produce special substances that will relieve fatigue and irritability, and will also contribute to purposefulness and good sound sleep.

Proven Traditional Methods of Getting Pregnant

How to get pregnant quickly: Grandma’s method of choosing the right talismans and charms

Those who believe in magic and mysticism can accelerate the process of conception with the help of a correctly selected amulet or amulet.

Amulets that contribute to the approach of a long-awaited pregnancy are made of precious stones: diamond, emerald, topaz, amethyst.

In addition to wearing amulets, you can put in the bedroom at the head of the bed a small wooden figurine of Venus or Aphrodite. It is important that the figurines were made of fruit tree. According to legend, a woman who received a figurine of Venus as a gift should become pregnant within a year.

The right energy

There is another very dubious way to get pregnant quickly. Grandma’s method, which they often used themselves, is based on the fact that they take a dirty bed on the full moon, on which the child was already conceived, spread it on freshly cut hay and sleep on it with her husband for twelve hours without getting up.

Grandma's method of getting pregnant

Many women believe in the sign that says: in order to get pregnant quickly, you need to touch the pregnant woman’s stomach or drink tea from her mug.

Some claim that they were able to become pregnant only after they sat or slept on the bed of a pregnant woman. Or tried on her things.

If after trying two or three grandmother's methods, a woman does not know how to get pregnant quickly, folk remedies, methods and poses are powerless, in this case it is worth contacting a gynecologist who will conduct the necessary examination and identify the cause of infertility. And perhaps, after treatment, the long-awaited baby will appear in the family.


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