Diet for gastric ulcer: list of products, sample menu, recipes

All gastroenterologists and doctors specializing in different branches of medicine say that in the process of treating stomach ulcers, a certain diet should be followed. What products should I refrain from and what, on the contrary, should I pay attention to? About it further.

Stomach ulcer diet

General principles of nutrition for gastric ulcer

The patient of the gastroenterological department of the hospital should pay great attention to the diet prescribed by the doctor. At the same time, he is also obliged to adhere to the basic rules, which are the same for all those who have stomach problems.

In particular, with gastric ulcer, foods that are found in the diet should be completely excluded from those that are too salty, spicy or smoked. It is necessary to add a larger number of products to it, which include proteins, carbohydrates, as well as vitamins of various groups.

People who have any stomach problems should avoid eating hot or, conversely, too cold dishes. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to use table salt.

As for the shape of the products, they should be presented in the form of gruel. All dishes that are on the menu must be grinded with a blender - this way the food is better absorbed. Dairy products and milk with stomach ulcers also have a miraculous effect. That is why many doctors recommend using them as much as possible and more often. The same goes for ordinary purified water.

Gastric ulcer treatment

Sample menu

During the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the stomach itself, a strict diet should be followed. Daily nutrition needs to be diversified to the maximum, and quite tasty and pleasant food. The main requirement for it is that it should not injure the walls of the stomach. In the sample menu for stomach ulcers, there may be dishes such as baked apples or pears, sea fish (before cooking, it must be cleaned of seeds and scales). In addition, you should definitely include cooked or stewed vegetables, vegetable oil (you can also use butter), dairy products (cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt), boiled meat in the diet.

As for dairy products, they are incredibly useful in the treatment of stomach ulcers and other problems associated with this organ. However, for patients, those that have minimal fat content will be most useful.

There are also some recommendations regarding meat. First of all, it is strictly forbidden to use fatty types of this product, for example pork or lamb. The ideal option for treating stomach ulcers is chicken, turkey, or rabbit. In addition, all gastroenterologists are allowed to use such a product only in its pure form, steamed or by cooking.

With a stomach ulcer, only dried bread can be attached to dishes served to the patient. Bakery products made from rye flour are also very suitable.

Honey with a stomach ulcer has a miraculous effect - it must be included in the daily diet. This product has excellent regenerative properties that the body really needs in a problem period.

So, the daily diet of a patient with a stomach ulcer can be approximately as follows. For breakfast, a person can eat boiled pearl barley porridge on water, washed down with tea brewed from chamomile. In the break between breakfast and lunch, you can make a small snack, which will consist of low-fat yogurt and crackers. As for an afternoon snack, then at this time of the day you need to eat more tightly - for this you can use meatballs, steamed, as well as a portion of boiled rice. During this period, you can also drink a cup of not very hot herbal tea. During dinner, it is recommended to use a pair of soft-boiled eggs and a simple biscuit cookie. Before bedtime, the patient should drink a glass of milk or low-fat kefir - this will contribute to a quiet sleep and proper digestion at night.

Acute ulcer

As for the diet for stomach ulcers during the exacerbation period, it provides for a more serious diet. The patient's daily diet may be something like this.

For breakfast, you can eat an omelet made from a pair of chicken eggs, washed down with jelly cooked from oatmeal. As for a snack, with an exacerbated ulcer, it is undesirable to make it dense - at this time it is enough to just drink a glass of low-fat yogurt or kefir. At lunch, you need to saturate the body with useful components, for which you should eat quite tightly. An example of an ideal complex can be a soup cooked with barley, or mashed potatoes. In addition to everything, it is recommended to eat a piece of chicken boiled without salt. During the afternoon snack, doctors also advise eating a portion of soup, which can be prepared from a box or from milk and rice. Oatmeal porridge with a slice of butter is perfect for dinner, and gastroenterologists recommend drinking tea diluted with milk in the late evening.

Food for a stomach ulcer

What is contraindicated to eat

During the treatment of stomach diseases, it is necessary to completely abandon the use of certain products in food. Among them are those that irritate the gastrointestinal mucosa.

Among the most harmful products, doctors distinguish garlic and onions, mushroom soups, fish soup, as well as other rich broths and cereals. You also need to completely abandon the barbecue and steaks, as well as any other fried food. Sorrel, radish and soy sauce are also banned.


Despite the fact that all fruits are incredibly useful for the human body, as they are saturated with a large number of vitamins and minerals, not all of them can be consumed during the treatment of diseases associated with an upset stomach.

Favorable properties on the body during this period are avocados, pears, plums and apples. Bananas for stomach ulcers are also useful - they do not irritate the mucous membrane and saturate the body with a mass of useful components. In addition to all this, you can also eat almost all berries (with the exception of sour ones), but it is worth observing the measure and not overeating.

Special attention in addressing issues related to proper nutrition during the course of peptic ulcer disease should be given to apples. Among all these fruits, they are the most useful, since they do not irritate the gastric mucosa and are completely hypoallergenic. For the best effect, they can be used with honey - with a stomach ulcer, such a simple dessert will bring great benefits to the body.

What should not be eaten during illness? Citrus fruits (lemons, grapefruits, oranges) are categorically forbidden for stomach ulcers, due to their ability to irritate the walls of the stomach. It is also undesirable to eat such fruits and berries that enhance the fermentation process, for example, grapes. Since during the elimination of problems associated with the performance of the stomach, much attention should be paid to the amount of sugar in the body, it is necessary to exclude those fruits that contain a large amount of this component (kiwi, peaches, melon).

Chicken souffle

One of the dishes that should be present in the diet of those who adhere to a diet with a stomach ulcer is chicken souffle. This dish is prepared from ingredients that are absolutely safe for the body and has an extremely beneficial effect on it.

For cooking, take a piece of chicken breast cooked in water without salt and pass it through a meat grinder. In order to make the mixture finer, the procedure can be repeated again or used for grinding with a blender. Here you also need to send a yolk from a chicken egg, as well as a tablespoon of sour cream.

After that, in a separate bowl, beat the egg white until a thick foam forms from it, and very carefully add it to the egg-meat mass.

After all preparations, you need to take a small form, grease it from the inside with vegetable oil and put all the mixed components on it. The dish must be brought to readiness in a steam bath.

Honey for stomach ulcer

Berry Souffle

In food for stomach ulcers, desserts can also be used. An example of the most suitable among them is the berry souffle. For its preparation, you should take 100 g of ripe sweet berries (you can use raspberries, blueberries, strawberries or any other in which there is practically no acid) and rub them through a sieve. After that, 1.5 tablespoons of granulated sugar should be added to the berry mass and put on a slow fire. In this form, the mass must be brought to a dense state.

In a separate bowl, using a blender or mixer, beat the whites separated from the three yolks and then introduce them into the slightly cooled berry mass. This must be done very carefully so that the resulting foam does not decay.

A small heat-resistant baking dish should be greased with a piece of butter and put in it the formed protein and berry mass. All this must be baked in an oven preheated to 200 degrees for a short period of time (about 10 minutes).

Chicken Soup

During stomach ulcers, a small number of soups should be included in the diet - they are especially useful at lunchtime. An example of one of these is chicken cream soup.

To prepare it, you should take 115 g of low-fat chicken and boil it in water without adding salt. After this, the slices of the fillet should be thoroughly cooled and passed through a very fine sieve or chopped with a blender. The broth on which the chicken was cooked can be poured or used in the preparation of another meal - it will not be added to the cream soup. For this soup, you will need to prepare a decoction of vegetables. To create it in a separate pan, you need to combine all the vegetables that are in the house. Ideal options for this are cabbage, celery, carrots and parsley root. They should be brought to a boil and cook over low heat for half an hour. After the specified period of time, the broth still needs to be allowed to infuse for 15 minutes.

In the meantime, while preparing a decoction of vegetables, you should start creating a lezon. To do this, take a little more than half a glass of milk and heat it on a stove to a temperature of 70 degrees. After that, the chicken yolk should be poured into the dishes with it, which is recommended to be done in a thin stream. In order for the yolk not to curl in warm milk, the mass must be constantly mixed. The resulting mixture must be brought to a thick state and filtered through a sieve.

Puree, which was made from boiled chicken, must be combined with vegetable broth (300 ml), bring the mass to a boil and immediately turn off. In the event that foam forms on the surface of the broth during boiling, it must be removed. When the soup becomes cold, you should add cooked lezon and a small piece of butter to it.

Recipes for stomach ulcers

Beef soup

One of the options for meat that can be used in recipes for stomach ulcers is beef, which contains a minimum of fat.

To prepare the most useful soup, you need to take a small piece of veal (about 80 g), boil it and cool. After this procedure, the fillet should be passed through a meat grinder a couple of times for better chopping. This can also be done using a blender.

In a separate bowl, rinse a small amount of rice (20 g) and boil it in water until it becomes completely soft. Once the cereal has reached a state of readiness, it should also be crushed as much as possible. Meat rice puree must be mixed in one bowl.

In a separate pan, you should prepare a vegetable broth, let it brew for 10-15 minutes, after which pour the mixture of mashed potatoes. In this composition, the ingredients must be brought to a boil over low heat, add a small piece of butter. The dish is ready to eat.


What is a stomach ulcer? You can give your preference to cereals cooked from different types of cereals - it is best to eat them at lunchtime.

One option for a good grade cereal for porridge is buckwheat. It is filled with a large number of useful minerals and vitamins that have a beneficial effect on the human body.

In order to prepare a serving of such a dish, you need to rinse 50 g of buckwheat, for which you will have to change the water several times. After that, it should be immersed in cold water (in a ratio of 1: 2) and cook until fully cooked. When all the water is absorbed into the cereal, the prepared porridge should be slightly salted. After this, you need to pour separately heated milk (a little more than half a glass) into the porridge and let it brew in this form. After completing all the described steps, the finished porridge should be grated through a sieve or crushed using a blender, add a pinch of sugar, as well as a piece of butter. A healthy and tasty dish is ready to serve.

Fruit with a stomach ulcer

Beef Stroganoff

With a stomach ulcer, meat must be present in the diet, which contains vital protein. This component acts as a kind of building material for the broken walls of the stomach. That is why with a stomach ulcer from recipes, you need to pay attention to meat dishes. Beef stroganoff, which is prepared exclusively from low-fat varieties of meat, for example, beef, can become an option for this.

In order to get a healthy and tasty dish at the exit, you need to take 120 g of pure beef, in a piece of which there will be no films and veins. The meat should be boiled in water with carrots and a small amount of onion. After it is cooked, the piece should be cooled and cut into small strips.

After that, you need to cook carrot puree. For it, you should boil a small amount of carrots (about 30 g) in the peel, in a finished form, peel it and chop it thoroughly until it is pureed.

When the mashed potatoes are ready, you need to make the sauce. To do this, in a hot pan, fry a pinch of wheat flour until golden brown. After this, a vegetable broth, which was left from the meat, as well as 50 g of sour cream, should be added to it. In this composition, the ingredients should be stewed over low heat until a thick mass is formed. At the end of cooking, the sauce should be slightly salted.

When all the components for beef stroganoff are ready, they need to be combined, mixed to a state of uniformity and put out in this composition for 10-15 minutes, covered with a lid.

Beetroot salad

As you know, beets are a source of a large amount of iron and other components no less useful for the body. With this product, you can make an excellent salad, which can be on the menu for a stomach ulcer diet. In order to prepare a serving of such a dish, it is necessary to boil a small amount of beets (200 g), then pour over it with ice water. When the vegetable has cooled, peel it and grate it. 60 g canned peas should be added to beets, season all the ingredients with sunflower oil, salt and mix thoroughly.

Potato patties

To prepare a tasty and healthy dish, which is ideal for a diet with a stomach ulcer, you should boil 160 g of pre-peeled potatoes. Until the tuber cools down, it must be thoroughly ground to a puree state. A quarter chicken egg and a pinch of salt should be added to the resulting mass for a more pleasant taste. The ingredients must be thoroughly mixed, formed into small patties and roll in flour. After that, each of them should be put in a baking tray, pre-lubricated with a small amount of oil. Cutlets should be brought to readiness in the oven until the moment when a crust forms on them.

Dishes with a stomach ulcer

As for serving, such a dish will go very well with sour cream or herbs.


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