Cucumber juice - properties of green juice

Cucumber juice has long established itself as a healing and cosmetic product. The fact is that the water in the cucumber is not ordinary - it is structured and even very similar in composition to the liquid from the human body. Yes, such water can occur in nature, but only in especially clean and distant ecological areas. And such places on our planet can be counted on the fingers, so you can always replenish supplies of the so-called “life-giving water” with the help of a cucumber.

Many people know that a vegetable cucumber has a good diuretic effect, but few know how much is useful in cucumbers. It has quite valuable properties. Strengthens the heart and blood vessels, strengthens hair growth. Cucumber juice is extremely useful, because the cucumber itself contains up to 20% phosphorus, 40% potassium, 7.5% calcium, 4.7% chlorine, 10% sodium.

The famous American nutritionist and scientist Paul Bragg believed for a long time that we definitely need cucumber juice, because it dissolves the various poisons that accumulate in the body due to the bad influence of many different factors.

Cucumber Juice: Composition and Properties

Cucumber juice contains a record number of different nutrients. For example, in the juice of cucumber are: calcium, sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine, potassium, silicon.

Juice from a cucumber vegetable is involved in the necessary regulation of the acid-base balance in the body, a disorder of which leads to many diseases. The combination and proportions of salts and minerals produce the action that is necessary for cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases, as well as in violation of the optimal amount of sodium and potassium in the body. The task of cucumber juice is to remove excess sodium with urine and stabilize the desired balance.

Due to the optimal potassium content in the cucumber, you can drink cucumber juice at elevated pressure or with undefined pressure surges. Cucumber juice strengthens nerve cells and the walls of blood vessels, while protecting them from violations. You can drink this juice and to prevent the occurrence of heart disease and cancer.

Cucumber Juice - Benefit

Cucumber juice can contribute to a better condition of nails and hair. It is necessary to take cucumber juice daily, then you can forget about hair loss and the nails will stop breaking, flaking.

Juice perfectly cleanses the skin, cleansing it of harmful acne and giving a mildly healthy tone. Also makes it more elastic. Therefore, cucumber extract in today's world is used by almost all cosmetic companies that produce creams, lotions, milk and other skin care products.

Cucumber juice helps a lot with the bad condition of the gums and teeth (including periodontal disease).

With a cold, to alleviate the disease, you need to mix cucumber juice and honey. Drink this mixture several times a day.

Herbalists advise to use cucumber juice in combination with freshly squeezed carrot juice to treat various skin diseases. A natural pure cucumber juice helps to dissolve stones in the ducts and gall bladder.

Cucumber juice can be easily combined with other juices - fruit or vegetable. The most vitamin mix is ​​obtained in combination with carrot or beetroot juice.

You can drink 1 liter of drink per day, it is best to drink ½ cup at a time. But you should monitor your well-being and, starting from this, increase or decrease the amount of juice used.


Treatment with cucumber has some contraindications: you can not take it for gastritis, diseases of the duodenum, as well as for stomach ulcers. If there are stones in the internal organs, then you need to drink this juice very carefully, watching all the time for health. You should start with small doses, otherwise, everything can end quite painfully.


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