Menstrual cycle 30 days - when is ovulation? Methods of determination and formulas for calculating ovulation

To achieve the desired pregnancy, you should understand what day ovulation occurs. In accordance with the judgment of the representatives of official medicine, the formation of an egg occurs approximately in the middle of the regular monthly cycle. But, in connection with the distinctive features of the functioning of the body of a woman of childbearing age, let us assume a time shift of this process.

According to professionals, with a cycle of 29 days, the egg begins to hatch on the 14-15th day, but it can happen 2-3 days earlier or later. For this reason, doctors advise increasing this period from 13 to 17 days. In addition, attention should be paid to the duration of the cycle itself. If it is small - 21-24 days, then it must be assumed that ovulation will come earlier, about 10-12 days from the first day of the cycle.

With a long cycle - 32-35 days, the cell will mature on 11-13 days after the start of critical days. Together with this, it is necessary to understand that with a combination of specific factors (taking medications, acute respiratory viral infections, a saturated rhythm of life), an egg can come out even during menstruation. For this reason, the only reliable method that sets the time for the purpose of conception is ultrasound.

It is worth considering in more detail when ovulation occurs with a cycle of 30 days and how to determine it.

menstrual cycle 30 days when ovulation

How long does ovulation take?

The egg release process takes place under the influence of changes in the amount of sex hormones in the girl's body. The result of this is the conclusion of the egg. The whole process, according to the calculations of professionals, takes from 16 up to 32 hours. The egg keeps its own ability to potential fertilization for a short time, about a day. Together with this, doctors believe that under specific appropriate circumstances, this process can last 48 hours. For successful conception, women need to know when ovulation is in the 30–31 day cycle. But medicine is familiar with episodes when the egg kept its functions that ensure fertilization for three days.

when ovulation occurs with a cycle of 30 days

Using basal temperature

It is defined in the vagina, mouth, or rectum. If it is necessary to determine the egg release period, it is measured directly in the rectum at a depth of 6 cm.

At about 6-8 in the morning, without leaving the bed, you must do this procedure with a mercury thermometer at the same time every day. Violation of the regime of night sleep, any disease, violation of the measurement schedule can affect this indicator. All these conditions must also be entered in the diary, in a separate column and taken into account when analyzing the information.

When does ovulation occur during a 30 day cycle? Until the onset of ovulation, the basal temperature is in the range below 37 degrees (approximately 36.6-36.8 degrees). Before ovulation itself, the temperature decreases by several tenths of a degree, and on the next day, after ovulation, it increases to 37 degrees or more. As you can see, this method is easy to determine when ovulation occurs during a cycle of menstruation for 30 days.

late ovulation with a cycle of 30 days when

Can basal temperature not show ovulation?

Basal temperature may not show when ovulation occurs during a cycle of menstruation for 30 days, although it does occur. Most of all, such a mistake was determined by incorrect BT measurements. Many girls forget that the temperature must be measured at the same time, in the morning, before any activity begins. Information is affected by insomnia, stress, medication, the common cold, and much more. In addition, during the cycle, it is impossible to change the method for determining BT and the thermometer with which measurements are performed. If BT did not reveal when ovulation occurs during a 30-day cycle (late and early are also absent), this may indicate a so-called sterile cycle. Even in healthy women, a similar phenomenon occurs. Infertile cycles can be up to four times a year, and this is the norm. Exceeding the number of anovulatory cycles and the appearance of them in a row is a worrisome sign requiring an urgent visit to the antenatal clinic.

cycle 28 30 days when ovulation

Using medical tests

Tests can also tell when ovulation is in a 30-35 day cycle. They are sold in pharmacies, their price varies widely. Of the simple varieties, manufacturers offer test strips, the most economical set of 5 pieces costs 20-40 rubles per piece.

The meaning of the test strip, which will notify when ovulation during a cycle of 28-30 days, is based on the detection of luteinizing hormone produced immediately before ovulation. It is necessary to use the test before the alleged ovulation. The approximate period of ovulation can be determined by the following formula: calculate the number of days equal to the cycle duration minus 17 from the first day of bleeding. That is, with a 28-day monthly cycle, ovulation begins about 11 days after the bleeding begins in the girl. In case the cycle is not constant, for the purpose of calculations, the usual data for 4-6 months are used.

The first test strip to determine when ovulation occurs during a cycle of 29-30 days, it is necessary to use 1-2 days before the expected ovulation. Detailed instructions for use are provided in each package with the test (as a rule, you just need to make contact with the test strip with urine and see the result). The analysis is repeated every day at the same time, until a positive result is obtained.

Reusable tests

A different type of test that will show when ovulation is on a 30-33 day cycle is reusable saliva tests. Their cost is much more, but if you need to use this method for a long period, it is even more economical. The point of using the test is to study the pattern of saliva at a high magnification. A piece of saliva is located on a glass slide and is traced under the mini microscope, which is part of the device. A change in the external type of saliva indicates the onset of ovulation. A typical saliva pattern during ovulation (it becomes similar to a fern leaf) is associated with a sudden increase in the formation of the estrogen hormone. The analysis is carried out in the morning, on an empty stomach, before brushing your teeth. Drinking alcohol before using the test, as well as all kinds of inflammatory processes in the oral cavity can change the results.

cycle 29 30 days when ovulation

External signs

An increase in luteinizing hormone has a great effect on the chemical structure of natural vaginal discharge. They will tell you when ovulation with a cycle of 30-32 days. A few days before it, they will become somewhat more abundant, more viscous and dense, strongly look like protein from an egg. A change in the volume and texture of cervical fluid lies at the heart of one of the methods of calculating suitable days for conception. The method is called the "Billing method", in honor of Dr. John Billing, for the first time revealed the relationship between the transformation of secretions and fertility of the girl.

A not-so-pleasant manifestation is known as the “ovulatory syndrome”, when the follicle bursts directly in the middle of the cycle and the egg goes into the abdominal cavity, a pulling pain is felt in the lower abdomen where the dominant follicle is located. Once ovulation has begun, it is possible to note scanty spotting, which stops after 1-2 days. The factor is a slight detachment of the uterine endometrium due to a temporary decrease in the level of the hormone estradiol.

External signs of an egg cell exit are subjective and personal for each girl, but if you use this method in addition to any other methods of counting days, it can be convenient. Therefore, to determine when ovulation with a cycle of 30 days is not difficult.

cycle 30 32 days when ovulation

Using ultrasound

If you decide to undergo an ultrasound examination to determine ovulation, you will need to do this for several days in a row. Before the first ultrasound, it is recommended to independently determine the basal temperature in order to calculate the approximate period of ovulation. Then, having carried out the first study a few days before the ovulation allowed and repeating the operation every day, it is possible to specifically determine the egg release day based on the results of ultrasound.

Application - an assistant in determining ovulation

Such utilities are not limited to using only the calendar method. They study your personal cycle, state of health, emotional state month after month, they can help to trace possible interruptions in the menstrual cycle, and also predict the onset of ovulation and menstruation. The more information you enter in such an application, the more specific the monitoring will be.

Popular apps

Here is a small selection of famous ladies calendars.

  • Ovia. This supplement makes it possible to trace the state of health in absolute size. With it, you can accurately find out when ovulation is in a 30 day cycle. It provides not only a monthly cycle, but also personal characteristics: age, height, weight, sleep quality, number of physical exercises, stress level, mood swings throughout the day and so on. As a result, the date of ovulation is predicted quite accurately.
  • Menstruation calendar. Russian-language supplement with components of artificial intelligence. The “menstrual calendar” not only tracks the personal characteristics of the body and lifestyle, but also learns in the process, remembering how your body responds directly to certain living conditions (troubles, travels and flights, increasing or decreasing the load, and so on) . This makes it possible to increase the reliability of monitoring over time.
  • OvuView The utility uses a wide range of fertility assessment: 4 symptomatic methods, 5 methods based on the assessment of secretions, 3 temperature and 2 calendar methods. The results are presented in the form of a clear and extremely easy to understand diagram, which shows both fertile and relatively safe days.
cycle 30 33 days when ovulation

How to ovulate to increase the likelihood of conceiving a child of the desired gender?

Suitable for conception of children are considered 5 days before the release of the egg and 15 hours later. The most likely is the day of ovulation itself. For what reason? The problem is that the vitality of an egg is only saved for a day after it leaves the ovary and into the abdominal cavity. At this time, the possibility of conception is huge. Provided that sexual intercourse occurred a certain time before ovulation, conception is also likely, since sperm, thanks to cervical mucus, retain their own dynamism for several days.

Is it true that conception is likely only for a few days? In principle, of course, this is a fact recognized by medicine. For what reason, then, do contraception methods based on calculating the days of the luteal phase fail? It depends on the failures of the cycle, the displacement of the day of ovulation. Often, sperm retain their own vitality and mobility for much longer than 5 days, for this reason pregnancy can occur if sexual intercourse occurs during menstruation.

If we talk about planning the sex of the child by determining the day of ovulation, this method is based on the difference in the properties of sperm with female and male chromosomes. "Gingerbread men", responsible for the appearance of boys, move much faster, but less resilient than their "colleagues", responsible for the appearance of girls. For this reason, if sexual intercourse was carried out shortly before the luteal phase or after it, there is a huge possibility of the birth of a boy, as smart "male" sperm will more quickly reach the goal. In the event that the period from the sexual act to ovulation is huge, only the most viable “female” spermatozoa will survive to a probable insemination, and this will affect the fact that the girl will be conceived. This method of planning children is considered statistical, that is, it does not give a 100% guarantee of conception of children of a certain gender, but only indicates an increase in the likelihood of an event. Nevertheless, this method of planning has academic confirmation, in contrast to numerous other methods based on folk signs.

Calculation of the luteal phase is important for many couples planning a pregnancy, since this period itself is best for having sex with a view to pregnancy. As you can see, it is easy to determine when ovulation is in a 30 day cycle. Well, if we talk about planning the sex of children - since you want to try to conceive a child of a particular gender, this kind of method will increase your capabilities, without giving, however, almost no guarantees. When the result of planning does not meet the wishes, no one will be left disappointed! After all, regardless of whether you expect a boy or a girl, your child will become the most adored and desired.


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