Raw food diet: before and after. Reviews of real people about raw food diet

Food without salt and seasoning, not subject to heat treatment, is the basis of food raw foodists. This system of food consumption includes the intake of dried fruits, dried in the sun, germinated seeds of various cereals, cold pressed vegetable oil, fresh vegetables and nuts. The main argument in favor of such nutrition is the desire to preserve the nutritional value of the food consumed.

Types of diet

raw food diet before and after
Common to all types of this food system is the rejection of heat treatment of food. A variety of individual preferences of adherents give rise to different types of raw food diet. So, the omnivorous type allows the intake of meat, fish, milk, eggs, but only in raw or dried form. Vegetarians are allowed to eat only plant foods, and sometimes raw eggs and dairy products. Vegan raw food diet is considered the most common type and allows only plant foods in the diet without heat treatment. Carnivore, or raw meat and meat eating, is based on the use of seafood, fish, game, eggs, raw meat. Fruits and vegetables in the diet are very limited. And finally, the last type of raw food diet is fructorianism. In this case, fresh berries and fruits are included in the diet. Do not eat vegetables that are not fruits, as well as cereals.

Raw food diet: before and after adoption. Changes in appearance

When switching to this power system for a short period of time, weight is significantly lost. This is especially true for people with a large body weight. With weight loss , toxins also leave the body, which leads, in particular, to an improvement in the condition of hair and nails. A raw food diet before and after recognition is a significant difference in the appearance of the face, which becomes cleaner and smoother. Refusal of animal food, according to the adherents of this food system, eliminates bad breath and body.

Digestive system. Feelings of hunger and appetite

before and after raw food diet
How does raw food affect the processing of foods in the body? Before and after the transition to this food system, the level of digestibility of the food intake is different. For example, after a certain period of time, a sufficient portion of food for lunch will be a few bananas or apples.

As for the feeling of hunger and the presence of appetite, much depends on the individual needs of the individual. In one, the adherents are similar: for the sensation of “brutal appetite” to appear, you must not eat for several days.

Changing the taste buds

raw food diet after 50 years
The transition to a raw food diet gives you the opportunity to feel the real taste of each product. So, raw foodists in their reviews of the food system say that a banana has a creamy dessert taste, and avocados can give a whole gamut of tastes: from walnut to mushrooms. This transformation is explained by the fact that raw food eaters have their tongue receptors cleansed of a variety of seasonings and additives, thereby making people more aware of the aroma of products.

What are the adherents of this food system sick with?

Before and after a raw food diet, people have different susceptibilities to infections, with changes taking place for the better. Strengthening of immunity is observed, which leads to an almost complete absence of colds and viral diseases. The disappearance of signs of allergies, cancer, various skin disorders is also noted. Many raw foodists talk about “crises” at the beginning of the transition to the food system. They are marked by an exacerbation of past diseases. It is recommended in this case to continue to stick to your choice, and soon the discomfort will pass.

Mental and physical stamina

How does a raw food diet affect a person? Before and after adoption of this power system will be different endurance, ability to withstand significant physical exertion. There are many reviews of how, before switching to a raw food diet, a person ran a kilometer with difficulty, and then began to run every day. Of course, improving physical fitness depends primarily on the initial state of the muscles and body tone.

Raw foodists noted an improvement in memory and attention. They in their reviews talk about the formation of a positive perception of the world around us and the emergence of a desire to bring creative elements into life.

Advantages and disadvantages of this power system

raw food reviews before and after

Surely many people have heard about raw food diet. This system is often written on sites or talk on television. Before you radically change your diet, it is useful to read the reviews of real people about raw food diet. What do beginners and more experienced followers write about? Here are the main advantages of this power system based on reviews:

  1. The transformation of life, the appearance of a sense of joy and enthusiasm are noted.
  2. The raw-eater is open to knowledge, seeks to learn as much as possible around.
  3. There is a lot of energy, so I want to move, lead an active lifestyle.
  4. Lack of sleep problems. The appearance of vivid, memorable dreams.
  5. Rare diseases. Almost complete absence of colds.
  6. The power system can significantly save money that was previously spent on the purchase of products, as well as the time spent on cooking.
  7. Getting rid of dermatitis and allergies.
  8. Lack of excess weight.
  9. A rare feeling of hunger.
  10. Getting rid of the smell of sweat.

However, the raw food diet also has drawbacks. Reviews before and after switching to this power system indicate the following:

  • non-acceptance of such a lifestyle by other people. Adherents often hear around questions such as: “Why do you need this?”, “At the festival, you can” and so on;
  • difficult transition. Will have to change not only the nutrition system, but also habits, thinking;
  • in the initial period, a strong cleansing of the body is noted, which provokes rashes on the skin, a surge of chronic diseases;
  • occurrence of failures in the power system. Having broken down, people can start to eat everything in a row or mix different tastes. This leads to the need to start working on yourself anew;
  • dependence on the availability of certain foods. In this regard, sometimes you have to resort to a temporary hunger strike at events where there is no food familiar to raw foodists;
  • difficulties in nutrition in the winter season, since there are no "live" vegetables and fruits.

reviews of real people about raw food diet

Before and after a raw food diet is a different body temperature. So, for fans of the system, it drops to 36 degrees. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that the body stopped spending additional energy on the digestion of food. It is noted that weight loss does not always occur, some raw foodists, on the contrary, gain weight. They sometimes complain of various dental diseases, for example, the destruction of tooth enamel. To avoid this, it is necessary to moderate the use of acidic fruits and rinse your mouth after eating.

Raw foodists have to take certain types of vitamins and minerals due to their absence in plant foods. Also, one of the minuses of this nutrition system is its negative effect on blood cholesterol. Another drawback will be the acquisition of a yellowish skin tone. This happens when a large number of yellow and orange products are consumed , for example, carrots (a phenomenon called hypercarotinemia).

Is age a hindrance or not?

raw foodists before and after
Raw food diet after 50 years perhaps, and, as many adherents argue, necessary. Reading the reviews of people who have chosen this food system for themselves at a young age, you come across real miracles. They write how blood pressure returned to normal, how excess weight went, and with it a feeling of heaviness and unwillingness to move.

Before and after the transition to a raw food diet, a visit to the attending physician must necessarily continue. In adults, after adopting this nutritional system, the risk of developing diseases of the musculoskeletal system increases due to the almost complete absence of calcium and some essential vitamins.

Raw foodists: before and after

Based on numerous reviews, we conclude that the staunch adherents of this food system are self-confident, optimistic, toned-up body. Complete elimination of bad habits is noted, people find peace and tranquility. Significantly improved health status.

Raw foodists tell about the body’s rejection of various foreign bodies or chemical products. So, in order to get the right hair color, you need a longer period of time. The occurrence of rashes and irritations on the skin of the face when applying cosmetics is noted.

before and after the transition to a raw food diet
And what do the close raw foodists write? At the initial stage, relatives and friends often hear demands to change their diet. Over time, the desire to impress others around raw foodists disappears, a calm, positive acceptance of life appears.

Thus, before changing your usual food system, you need to really assess your capabilities and desires, talk with raw foodists, read reviews. Many novice fans of raw food associate this food system with the acquisition of esoteric knowledge, but this is not so. The key to a successful transition will be a calm, without fanaticism and embellishment, attitude to food and your transformation.

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