Is it possible for a nursing mother to yogurt? The diet of a nursing mother. What is the most healthy yogurt?

Nursing mothers need to carefully select dishes for their diet. Therefore, in this regard, they are considering which products are banned. Many women try to follow a strict diet. Sour milk products are of particular benefit to the body. Is it possible for a nursing mother to yogurt? The article will discuss the types of product, its benefits and harms the body, especially its use.

Why you should not drink milk with HB

When developing her menu, a woman should take into account some nuances. 300-400 ml of fermented milk products, including whole milk of not more than 200 ml, should be included in the diet of a nursing mother per day.

This ratio has a clear rationale. When breastfeeding, doctors recommend limiting the amount of milk in a woman’s diet. This is because the protein product has a low molecular weight. This contributes to its rapid penetration into breast milk. If the mother consumes the product in large quantities, then the baby may experience increased sensitivity, which will lead to allergies. If you drink milk in small quantities, then the protein level will not be able to reach a critical threshold.

An allergy is more likely if the baby was given a mixture in the first days of life. In this situation, even if mom drinks a little milk, then the onset of an allergic reaction is ensured.

Is it possible to breastfeed yogurt

All this applies to baked milk, because it has a high fat content. On the day it can be drunk without harm to the baby’s health, no more than 1/2 cup.

Is it possible for a nursing mother to yogurt? Based on the above arguments, experts recommend that women opt for these fermented milk products. After all, they have a lot of useful properties.

Types of Yogurt

Before you understand whether yogurt can be given to a nursing mother, it is necessary to disassemble with classification. There are three types:

  1. Unflavored product. It includes milk and sourdough. It is a natural product and is especially useful for both the baby and mother.
  2. Flavored Yogurt. It has a vanilla and fruity taste, can have both natural extracts and mashed potatoes, and artificial flavors.
  3. With pieces of fruit and berries. It has a rich taste that is given to it by pieces of these products. Components should be no more than 30% of the volume.
Nutrition of a nursing mother 1 month

In addition to them, there is children's, diabetic and Greek yogurt. The latter is made from sheep’s milk, it is more concentrated than other types, contains more protein and less sugar than a regular product.


Is it possible to breastfeed yogurt ? Before answering this question, it is necessary to understand the composition of the product.

It contains saturated fatty acids, monosaccharides, disaccharides, organic acids, vitamins B, C, retinol, micro and macrocells (fluorine, calcium, potassium, etc.).

The benefits of yogurt

The product has many positive properties. It positively affects the body:

  • 100 ml of the product contains 30% of the daily intake of calcium. With its regular use, bones and teeth are strengthened, which is especially important for women during the period of hepatitis B.
  • Iodine in the product helps improve thyroid function and speeds up metabolism.
  • B vitamins improve the condition of the skin and the activity of the whole organism.
  • The living organisms that make up yogurt have a positive effect on the digestion process. Yogurt normalizes stool, restores intestinal microflora and improves the absorption of nutrients from food. Probiotics will also positively affect the baby's body, relieving it of colic.
  • In 1 portion of the product contains 40% of the daily rate of phosphorus.
Yogurt with GV

In all types of yogurt there is a protein that facilitates the absorption of fats and carbohydrates. Among other things, it strengthens the immune system and increases hemoglobin.

What is the most healthy yogurt?

Yogurt is a product that is produced in our country relatively recently. On the shelves of shops there is a huge variety of options.

The bright label sometimes hides not just undesirable, but sometimes dangerous to the health of the baby components that manufacturers add to yogurt. Sometimes they lead to a baby having allergies, digestive upsets and other health problems.

Is it possible for a nursing mother to yogurt

If a nursing mother decided to purchase yogurt in a store, then she should choose this product:

  1. Without any additives. The woman herself, if desired, will add pieces of fresh berries or fruits to the yogurt. In winter, it can be jam or jam, can also be mixed with baby puree.
  2. Without sugar and its substitutes. Such yogurt can be used as salad dressing or as a component of a milkshake.
  3. It is best for a nursing mother to prefer a drinkable product in a bottle or bag. Thick yogurt in a cup contains more thickeners and emulsifiers.

Women need to pay attention to the date of manufacture and the shelf life of the product. The fresher the yogurt, the less preservatives it contains.

Nursing mothers should pay attention to the calorie content of the product. The higher it is, the less nutrients it has.

In order not to harm the body of the newborn, many nursing mothers choose baby yogurt for themselves. After all, the product is manufactured taking into account the quality presented to products for babies.

Aspartame is one of the most harmful supplements in any yogurt. So the product is given sweetness. It is such substances that are especially harmful during the period of hepatitis B.

Home recipes

Earlier in the article, we figured out whether it is possible for a nursing mother to yogurt. To get a truly healthy product, you can cook it yourself.

Cooking yogurt does not take much time. This can be done in many ways.

How to use yogurt to a nursing mother

You can take ordinary kefir or yogurt filtered through gauze, put them in a blender and add as you wish:

  • fresh berries;
  • berry puree from fresh or frozen fruits;
  • chopped greens;
  • juice;
  • jam or jam.

Too many ingredients are not recommended, a maximum of 1-2.

To prepare the next drink you need the following components:

  • 0.5 liters of kefir;
  • banana;
  • 1 tsp honey (if the baby is not allergic).

All components are whipped in a blender. The result is a tasty and healthy drink.

The third recipe is to make safe and nutritious yogurt. To do this, you need fermentation and milk. No difficulties in preparing the drink are observed.

In the pharmacy you can buy dry starter cultures that contain different types of bacteria:

  1. Lactobacillus. They fight intestinal infections, prevent constipation and are suitable for people whose body cannot tolerate dairy products.
  2. Bifidobacteria. Prevent the development of vitamin deficiency, prevent bloating and enhance the absorption of nutrients.
  3. Propionic acid bacteria. Protect the body from pathogenic microflora and colds, and also reduce the negative effects of antibiotics.

The process of preparing homemade yogurt from milk consists of the following steps:

  • Milk is heated to 90 degrees, and then cooled to 45.
  • Introduce the leaven, according to the instructions.
  • The product is incubated for 8-12 hours.
  • Then it is recommended to cool the yogurt.

As a result, a nursing mother can consume a tasty and healthy drink without fear of negative effects on the baby's body.

How to use yogurt?

After the birth of a baby (1 month), the nutrition of a nursing mother can be varied with such drinks.

What is the best way to consume yogurt:

  1. In pure form. For dressing vegetable or fruit salads.
  2. With additives. They can be consumed between main meals.
Baby yogurt

Initially, cereals are included in yogurt. The addition of berries to yogurt is more serious. After all, many of them can cause allergies in infants. Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries should be added to the drink when the child is at least 6 months old. They start with a small portion of berries, if the baby feels normal, then their number is increased.

The harm of yogurt

Nursing mothers should not buy a product containing preservatives, flavor enhancers, flavorings, etc. It will not bring any benefit to the woman’s body or child. As a result, such yogurt can lead to food allergies.

What is the most healthy yogurt

Also, women on HB are not allowed to consume yoghurts that are high in sugar. This can cause colic and stool problems in the baby.

When choosing yogurt pay attention to its shelf life. Natural products are stored for no more than a week, and with harmful preservatives - from 7 days or more.


Yogurt with HS is a healthy and nutritious product. However, only a natural drink prepared at home has such properties. When buying yogurt in a store, nursing mothers need to carefully study its composition and shelf life.


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