The benefits of kefir for the human body: which one to choose, reviews

The benefits of kefir for the human body are invaluable. The product is home to the North Caucasus. From ancient times, this wonderful sour-milk drink was prepared here. The kefir recipe was always kept secret, and it was not disclosed to any of the visiting guests. Today, everyone knows that the unique taste of kefir is provided by sour-milk bacteria. Kefir is obtained from whole or skim milk by alcoholic fermentation or by adding special kefir fungi (fermented milk fermentation occurs).

History tour

the benefits of kefir for the human body
Kefir fungi were once valued in the Caucasus so much that they could be used as a currency, they also sometimes were part of the dowry of the bride. 1867 - the year the kefir spread around the world. And in our country, mass production and sale of the product began with one extraordinary incident that occurred with a young girl, Irina Sakharova. She, a graduate of the dairy school, was specially sent to the Caucasus in 1906 to get a recipe for yogurt. Once finally there, the girl really liked one highlander, who, in accordance with local customs, stole her. Not bewildered, the girl sued the offender, and demanded compensation for moral damage by disclosing information about kefir. The court satisfied the requirements of Irina, and she returned home with victory. And a few years later the mass production of the drink began, first in the Russian Empire, and then in the USSR.

The benefits of kefir for the human body

kefir composition
Kefir is a real universal product that is used to prepare many different dishes. The most famous examples are okroshka, pancakes, pancakes and various cocktails. Also, this product can perfectly replace sour cream and unhealthy mayonnaise. Well, and, of course, you can season with kefir a wonderful salad, which will make the latter even tastier. It is especially useful for a growing organism, which is why the drink is on the list of key baby food products. But it is also very valuable for the body of an adult.

Calorie kefir

According to the degree of fat content, this product is divided into several categories. So, the most common are: fat-free, one-, two- and three-percent. As a rule, manufacturers indicate this indicator on the package.


House in the village
Kefir contains sour milk bacteria, so it can definitely be considered a dietary product, regardless of the amount of fat contained in it. That is why people who want to lose weight include this drink in their diet. So, there is a special strict diet, the basis of which is this product. Its essence is as follows: kefir should be consumed several times during the day with a break for a while. Along with it, you can eat light salads. Thanks to such a diet, the stomach will receive a certain nourishment, which will relieve you of hunger and will allow you to lose a few pounds. It is recommended to resort to such kefir fasting days regularly. Drink kefir in the morning, and the feeling of hunger will leave you for a long time. And there are many stories about the "magical" weight loss with this drink. Of course, there are negative reviews from those who failed to lose too much. But you must always remember that each person is individual.

What is kefir useful for?

kefir in the morning
The use of kefir for the human body is a well-known fact, since the product has a beneficial effect on its condition and allows you to get rid of a number of ailments. The gastrointestinal tract is particularly beneficial. The product plays the role of an antiseptic for indigestion, kefir also helps to improve digestion, enhances the intestines, freeing the body from decay products and toxins.

Microorganisms present in the drink prevent the formation of enzymatic processes in the digestive tract. In addition, the use of dairy products, including kefir, helps in the treatment of diseases of the liver and gall bladder. The benefit of the drink is that it helps to get rid of such a phenomenon as dysbiosis. Here, kefir is actually a medicine that is taken in small portions before eating.

It is also a product that improves the well-being of people with diabetes. After all, they can replace various sweet desserts, as a rule, contraindicated for people with diabetes. In addition, kefir has a calming effect. Thanks to him, the nervous and muscle systems relax. It is highly recommended that people with lactose intolerance drink kefir, because it, unlike other dairy products, contributes to the normal absorption of this substance.

Kefir at night

glass of kefir
As already noted above, kefir has a calming, relaxing effect on the body, so drinking this drink at night will have a beneficial effect on your sleep, make it stronger, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of people leading a healthy lifestyle. It is also worth noting that such a useful and essential microelement as calcium, which is part of kefir, is best absorbed at night.


Biokefir is a modern product, a kind of modification of ordinary kefir, which, according to manufacturers, is more beneficial for health. This is explained by the fact that in the manufacture of this drink special starter cultures are used. Biokefir really has a beneficial effect on the microflora of the digestive tract, does not provoke the occurrence of bloating and discomfort.

Kefir for pancreatitis

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For people with pancreatitis, kefir is a wonderful source of easily digestible protein, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the pancreas. It is also known that daily intake of the product strengthens the immune system. Of course, despite all the positive effects of this drink, every patient with pancreatitis needs to know how to drink kefir correctly. And in this case, as those who have tried this method of treatment say, the condition of the patients improves markedly. Following these instructions is very easy and simple.

Kefir can be drunk only ten days after the onset of the disease. You need to use a non-fat product or one whose fat content does not exceed 1%. The approximate dose should initially be 50 ml. Over time, the volume increases to 200 ml (about a glass of kefir). Patients should not drink more than this amount, because otherwise acidification of the contents of the stomach may follow. It is recommended to drink kefir an hour before bedtime. It is allowed to use only a daily freshness drink, since over time, the concentration of ethyl alcohol in it increases.

Which kefir is better?

kefir reviews
Each manufacturer has its own kefir, reviews of which may vary. We will consider the most popular, according to customers, brands. In our country, produce various types of this product. The most popular of them are: “Biomax”, “Ruzsky”, “Vkusnoteevo”, “36 kopecks”, “House in the village”, “Prostokvashino” and “Activia”. Let's consider each of them separately.

Biomax (1%)

The advantage of kefir is that it does not include vegetable fats or preservatives. The drink is recommended for diet food. The disadvantages of the product include the excess of the total proportion of protein by 10% relative to the one stated on the package.

Vkusnoteevo (1%)

This kefir does not contain starch and preservatives. But the indicated shelf life of two weeks exceeds the recommended norm of 3 days, which is a rather significant drawback.

Ruzsky (3%)

This kefir has the same beneficial qualities as Biomax. Its disadvantage is overpriced.

“Village house” (1%)

In this kefir, the excess of proteins is already 26% due to the addition of milk powder to the composition. In general, the product is quite natural and safe.

36 kopecks (1%)

The advantages of this kefir are a pleasant sour taste and the absence of preservatives. The only thing that can confuse is a higher protein concentration relative to the one indicated on the package (the difference is about 1.5%).

Prostokvashino (1%)

The protein content here exceeds the permissible by almost 25%. Also slightly exceeded, in comparison with the declared, the coefficients of acidity and fat content. However, the product is natural and safe.

Activia (3.2%)

As with the previous ones, this product does not include preservatives or vegetable fats. The main advantage of the product is the presence of bifidobacteria. Due to this, kefir is included in the list of dietary products. Nevertheless, the indicated storage period exceeds the permissible by almost 8 times.

How to choose kefir?

When choosing kefir in the store, pay attention to the date of its production and shelf life. The last item for high-quality kefir is no more than 10 days. An indication on the packaging of a longer shelf life may indicate the presence of preservatives in the product.

As for the container itself, it is desirable that it be transparent. Thanks to this, you will be able to visually examine kefir before buying it, make sure of its white color and uniformity of consistency. The presence of clots and lamination in kefir indicates improper presale storage of the product.

Remember, the real, nutritious and healthy kefir is made using kefir yeast. Manufacturers can, of course, use dry milk sourdough, but such a product can no longer be called kefir. To determine what a drink is made of, look at the labels on the package. Also, kefir should not contain any kind of additives and, of course, preservatives.

We hope that now you understand what is the use of kefir for the human body.


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