How many days go menstruation after an abortion: features and consequences of the procedure, duration, nature of the discharge

There are many different indications, as well as objective reasons for an abortion. Of course, before this woman will be interested to learn all about this method of abortion, as well as about the possible consequences. In particular, women are interested in how many days go after menstruation. Often, the fair sex believes that the first menstruation after this procedure is a sign that the female body has already recovered. On the one hand, this is actually so, but only in part.

Hormonal background, psychological well-being, as well as the work of organs in the pelvic area come back to normal much later. However, the first pleasant sign can still be called menstruation, which began on time. That is why it will be so important to have a menstrual calendar, regularly monitoring your cycle. In this article, we will talk in more detail about how many days go after menstruation after an abortion, when they begin, and what should be normal.

how many days go after menstruation

When do they start?

Currently, experts are practicing 3 methods of abortion. How many days go after menstruation, and when they begin, will depend on the method chosen. The doctor selects the tactics based on the term of gestation, as well as the individual characteristics of the patient's body. For example, lidocaine intolerance is a direct contraindication of surgery.

So still, after an abortion, after what time do menstruation begin? To do this, you should consider separately the types of this procedure, as well as their features.


This type of abortion is called medical, because for its implementation a woman must use certain pharmaceuticals. This method is the most gentle.

How long do menstruation begin after a medical type abortion ? In this case, the onset of menstruation is the miscarriage itself. As a rule, this happens on the second day after applying the pill. Thus, it does not cost to re-calculate anything, or else be afraid of some delays. However, special attention should be paid to the intensity of menstruation.

How many days are menstrual periods after a medical type abortion? Normally, this should be a little longer than with your regular menstruation. And if the bleeding is too intense, you need to see a doctor.

after an abortion, how long do menstruation begin

Vacuum Abortion

This type of abortion is also called gentle, although the uterus is slightly damaged during the process. The bottom line is that the fetal egg is sucked using a special tube. In the case of a successful procedure, there should be no delay in menstruation.

How many days after an abortion are menstruation if a vacuum technique has been used? In this situation, you should be based on your usual cycle. The number of days and the abundance of discharge usually does not change, that is, if earlier menstruation lasted 3-4 days, there will be the same after an abortion.


This type of abortion is performed at a later date, as well as in case of unsuccessful attempts to terminate the pregnancy by the above methods. This is a very traumatic procedure for the female body, which can provoke serious complications. It can be very difficult to answer the question of how long menstruation begins after an abortion of an instrumental type. If the operation was carried out by an experienced specialist, then most likely there will be no delay. However, practice suggests that the cycle recovers after such an intervention for a very long time. Therefore, it is definitely impossible to answer the question of how many days the menstruation begins after an abortion. The delay can be even more than a month. To speed up the recovery of the body, patients often prescribe the use of birth control drugs that promote the normal production of hormones.

So, we continue to consider when and how many days after the abortion should be menstruation. For each patient, this period can be individual. If there is a long delay, then this indicates that the woman has a hormonal malfunction in the body, or the uterus was severely damaged during the termination of pregnancy. In any case, you should solve the problem as soon as possible, do not delay the visit to the gynecologist.

how many days after the abortion are menstruation

How not to mix up your period?

Above, we considered how many days are menstruation after a medical abortion. However, the figure may be slightly different depending on the individual characteristics of the woman's body. As a rule, menstruation begins already at 4 weeks after surgery. But in order to find out whether the procedure was successfully completed, one should not wait for menstruation, but it is better to go for a follow-up ultrasound in a week. After all, it is very important to find out if the infection was not brought inside the vagina, and also whether other body systems work correctly.

The main difficulty of many women is to recognize the differences between menstruation and spotting. With the naked eye it is impossible to see this difference. But, as a rule, at least a month passes before the onset of menstruation after an abortion. However, you should pay attention to the fact that the discharge can appear in a woman on the next day after an abortion. The duration of menstruation after an abortion, or rather bloody discharge, can be about 2 weeks. Throughout this time, these precipitates may be less abundant.

But if doubts nevertheless arise, then you should ask your doctor about the duration of the menstruation after an abortion. Women after abortion for some time should be observed in the clinic, adhere to the recommendations of doctors to exclude any error in the calculation of the cycle.

how many days are menstrual periods after a medical abortion

Heavy periods

Those women who have had an abortion without any problems will probably wonder how long and how long their periods will go now. Many of them noted that bleeding becomes longer and more profuse. But how much should the menstruation period go after the abortion?

Experts cannot give a definite answer to this question. They only know that a decrease in the duration of the entire menstrual cycle, as well as irregularity, are normal during the first six months after the event. However, excessive blood loss can provoke very dangerous diseases, such as anemia. In such a situation, the female body quickly loses hemoglobin and iron, which negatively affects the entire immune system as a whole, and general well-being.

menstruation after abortion

It can also cause the development of a wide variety of diseases. After heavy menstruation, a woman feels tired, lethargic, depressed. And these will be not just emotional leaps, as well as a change in mood, but manifestations of a deficiency of important elements and minerals in a woman's body. In addition, such a situation may indicate severe damage to the uterus, which is currently bleeding. That is why in case of intense blood loss, you should immediately seek medical help from a doctor.

Delay of menstruation

In total, experts identify several reasons why menstruation may be absent after an abortion. The most common of these is the formation of adhesions, which are formed from scar tissue and hold together the areas of internal organs. Frequent and heavy menstruation rarely provokes serious problems, but adhesions when they grow can cause infertility or the development of serious diseases. That is why the delay in menstruation after an abortion, especially among young girls, is a sign of some serious complication within the body. In modern medicine, specialists are actively struggling with this phenomenon, however, the course of drug therapy is only the initial stage. As a rule, after this, a woman should carefully monitor the abundance and regularity of menstruation, paying particular attention to her own health, in particular, physical activity, diet, and good rest. This should happen for several years after the abortion procedure.

how many periods after an abortion begin

Signs of pathology

We have answered in detail the question of how many days after the abortion the first menstruation should begin, and also what is their normal duration. However, this applies to cases where a woman will be all right with her health. Sometimes such operations can end unsuccessfully. If menstruation began a little earlier, or after an abortion, menstruation did not come, then you need to seek help at the clinic. It is likely that a woman develops some kind of pathology. Most often, the following are referred to such pathologies.

Uterine bleeding

If a woman's menstruation began too early after the abortion procedure, this should greatly alert the patient. However, do not confuse menstruation with bleeding, which is the norm after a similar procedure. Menstruation in women one week after the abortion is a consequence of the procedure. This cannot be called critical days. As a rule, a doctor, when he removes the fetus from the uterus, injures the vessels. That is why blood begins to flow from them, and this happens until the wounds heal completely. However, if a woman begins to have too much discharge after an abortion, and blood clots are present, this may indicate uterine bleeding. As a rule, it manifests itself after sexual intercourse or intense physical exertion. In such a situation, you must immediately see your gynecologist.

how many days do menstruation begin after an abortion


Much will depend on what specific periods the woman went after the abortion. A very disturbing symptom is an unpleasant odor or an unusual texture. It often happens that menstruation is quite fluid, or they have blood clots. If the secretions have clots of a yellow hue, they also have bloody impurities, then this may indicate the development of infection. When menstruation is accompanied by unpleasant sensations, previously not observed, this is also an occasion to visit a doctor. All of these will be signs of infection. When they made themselves felt, a woman should undergo a course of therapy, otherwise chronic diseases, even infertility, may develop.


At present, termination of pregnancy is not so rare. Each woman who has decided on this has her own reasons. However, the recovery period after such a procedure may be delayed. Its duration will depend on the individual characteristics of the woman’s body, as well as on the abortion technique. In any case, a woman should ask her gynecologist about when she should normally begin the first menstruation.


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