Clinic Dr. Gavrilov, weight loss center: address, reviews

Centers for reducing and adjusting body weight of Dr. Gavrilov are located in many Russian cities. Gavrilov Mikhail Alekseevich , Ph.D. in Medicine, helps people whose weight has reached a critical point. The specialist makes it possible to restore harmony, beautiful appearance, self-confidence and provide relief from complexes. Dr. Gavrilov has international certificates proving his specialization and professionalism in solving problems with various degrees of obesity.

Clinic for weight loss Dr. Gavrilov

weight loss center

For 20 years, a team of like-minded people under the leadership of Gavrilov has been working to solve problems not only with weight, but also with the formation of self-love and a healthy lifestyle. The main activity is weight loss through psychological correction. Clinic specialists initially offer patients to choose motivation, and then neutralize psychological clamps that inhibit weight loss. For losing weight clients are held individual, group and online classes.

The clinic attaches great importance to the nutrition of their patients. A low-calorie diet is not necessarily the same type of food. The menu can be varied and delicious. Gavrilov believes that counting calories of food consumed during the day is a prerequisite for all people who monitor their weight. Clinic clients are provided with tables where recipes for cooking dishes and calories of products are prescribed. They allow you to effectively plan your diet during weight loss.

Cosmetic procedures are carried out for patients, aimed at increasing skin elasticity. Various nutritional supplements support the body during the weight loss phase.

Online program

Not everyone has the opportunity to visit the clinic in person. For such patients, training webinars have been launched and the opportunity to lose weight in absentia is provided. Special software packages are operating and developed, new technologies and methods are applied. The program for extramural weight loss includes:

  • Basic psycho-training.
  • Escort of customers by phone or skype.
  • Creating a personal account where a food diary is kept, emotions are recorded, a calorie calculator is used, and a weight loss schedule is maintained.
  • The online clinic holds free webinars. There is also the opportunity to lose weight with like-minded people and view archival materials.

In the clinic it is possible to lose weight without exhausting yourself with diets and hunger strikes. And individual approaches of specialists will help to get rid of extra pounds that are no longer being returned without any problems.

Clinics of St. Petersburg

Clinic Dr. Gavrilov prices

The weight-loss center of St. Petersburg, located on Michurinskaya Street, 12, is equipped with modern equipment and high-class specialists work in it. SPb clinics begin to conduct the patient, after having made a multi-level medical diagnosis. It allows you to identify the cause of excess weight. Then psychological trainings are held that contribute to the realization of competent medical and psychological support on the way to harmony. The task of any clinic in St. Petersburg is to restore self-confidence, a slender figure, health and optimistic mood to people. Only 4 days on outpatient treatment and the body is rebuilding, begins to get rid of ballast. The clinic will offer an effective and safe diet and help maintain the final result.

The following medical centers offer effective remedies for weight correction, pressure normalization and treatment of side diseases in addition to Dr. Gavrilov’s clinic:

  • "Clinic of Preventive Medicine";
  • “German Family Clinic”;
  • "Clinic number 1";
  • studio "Elizabeth".

Practical activities of the Gavrilov Clinic

weight loss center

The weight loss center has everything necessary to ensure that weight loss does not cause discomfort and without undesirable consequences for the body. For this, clinics use:

  • A patented method aimed at restoring health and reducing body fat, which includes integrated approaches and individual work with each patient.
  • Clinic specialists have diplomas and have been working in this area for a long time.
  • The clinic of Dr. Gavrilov uses new developments in the treatment of obesity.
  • The current system for managing people who have applied for help includes online programs and participation in webinars.

All services are provided for a fee. A price is provided to the patient, which indicates the cost of the services provided by Dr. Gavrilov’s clinic. Prices are affordable, and the basic rate is from 18 thousand rubles.

Personal attitude to lose weight

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In order to start losing weight, you need a personal attitude and motivation. The urge to lose extra pounds should come from the person himself. This should not be, for example, losing weight for a spouse, girlfriends or arguing. Setting goals to lose weight to be like someone, as a rule, does not work.

The best motive is the desire to maintain and maintain health, improve the level and quality of life. Motivation aimed at changing appearance often does not work. The priority principle and motto of losing weight is “look at yourself and understand why you need it.”

A simple way and action to lose weight

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The easiest method of tuning to lose weight is:

  • Designation of personal motive in the need to lose extra pounds.
  • Goal setting, say weight loss of 500 g weekly.
  • The body cannot function like a clock, and somewhere malfunction is acceptable. But this is not a reason to despair and tighten diets.
  • It is worth staying on the diet that is most acceptable, there is no discomfort, no side effects.
  • Understand for yourself what interferes with maintaining the chosen diet, which contributes to overeating or skipping workouts.
  • Mastering relaxation and stress management techniques.
  • Understand that personal victory is most valuable.

It is important for a slimming person to be sure that all efforts will not be wasted, the hated kilos will leave and the figure will take the desired shape. Communicate with slender people. Let their appearance inspire and help rebuild themselves on a wave of weight loss and health. No need to be discouraged by their appearance. You are only at the beginning of the path to gaining harmony.

Diet according to the method of Gavrilov

Gavrilov Mikhail Alekseevich

The proper nutrition, which was developed by the clinic of Dr. Gavrilov, is not difficult to observe, and the products used in the diet are available. The essence of the diet is to teach people to control their eating habits. It is necessary to clearly define for yourself which foods will forever leave your life, and which ones will help keep the body in good shape, while not contributing to the deposition of fat folds.

Dr. Gavrilov includes a list of prohibited foods in his diet . These include:

  1. All flour products and pastries.
  2. Fast food.
  3. Roast potatoes.
  4. Chocolate.
  5. Sweet drinks with gas.
  6. Canned food.

Products that can be consumed during the diet: freshly prepared juices, cheeses, vegetables, cereals, bran. Fruits, everything except bananas, can be eaten in unlimited quantities. And, of course, exercise is needed. If it is not possible to visit the gym, then it is worth moving more, walking, so that muscles work and calories are expended.

Diet benefits

Clinic for weight loss Dr. Gavrilov

The purpose of the diet is to accustom the patient to proper nutrition. During its observance, one does not have to constantly feel hunger, as snacks between meals are allowed. Diet helps to tune in to positive, increases self-esteem. But do not ignore the opinion of nutritionists that adhering to any diet is not worth more than one month. Then you need to take a break and follow the chosen course of proper nutrition.

Alexey Gavrilov offers an author's method of losing excess weight, which has no analogues. His designs and methods for restoring harmony are popular and will be trusted by many people trying to lose weight. Patients who underwent treatment state: weight normalizes quickly, without additives and dietary supplements harmful to the body. An emotional upsurge and surge of new strength is guaranteed.

Gavrilov Clinic specialists identify and eliminate the root causes of obesity, relieve food dependence and form the correct attitude to eating food. In addition, they provide working tools for losing weight and consolidating the final result, and this leads to a quality renewal of life.

Clinic Dr. Gavrilov: reviews

Grateful patients of the clinic leave feedback in which they write about the professionalism of doctors and the really working methods used in the work of the institution. Many note that the process of losing weight was calm, without disruption and discomfort. Trainings and conversations with doctors help you psychologically and understand the reasons that are hidden inside and leading to overeating. A photo of patients before and after losing weight is the best advertisement for the work of clinic specialists.


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