Sports diet for men

As you know, men always pay less attention to their appearance than women. Their weight and shape, in fact, are not of interest at all. But there are exceptions. Part of the men physique is very exciting. They do everything possible to look their best, adhere to special nutrition and exercise regularly.

A sports diet for men is a way to rejuvenate yourself externally and increase your self-esteem. To gain the right weight and get the desired shape, you need to try very well. In addition to having to attend gyms, you need to take care of nutrition. Sport provides a completely different approach to eating.

Sports diet for men is designed to quickly achieve the desired result and find truly masculine forms. It is worth noting that the male diet is fundamentally different from the female, because the organisms of two different sexes are not at all identical. Men per day spend calories an order of magnitude more than women, moreover, they consume a large norm of carbohydrates, which turn into mass.

For greater effectiveness from intense sports, there is a special sports diet for men. First of all, it is based on a balanced diet and is carried out under a mandatory condition - regular and active physical exercises. It should be borne in mind that for men, the need for protein is much greater than for women, and with active sports, protein food should be an order of magnitude greater. But you won’t be full of squirrels alone.

The body requires a varied diet, in which the proteins will be properly absorbed and stimulate the synthesis of hormones. The best sports nutrition is a set of necessary nutritional supplements, in which a man’s body works in the correct mode and converts accumulated body fat into muscle mass. Muscle growth depends directly on testosterone, which is a male sex hormone. That is why a sports diet for men should consist of foods that will stimulate the production of testosterone and suppress the formation of estrogen.

In addition to training, high-calorie foods are needed to increase strength and muscle volume. With a lack of calories, exercise will be less effective. At the same time, muscle growth can stretch for many months. Better sports nutrition contributes to an increase in calories. Thus, a man weighing 75-85 kg should receive receives more than 3000 Kcal per day. It should be borne in mind that overeating is also harmful to the body, since all unnecessary will inevitably turn into fat. A sense of proportion in this case is useful, as well as possible.

The most important principle of sports nutrition is to get the body a balanced amount of fats and carbohydrates. Sports nutrition (protein is an integral part) should consist precisely of these components, because they form muscle tissue. Eggs, meat and fish in combination with nuts and ground seeds will provide a daily rate of protein, and vegetables, fruits and honey will supply carbohydrates to the body.

Many athletes are fond of protein and carbohydrate concentrates, which are actively introduced into our lives. With their help, results can be achieved faster. Of course, sports nutrition, protein in particular, will help accelerate the onset of the desired result, but do not get carried away. The intake of protein concentrates is not harmless. The risk is that protein is able to lower testosterone levels by more than two times, therefore, it is strictly not recommended to exceed the daily norm. Before taking nutritional supplements, you should consult your doctor, as there is a risk of digestive disorders, which can negatively affect the effectiveness of training and the state of health in general.


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