Active lifestyle and its basic rules

A healthy lifestyle is an active lifestyle. This is the axiom to argue with which is at least stupid. Regular sports activities have a beneficial effect on the human body, strengthen its physical and psychological health, increase immunity. That is why it is hardly reasonable to neglect regular physical activities. The question of how to lead an active lifestyle very often leads people to a standstill, but in reality this is not difficult enough - just follow a series of simple and understandable instructions. Below are some of them.

active lifestyle

Getting rid of laziness is the number one task

Progress and modern conveniences provide a person with all the benefits necessary for life: people no longer make efforts in order to earn their own food, build housing and protect their shelter from predators and bad weather.

Nature, once identified with a violent force, which no living creature is able to resist, appears in the minds of modern people in the image of a heroically defeated tyrant, whose power has always remained somewhere in the back streets of bygone days. Man imagines himself to be the crown of creation and, as a result, has gained many destructive addictions, the main place among which, perhaps, rightfully takes laziness. Everyone probably knows how much destructive effect it has on a person, how quickly it destroys and decomposes it.

A person throughout his life is in constant motion, and if he does not at least very, very slowly move forward, he will surely take rapid steps back. Laziness and an active lifestyle are incompatible concepts, so you need to get rid of the idleness that impedes development, as soon as possible. Otherwise, nothing but a fiasco can be expected: the case will certainly be thrown halfway, and the bitter aftertaste of disappointment for a long time (perhaps even forever) will ward off the desire to try again.

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More movements and sports

It can sometimes be very difficult to find time for lengthy workouts in the gym or aerobic gym, but this does not mean at all that you must put an end to your decision to lead a physically active lifestyle. It is necessary to devote several free hours to sports, after getting rid of unnecessary distractions. So, for example, one and a half hours watching TV in the evening after work, you should prefer going to a fitness club or jogging in a nearby park. It is unlikely that any missed reality show will be a significant loss, but physical activity will positively affect overall well-being and provide a positive attitude.

physically active lifestyle

However, if there is still no time for sports, you should not despair anyway. In this case, you can replace the elevator trip with stairs and more walk. Few people know that an hour-long walk at a speed of 6 km / h (energetic pace) can burn up to 300 kcal!

No need to force yourself!

The rules of an active lifestyle are quite clear and simple, but in this matter (as, indeed, in any other), it is important not to overdo it. No need to force yourself to do something that is clearly not to your liking, but rather choose the sport that pleases you personally. So, some people like to ride a bicycle, others prefer roller skates, others willingly play tennis and volleyball - human tastes are extremely diverse, but no one bothers you to listen to your own heart. Violence over oneself will not lead to anything good, but will only cause stress and irritation.

How to relax correctly?

For modern man, the concept of relaxation is almost a synonym for idleness. Most people spend time at home or, worse, spend precious hours of life on clubs, dubious companies, and alcohol fun. Need I say that the philosophy of an active lifestyle contradicts this kind of behavior and habits? The right rest, for example, includes picnics in nature, swimming in ponds, various sports (bowling, volleyball, soccer, etc.), dancing, hiking and much more.

Healthy eating

An active lifestyle is not only the performance of regular physical exercises, but, above all, a responsible and sensitive attitude to one’s health, and, accordingly, to one’s nutrition. It is very important that the diet is as diverse and balanced as possible, because food is essentially the main source of energy in the body. It is worth restricting the use of sweets, fast carbohydrates, fats and introduce fresh vegetables and fruits, berries and complex carbohydrates (they contain, for example, cereals) into the diet. Moreover, you need to abandon the fast food so popular nowadays. Instead of the dubious products of fast food restaurants for a snack at school or work, you can buy yoghurts, curds and a variety of fruits, cook yourself cereals and casseroles. This not only does not take up a significant amount of time, but also maintains your health and well-being in good condition (which, for example, cannot be said about fast food).

how to lead an active lifestyle

Drinking and exercise

The value of water for the human body can hardly be overestimated: it participates in all metabolic processes and the digestion of food, removes toxins and makes up about 80% of our muscle mass. Depending on the well-being, level of stress, the intensity of physical activity and weather, an adult needs from one and a half to three liters of water per day. However, it should be borne in mind that the principle “the more the better” does not apply in this case. Excess water increases the load on the kidneys and, as a result, leads to impaired functioning, causes swelling and seizures.

how to start an active lifestyle


An active lifestyle without hygiene is impossible! An adult hardly needs to be reminded that they need to brush their teeth twice a day, take a shower regularly (not only once every 24 hours, but if possible after each exercise), wash their hands before eating. These habits must be developed before automatism or, if you want, to a state of reflex. In addition, you must also monitor the hygiene of the premises in which you work, play sports or live. The rooms should be regularly ventilated, as well as wet cleaning and disinfection of surfaces. This is necessary in order to protect yourself from dust and germs and provide the body with enough oxygen.

The benefits of an active lifestyle

1. Health. An active lifestyle helps to avoid cardiovascular and oncological diseases, obesity, diabetes, as well as many diseases of the respiratory tract and lungs. This, in turn, prolongs life, improves well-being and immunity, and also helps to increase endurance and maintain it until old age.

2. Beautiful appearance. Many people dream of a beautiful fit figure and smooth elastic skin. However, acting is much more productive than dreaming. An active lifestyle in this business will be a great help. Of course, you can give yourself to the tear of plastic surgeons, but is it reasonable when the best result can be achieved by living a full active life?

active lifestyle and aging issues

3. Slowing down the aging process. Active lifestyles and aging problems are closely interconnected. Scientists have proven that people who lead a passive lifestyle get older much earlier than those who lead an active one. Movement is life, and only it can alienate old age; no other has been given.

Rest and work schedule

It is difficult to lead an active lifestyle when you have to sit on a chair for 8 hours 5 times a week on duty. Oddly enough, office work involves a number of so-called occupational diseases. Constant migraines, dry eye syndrome, “mouse disease”, osteochondrosis, as well as many digestive problems - and this is not the whole list of ailments associated with a sedentary lifestyle. In order to prevent them, you must regularly perform the following exercises:

- Charging for the eyes. It takes only a few minutes of time, but it very effectively relieves fatigue. There are also special drops for dry eye syndrome. In composition, they resemble a human tear and serve to moisturize the surface of the eyeball.

- Warm up. It is enough to perform simple exercises once an hour, such as tilting the body, turning the head, sipping and squats.

rules of active lifestyle
This is perhaps all you need to know about how to start an active lifestyle. Remember that the main thing in this business is a clear motivation and willpower: you must be sure that you want it and know why you want it, and then the initiative will be more than successful.


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