10 tips to help you get rid of sugar addiction

Sugar addiction is akin to narcotic: when a person tries to remove this simple carbohydrate from his life, he is faced with withdrawal syndrome - he begins to unbearably want sweets. It is not surprising, because sugar is a quick fuel, it instantly raises blood glucose levels and releases the hormone of pleasure - dopamine.

The body always chooses the path of least resistance. It is much more difficult for him to get energy from vegetables and meat, he rebels and asks for cakes and sweets. But there are tricks that will make it much easier for you to move the period of adaptation to a new diet.

1. Leave the fruit

Blackberry in a plate

If you have sugar addiction, do not immediately exclude all products that contain sugar - it will be very difficult for you to transfer it. Leave unsweetened fruits, berries. They contain not only fructose, but also vitamins, dietary fiber. The most important rule is not to make juices from them and not to eat on an empty stomach.

2. Eat protein

Fried eggs on a plate

Enter it in all meals: eat meat, fish, eggs, chicken. It is slowly digested, and you will not feel hunger longer. In addition, protein inhibits blood sugar spikes, which will help to avoid acute attacks of hunger caused by its sharp drop.

3. Do not rule out fats

Oil bottle

Fats (with the exception of trans fats) are essential for our body. In the bronchi, in the alveoli, is a surfactant that is vital for our breathing. If you refuse fat, it will not be enough, and the body will be in a state of chronic hypoxia, which causes the anaerobic glycolysis pathway, which provokes cravings for sweets.

4. Normalize bowel function

Bowl of soup

The microflora of our intestines need food, so add more fresh, non-starchy vegetables to your diet. The fungus Candida, which parasitizes on the walls of the intestines, feeds on sugar and makes us wish for sweets so that we “feed” it. Hence the sugar addiction.

5. Drink Vitamins


We do not get with food the whole complex of vitamins and minerals that we need. Our body may demand to make up for their deficiency, increasing appetite. That is why it is so important not to overeat and drink high-quality biologically active additives.

6. Get enough sleep

Sleeping girl with a dog

You must have a full sleep both in duration and in its quality. The amount of hormones leptin and ghrelin that regulate appetite directly depends on this. One who does not get enough sleep feels a much greater need for food.

7. Remove sweeteners


Synthetic sweeteners with zero calorie content carry one kind of harm or another, being toxins. Natural supplements contain a huge amount of fructose. The only exception is the stevia herb, it does not raise sugar and insulin levels.

8. Learn the labels

Shelf Products

Carefully look at the composition of the products you buy. Inside a regular ketchup or milk dessert, a surprise in the form of a large dose of sugar may await. Sugar is added to a huge number of products, where, it would seem, it should not be: squash caviar, beans in tomato and even smoked meat in a vacuum package. Manufacturers add it both for the correction of taste, and as an excellent preservative. Please note - sugar is not always called sugar. This can be molasses, corn starch, various E-additives, etc. If you do not understand what this or that component means, it is better not to take this product.

9. Do not tempt yourself

Dessert on a plate

Do not take from the shelves that you should not eat. You want to treat homemade sweets, but this is an extra provocation and a test of willpower. It is possible that the chocolate bar will be stronger.

10. Do not be a fanatic

Treat your diet wisely, otherwise you will create a strong psychological stress around the food, which will necessarily lead to a breakdown. If once a week you still eat candy, nothing terrible and irreparable will happen.

What will give you a refusal of sugar?

Refusing sugar will give you the prevention of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, improve bowel function, relieve candidiasis, increase energy and improve mood. You will lose weight, the amount of visceral fat will decrease, the skin will become better - the “sugar face” effect will disappear. After six months, your body will clear itself of glycated hemoglobin, the whole body will be fully supplied with oxygen, and you will feel like a completely different, healthier person. In other words, you will significantly improve the quality of your life.

Follow these tips, live long and in a good mood!

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