How alcohol affects a woman's body: the harmful effects and changes that occur with a man

In the article, we will consider how alcohol affects the body of a woman.

Alcohol affects men and women in completely different ways - this is due to different physiology. So, a woman needs much less alcohol to get drunk, and it takes an order of magnitude more time to restore an organism than a man. The reason for this lies in the fact that the female body contains less water, which means that even from a glass of wine the level of alcohol in the blood will be significantly increased. The effect of alcohol on the body of women is detrimental, since they are not genetically predisposed to increased alcohol consumption.

how alcohol affects a woman’s body

So, let's find out how alcohol affects a woman’s body.

Harmful effects

The limiting dosage of alcohol in a woman is significantly less than that of a man. This is due to the fact that in the body they have a large amount of adipose tissue and a much smaller amount of fluid. As a result, after ethyl alcohol has entered the stomach and has been absorbed into the blood, its concentration in it will be high, but the output of alcohol from adipose tissues proceeds very slowly.

Female liver

In addition, the female liver is absolutely not designed for the processing of alcohol. In the liver cells of men in large quantities, a special enzyme is produced - dehydrogenase, which is responsible for the breakdown of ethanol molecules. In women, such an enzyme is produced in small quantities. The stomach also does not produce the necessary amount of enzymes that contribute to the breakdown of ethanol, so the metabolism in the female body is slowed down.

External changes

It is difficult to underestimate the negative impact of alcohol on a woman. Changes taking place with a person can be noticed even externally. Due to a violation of the proper functioning of organs, a woman has health problems. Her intoxication is much harder than that of a man, even if their weight is approximately the same. How alcohol affects the body of a woman, all representatives of the fair sex should know.

how alcohol affects women

Changes in the body

As a rule, women take alcohol to eliminate excessive stress, feel more relaxed, and relax physically and psychologically. Some with the help of alcoholic beverages try to get out of a depressed state or relieve stress. However, often this method helps poorly, the situation is only aggravated by drinking, and alcohol abuse quickly leads to the development of alcoholism in women. This disease develops many times faster than in men, the cells of the body quickly become accustomed to ethyl alcohol, and a woman has an alarming symptom - a constant desire to drink.

Many people wonder how alcohol affects women. This is just terrifying. A number of changes occur in the body that relate to health and appearance:

how alcohol affects
  1. Chronic fatigue appears.
  2. The skin condition worsens significantly - it quickly loses moisture, looks flaky and dry. Alcohol promotes the excretion of vitamins and other nutrients, which is why the skin loses its natural color and becomes flabby. In addition, the protective functions of the skin are disrupted, and at the slightest scratch it restores for a very long time.
  3. Does alcohol affect a woman’s weight? With the abuse of alcohol in a woman, a sharp weight loss is possible. This is due to the fact that ethanol is a foreign element that the female body is trying to get rid of and uses all resources for this. If a woman abuses wine, an increase in weight can be observed, since two standard glasses of this drink are equal in calorie content to a hamburger.
  4. Alcohol negatively affects sleep quality. Women with alcoholism sleep very sensitively, they are often tormented by nightmares. At the same time, the phase of REM sleep is significantly reduced, therefore, patients experience symptoms of chronic fatigue.
  5. The activity of the central nervous system is inhibited. In women, after heavy consumption of ethanol, memory lapses are often noted.
  6. Swelling occurs. A woman who abuses alcohol can be recognized by her eyes. The eyelids are swollen and puffy.

It should be remembered that if a small amount of alcohol lifts a woman's mood and liberates her, then excessive consumption provokes a negative effect on the psyche.

woman's weight

According to statistical information, crimes committed by women were most often committed by them while intoxicated. And they themselves in this form are more likely to become victims of criminals.

And how does alcohol affect a woman’s eggs?

Reproductive Effects

It is widely known that alcohol is strictly prohibited for women during pregnancy and lactation. However, not everyone understands what this ban is caused by, and how it affects the reproductive system, what negative effects alcohol has on pregnant women.

People who plan to conceive a child should completely refuse to drink alcohol, since even a small dose of ethanol that periodically enters the bloodstream can negatively affect the conception process. In addition, alcohol abuse often leads to infertility in women. This is due to the fact that penetrating the ovaries, ethanol disrupts the processes of the correct formation and maturation of the egg. At the same time, ovulation in a woman may not occur at all or her process is disrupted.

Cycle Impact

How does alcohol affect menstruation for women? Malfunctions of the menstrual cycle are observed. Often, women immediately notice the negative effects of alcohol on menstruation. Cyclic bleeding may occur with delays, or may even be absent. For recovery, a woman will need long-term treatment and medication.

If a woman takes alcohol-containing drinks during pregnancy, then ethanol crosses the placenta and has a toxic effect on the fetus. As a result, a miscarriage, a frozen pregnancy, or malformations in a baby may occur.

Estrogen level

Ethanol negatively affects the hormonal background of the female body. The level of estrogen is significantly exceeded, and this contributes to the development of various gynecological and endocrine diseases. Similar pathological conditions include:

  1. Deterioration of a woman’s fertility, she becomes practically incapable of reproducing healthy offspring, because her eggs are very weak and non-viable.
  2. Premature onset of menopause.
  3. Menstrual irregularities.

Frequent and excessive alcohol consumption provokes the occurrence of cancer in women. In most cases, breast cancer and liver and stomach cancer develop. How does alcohol affect a woman’s brain?

how alcohol affects a woman’s brain

Impact on the brain and psyche

When drinking alcohol, the brain receives signals from the acid (glutamate) contained in it, which, penetrating into the receptors of neurons, disrupts coordination, speech, and distorts the perception of reality. In addition, the negative effects of alcohol on the brain cause inhibition of cognitive functions. In a medical environment, this condition is called alcoholic myopia. This pathology in women develops much faster than in men. An additional aspect of the negative effect of alcohol on the central nervous system is the narrowing of the perception of information received from the outside. Failure to properly analyze and perceive any situation makes a person intoxicated inadequate. A drunk woman completely loses the ability to understand the situation in a wide context, while becoming an asocial person without any moral or moral barriers.

Cognitive ability

With prolonged intake of alcohol, a violation of the activity of centers that are responsible for cognitive abilities develops. This effect is observed in men and women equally, however, if a man needs, for example, to drink regularly for a year, then a woman needs two or three months. The toxic effect of ethanol has an overwhelming effect on the cellular structures of the brain. At the same time, pure alcohol affects the brain extremely destructively. In addition, prolonged intake of alcohol leads to a deficiency of vitamin B1, without which brain areas cannot function properly.

In this situation, the psyche suffers first. A woman becomes constantly irritated, without alcohol, she is no longer able to calm down, feel harmony in her soul and control psycho-emotional stress.

Does alcohol affect a woman’s weight?

How alcohol affects the health of women, it is important to find out in advance. Alcohol abuse often provokes irreparable cognitive impairment, which is reflected in the loss of clear thinking, decreased mental development, and other negative consequences. It is important to consider that the brain and psyche of women suffer from weak alcoholic drinks as well as from strong ones, so you should not think that prolonged intake of beer or wine does not threaten anything. Regular drinking leads to the following severe pathologies:

  • dementia;
  • Korsakov's disease;
  • encephalopathy of alcoholic origin;
  • paranoia;
  • hallucinosis;
  • apathy;
  • depressive disorder.

This is the answer to the question: "How does alcohol affect the psyche of a woman."


Women are extremely susceptible to the harmful effects of alcohol; they often addicted to alcohol. With the help of strong drinks, ladies often try to recover from stressful manifestations, anxiety, depression or to deal with difficult life situations. It is very important for women to control themselves in the amount of drunk, otherwise you can quickly get addicted.

how does alcohol affect menstruation for women

Treatment of female alcoholism is an extremely difficult task even for modern highly qualified doctors. And although ladies often seek medical help, it is not always possible to completely eliminate them from alcohol dependence, and a lot of time is spent on it. The fact is that alcoholism develops at the level of psychology, so psychologists should be involved in the treatment, first of all.

We examined how alcohol affects a woman’s body.


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