What day of the cycle take estradiol? Estradiol test: when and how to take?

The human body requires from time to time certain diagnostics to prevent the development of certain diseases. Hormone tests play a huge role. Men, as a rule, hand them over at any convenient time. Women have to consider the numerous features of their body in order to get the most informative result.

What to look for first? What day of the cycle take estradiol? What is this all about? All this will be described later. In fact, everything is much simpler than it seems. Especially if a woman has a stable monthly cycle. In this case, no problems with passing the analysis will arise.

What is estradiol?

Hormones play a huge role in human life. This applies to all biologically active substances present in the body. Of particular importance are sex hormones.

on which day of the cycle take estradiol

Estradiol is the main female sex hormone. In women, it is produced by the ovaries. In addition, a little of this substance is secreted by the adrenal cortex in both girls and boys. In men, estradiol is also produced by the testes.

The structure of estradiol is steroid. The work of the entire reproductive system of the female body depends on estradiol. That is why when planning pregnancy you will have to take an analysis for this hormone.

In women, the substance mentioned is responsible for the formation of the figure, chest and the development of the reproductive system as a whole. It prepares the uterus for the conception and bearing of the baby. In addition, estradiol affects the growth and maturation of follicles in the ovary. All this is extremely important for the girl. But on what day of the cycle take estradiol? How is this study done? Is there any way to prepare for the process?

When to take the analysis?

The first step is to understand the circumstances under which this study may be required. Everything is much simpler than it seems.

Analysis for estradiol is given in the following cases:

  • for information on the content of the hormone in the blood;
  • in the treatment of infertility;
  • if there is a delay in sexual development in girls;
  • to track ovulation;
  • if there is no menstruation or ovulation;
  • with excessive hair growth;
  • if there is suspicion of hyperplasia of the adrenal cortex;
  • for the prevention of tumors (with menopause);
  • with the establishment of anorexia (in adolescents).

In addition, tests are performed on estradiol when you need to track the formation of the placenta. This is done at the beginning of pregnancy.

estradiol when to take on what day of the cycle

How is the analysis given?

What day of the cycle take estradiol? Before this, it is necessary to find out what kind of research is in question. How does the study under analysis pass?

It is a study of venous blood. A woman must donate blood from a vein, after which it is necessary to wait for the results of the tests.

Using a special needle and a blood sampling device, the doctor collects the required amount of biological material. The procedure is almost painless. A blood test for estradiol is given by inserting a needle into a vein on the elbow.

About preparation

How to prepare for the study? No special action is needed. It is enough to know on which day of the cycle to take estradiol to a woman. There is no definite answer to this question.

Nevertheless, there are a number of rules that must be observed, as this helps to obtain the most accurate results in the analysis. They should be followed by every girl. They look like this:

  • a few days before blood sampling, give up alcohol and tobacco (preferably);
  • donate blood only on the necessary days of the cycle;
  • collection of biological material is carried out on an empty stomach (you must not eat about 8-10 hours before the procedure);
  • it is advisable to rest in front of the office for 10-15 minutes before taking the blood;
  • exclude psychological and physical stress shortly before the delivery of biological material;
  • hormonal and estrogenic drugs are not allowed to be taken before estradiol testing.

In principle, all these restrictions should be known to everyone. If possible, it is recommended to exclude the use of any medication before blood sampling. If there is no such chance, the girl should warn doctors about which drug she is taking.

when to take estradiol to a woman

Common opinion

Now a little about what day to take estradiol. The main problem is that in the body this substance is constantly contained in different quantities. Men have no problem finding out the question posed - they can, as has already been said, donate blood at any time. Other behavior is provided for women. The beautiful half of society should take into account the characteristics of their body.

Need to determine a hormone called estradiol? On what day of the cycle to take the analysis Blood donation is most often performed on days 4-6 of the menstrual cycle. In other words, in the first week thereof. It is best to consult a doctor. Some experts advise conducting this study during menstruation, and someone recommends waiting until the menstruation is over.

The need for repetition

There are several theories according to which the study is carried out at different times. This is a normal occurrence.

What day of the cycle take estradiol? As already mentioned, the first time you will need to conduct a study in the first week of the monthly cycle in women. This is not such a big problem. Especially for those who have regular periods.

If a reanalysis is necessary, some problems may arise. In particular, with irregular periods. The thing is that re-analysis is usually carried out in the third week of the cycle, or more precisely, on the 20-21 day.

Ovulation tracking

But this is not all the features that will have to be taken into account. As already mentioned, estradiol has a special effect on ovulation. The willingness to conceive a child is often determined precisely by the level of this hormone. Therefore, the question of when to take estradiol to a woman requires a definite answer.

As a rule, the level of this substance reaches its peak in the middle of the monthly cycle. If you want to "catch" ovulation, a woman is recommended to donate blood for analysis in dynamics. The first time - on the 4th-7th day of the cycle, the second - on the 10th-13th, the third - on the 21-22th day. So you can understand when a woman is ready for conception.

estradiol when to take

Always ready

As already mentioned, it is problematic to unequivocally answer the question under study. Doctors have a different opinion about when it can be found in the maximum amounts of estradiol. When to rent? On which day of the cycle will this study be the most informative?

If you believe some doctors, then you can always donate blood for estradiol. The main thing is to do it regularly. This is especially true for girls experiencing hormonal problems and menstruation.

Accordingly, it is impossible to say on which days blood is given for estradiol. This question is recommended to clarify each girl with your doctor. Only a gynecologist who constantly monitors health can give an accurate answer. About when it is best to take a blood test for estradiol with a regular monthly cycle, it has already been said. These recommendations will help to obtain the most accurate and informative results in any circumstances.


It's no secret that for all analyzes their own norms and deviations are provided. Every person needs to know about them, especially if treatment is planned for some disease, for example, infertility.

In what amounts does the human hormone estradiol contain? On what day of the cycle should I take this analysis?

As already mentioned, many doctors claim that it is best to donate blood for research in the first week of the menstrual cycle, and repeat the analysis at the 3rd week. Moreover, the norms of estradiol content will depend on the person’s age and gender.

what day to take estradiol

The following limits are considered normal:

Men40-160 pmol / l.
menstruation68-1269 pmol / L.
ovulation131-1655 pmol / L.
luteal phase91-861 pmol / L.
postmenopausal periodless than 73 pmol / l.

During menopause, the most optimal indicator is 20 mg / ml, 54 pg / ml is considered normal. In girls, by the age of 11, estradiol reaches a level of 11 pg / ml, in boys - 2.

Hormone boost

When to take estradiol? On which day of the cycle will the results be the most informative? Answers to these questions will no longer be difficult. To obtain the most accurate results, it is recommended to contact a gynecologist - only a specialist can choose the right day for the collection of biological material. As already mentioned, with self-diagnosis (it is highly discouraged) it is best to observe the hormone in dynamics.

What can an increase in the hormone indicate? There are a number of phenomena that can affect estradiol. Namely:

  • tumors of the ovaries and uterus;
  • follicular ovarian cyst;
  • cirrhosis of the liver;
  • thyroid pathology;
  • obesity;
  • genital endometriosis;
  • follicular persistence.

In addition, estradiol levels may increase if the patient takes certain medications, such as birth control pills. That is why it is recommended shortly before the appropriate study to exclude the use of medicines.

what day do you need to take estradiol

Low estradiol

What day of the cycle should estradiol be taken? This is best done in the first week, immediately after the end of critical days. What can the reduced content of this hormone indicate?

In fact, there are many reasons. As a rule, the presence of bad habits in women significantly reduces the level of estradiol in the body. These are normal consequences that no one can avoid.

A reduced level of the hormone is observed with the following phenomena:

  • alcoholism;
  • smoking;
  • physical activity on the body;
  • weight loss;
  • vegetarianism;
  • limiting the amount of animal protein and carbohydrates consumed;
  • pituitary dysfunction;
  • hyperprolactinemia;
  • inflammatory chronic diseases of the reproductive system;
  • delayed sexual development;
  • threatened abortion;
  • taking certain medications.

Accordingly, the blood test under study can be extremely useful. Need to determine estradiol? On what day of the cycle to take the analysis It all depends on what kind of monthly cycle the girl has. With regular, you can give preference to 1 and 3 weeks, with irregular - donate blood for research weekly.

Summary and Conclusions

Perhaps this is all that every girl should know about the topic being studied. Test for estradiol when to take? The answer will depend on several factors. Nevertheless, the alleged ideal deadlines for the biological analysis for the relevant study are now understood. Remembering them is not so difficult.

Estradiol really is in the blood constantly. Only in girls does his concentration constantly change. That is why you have to think about which day of the cycle to take estradiol.

on which day of the cycle to take estradiol to a woman

Consulting a doctor in this case will not be superfluous. Only an experienced specialist will be able, having a history, to accurately determine the ideal time for blood sampling from a vein. Predicting it is extremely difficult. Accordingly, it is best to donate blood several times during the monthly cycle with short interruptions for estradiol testing.

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