Antiallergenic diet: an example of a menu and a list of products, recipes

With modern ecology and lifestyle, allergy has become a familiar disease. An anti-allergenic diet is the only way to alleviate the situation. To maintain a proper diet, you need to know which product is allergic to. Although it is not always possible to quickly identify it. What is included in the antiallergenic menu? Who should follow such a diet? About it further.

What is a diet for and what is its essence?

An allergy diet is a must. When there is a suspicion of this disease, for starters, food products that may be harmful are excluded. After exclusion from the menu of "dangerous" products, they begin to be introduced into the diet gradually. But this is done when the allergy symptoms completely disappear. Thus, you can independently find out what is possible and what is not. This method is valid.

But sometimes it is not possible to independently identify the allergen. Then the help of an allergist is required. A number of analyzes are done, which will find out the reason. In any case, when allergy symptoms appear, the first thing you need is an anti-allergenic diet.

Otherwise, the accumulated allergen can cause not only urticaria and other unpleasant rashes. Many are familiar with the expression of anaphylactic shock, the result of which can be fatal. This is also one of the manifestations of an allergic reaction. Diet should be followed not only with the manifestation of allergies. She is also advised to pregnant and lactating women to protect the baby from all kinds of irritants that can give rise to an allergy. Although there is an opinion, if the mother is healthy, then the baby is not in danger and sticking to the diet is not worth it.

Antiallergenic diet for adults

When allergies are detected, they first begin to follow a diet. Well, if you know what product or its component is such a reaction of the body. But if it is still unknown, then you need to know which products you can eat and which to bypass. The main thing when dieting should be taken in small portions. The menu should not be scarce. Otherwise, the body will begin to lack the substances necessary for normal functioning.

Allowed Adult Diet Foods

The list of products is not huge. But if you stick to it, the body will not starve.

general non-specific hypoallergenic diet

The following products are allowed:

  • sour cream, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, processed cheeses and so on;
  • meat of chicken, turkey and beef;
  • kidneys, liver, stomachs, hearts and other offal;
  • low-fat fish: cod, pollock, flounder;
  • cereals: oat, buckwheat, millet;
  • oils: refined sunflower, olive and cream;
  • green vegetables;
  • greenery;
  • green apples, pears; white currant, sweet cherry; gooseberries and so on;
  • dried fruits from the same berries are also allowed;
  • dried fruit compotes (written above), mineral water, weak tea.

Prohibited Products

The list that is possible with a hypoallergenic diet is much smaller than the list of prohibited foods. And sometimes remembering the list of what is impossible is simply impossible.

antiallergenic diet for adults

Which products should I discard first? It:

  • all citrus fruits;
  • any dairy products (not to be confused with sour milk);
  • fish products, seaweed and other seafood;
  • eggs in any form;
  • honey;
  • nuts
  • products containing cocoa and coffee, especially chocolate and sweets;
  • juices from illegal fruits and vegetables, carbonated drinks;
  • cereal products, bakery products;
  • corn and products from it;
  • pork, lamb;
  • products prepared by smoking and pickling;
  • spices should not be used in cooking;
  • sausages;
  • dried apricots, raisins, dates;
  • mushrooms (fried, salted);
  • fruits and vegetables of red and orange.

The general non-specific hypoallergenic diet can last from a week to several months. Depending on how much allergen has accumulated in the body. With the help of such nutrition, the body is completely cleansed and restored. Children should not have such a diet for more than a week (maximum 10 days). As the baby grows, the lack of vitamins will affect the development of the body.

Dietary Nuances

Let's look at the nuances during a diet:

  • There must be fiber in the diet. It will help to cleanse the body faster.
  • Fried foods are excluded. The food is steamed, baked or cooked.
  • It is advisable to do food separately.
  • Meals should be more frequent, but the portions are small.
  • Products must be natural, without chemical treatment.
  • If there is severe swelling with allergies, then fluid intake should be limited.

In severe cases of the disease or its frequent manifestations, you should definitely consult an allergist. Also, other diseases (for example, gastritis, anemia, problems with stools and so on) should be considered during treatment. Otherwise, while one disease is being treated, another will become aggravated.

Diet menu

In order not to move away from the diet and the diet had all the necessary elements, it is advisable to make a menu with an anti-allergenic diet. The best option is for a week. If desired, it is possible for a month (if necessary).


  1. In the morning. Hercules porridge. For taste, you can add fruits or soaked dried fruits. So the dish will be more useful. Tea (not strong) or compote.
  2. In the afternoon. Cabbage soup. The broth can be prepared on beef meat, which then eat on the second. Apple jelly.
  3. In the evening. Porridge from allowed cereals with boiled cutlet. Kefir with low fat content.


  1. In the morning. Cream Cheese Bread. The drink is tea.
  2. In the afternoon. Light, lean soup. Compote drink.
  3. In the evening. Boiled potatoes, stews, fruits.


  1. In the morning. Boiled pasta. The drink is tea. Fruits.
  2. In the afternoon. Vegetable soup again. The meat from the broth is eaten on the second. Compote drink.
  3. In the evening. Steamed fish. The drink is tea. Fruits.


  1. In the morning. Oatmeal porridge. Fruit salad. The drink is tea.
  2. Happy Low-fat borsch. Steamed cutlet. Compote drink.
  3. In the evening. Porridge that was for breakfast, but with pieces of meat. Vegetable stew. The drink is tea.


  1. In the morning. Millet porridge. The drink is tea.
  2. In the afternoon. Any vegetable soup. Boiled or stewed meat. Kefir and fruits.
  3. In the evening. Any porridge with meat and vegetables. Drink - jelly.


  1. In the morning. Sandwich with meat (boiled). The drink is tea. Fruits.
  2. In the afternoon. Soup with meatballs (possible with buckwheat, oatmeal, oatmeal). Dried fruits compote. Fruits. Or you can just eat berries from a drink.
  3. In the evening. Hercules porridge. Cabbage salad. Kefir.


  1. In the morning. Cheese casserole. Serve with sour cream. The drink is tea.
  2. In the afternoon. Light, lean soup. Cutlet cooked on the water. The drink is a compote of fresh fruits.
  3. In the evening. Any porridge. Steamed meat. Fruit and yogurt.

Compliance with such a diet will help the body quickly return to normal. Only soup, porridge or stewed fruit should be cooked correctly. Below are some dishes that are allowed on a diet.

Baked Apples

baked apples

One apple (green varieties). Pulp is cut and mixed with cottage cheese and sugar. The amount of cottage cheese is taken from the size of an apple. The resulting mixture is placed in an apple and baked at a temperature of 170-180 degrees. Baking time also depends on the size of the apple.

Vegetable Soup (Cabbage)

Boil cabbage (preferably cauliflower, 300 g) in a liter of water and wipe. Add Hercules into the broth (50-70 g, depending on how thick the soup is needed). Cook until the oats are softened. In conclusion, add mashed cabbage, quail eggs (2 pcs.). After boiling put 25-30 g of butter (butter).

Buckwheat turkey meat

Buckwheat is placed in boiling water for 60 minutes. Do not cook. The turkey meat is boiled. Then mix with fried onions. When all the ingredients are ready. They are connected. The dish is ready. How many ingredients to take (weight) is decided independently. Optional.

Vegetable casserole

The first layer of potatoes (thinly sliced). The second layer of broccoli. Sprinkle with grated cheese. The amount of food is taken to taste. The baking time depends on the thickness of the casserole layer. Cook at a temperature of 170-190 degrees.

diet vegetable casserole

Way out of diet

At the end of the diet, foods that may be hazardous must be driven carefully. Desirable 1 product in 72 hours. Start with foods that can do less harm to the body. And constantly monitor your well-being, since it is not necessary that a rash appears immediately. Perhaps just a slight malaise or problems with the stool.

For nursing mothers

What should be an anti-allergenic diet for nursing mothers? In the position or during breastfeeding, a woman should carefully monitor her diet, since during this period she is responsible for two. If a woman will neglect the diet while carrying the baby. Then the child may already have a congenital allergy or there may be pathologies in development.

When breastfeeding, mother should also monitor the diet. The baby’s digestive tract is just starting to work. And therefore, if mom eats an orange, then most likely the baby’s stomach will not be able to properly digest and absorb such milk. Allergies can manifest as an upset stomach and urticaria.

Therefore, women in position and while breastfeeding are recommended anti-allergenic diet. Even if the woman did not notice an allergy. During pregnancy, the body weakens. And allergies can be all pregnancy and all feeding, if you do not follow a diet.

Diet for children

In childhood, allergies are much more common than in adults. Everything is connected with a fragile immune system. It often happens that an allergy to red apples in childhood goes to 7 years.

hypoallergenic diet for allergies

Allergens for children:

  • egg - most often allergies are caused only by the yolk;
  • dairy products - here allergy to cow's milk and products into which it enters prevail;
  • products with chocolate and cocoa beans;
  • fish and fish products;
  • gluten (protein of cereal plants);
  • vegetables and fruits with red pigment;
  • protein that is part of rice, wheat, bananas.
hypoallergenic diet for allergies in a child

On the menu with an anti-allergenic diet, the presence of exotic fruits is undesirable. These are the first sources of an allergic reaction. The diet itself should not be long lasting. This can only harm the proper development of the baby's body.

The first complementary foods are introduced to the child from 4-6 months. Until this time, the body has enough healthy substances from breast milk. But you need to start with simple products, from which the risk of allergies is minimal. And it is advisable to start with 10 g of complementary foods. If there are no side effects, the portion can be increased, introduce a new product.

If there are problems with milk, then it is better to feed the child with hypoallergenic milk mixtures, since the occurrence of allergies to protein from cow's milk is great.


Now let's talk about the anti-allergenic diet for children. What foods should be in the diet of a baby who is on a diet:

  • vegetables - zucchini, cabbage (any, especially broccoli), light pumpkin, cucumbers, greens;
  • cereals, but only from the permitted cereals - you need to cook in water (milk is excluded);
  • boiled or steam meat of a rabbit, turkey, beef;
  • dairy products without any additives;
  • fruits and berries - green apples and pears, currants (excluded red), blueberries, plums;
  • rye bread, drying, cracker.

Baby ration

What can a child's diet be for a day:

  1. In the morning. Porridge (oat-flakes, oatmeal, millet). The drink is tea.
  2. At lunch. Steamed vegetables. Light soup. Boiled meatballs or meatballs. Dried fruits compote.
  3. In the evening. Any casserole (meat, vegetable). Kissel (not from the store, cooked by yourself).

In general, the adult and child menus differ only in serving sizes. And children eat more often.

When is a hypoallergenic diet needed? List of diseases

Diet is indicated for such ailments.

  • Dermatitis. When an allergen is known, you just need to completely exclude it from the diet. If not, then you need to identify the allergen by diet.
  • Asthma. In this disease, the following is prohibited: products containing oxalic acid (its harm is that it removes calcium); spices and spicy dishes; drinks containing alcohol; salt should be in the diet at a minimum; products containing obvious allergens.
  • Hives. With this disease, you should categorically exclude: alcohol, strong teas and broths, any nuts, coffee, bananas, chocolate; canned products, various smoked meats, sour foods (sorrel, sauerkraut, and so on).


A hypoallergenic diet for allergies should be strictly observed, regardless of how the allergic reaction is expressed. After all, it is not known in what condition the internal organs are in the process of exacerbation. It is possible that ordinary urticaria is outside, and at this time the organs of the digestive tract are very sore.

A hypoallergenic diet for adults is just as important as for children. It is important to take care of your health and not let the disease drift. With a diet, the body manages to clear itself of the allergen and recover.


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