Blood type diet: 2 negative

According to experts, people with a second blood group are quite calmly undergoing adaptation to changing dietary conditions. Some say that the Rhesus factor does not specifically affect the nutritional parameters for this particular case. However, most scientists are inclined to believe that the blood type 2 diet is negative, yet it differs somewhat from a positive rhesus diet.

blood type 2 negative diet
Power Features

First of all, it should be noted that this category of people, as a rule, has a low acidity, therefore, they are recommended to eat less meat. The thing is that the digestion of meat products requires an increase in the acidity of the well-known gastric juice. As a result, these products significantly slow down the metabolism, which may soon lead to extra centimeters at the waist. A negative blood type 2 diet suggests the use of plant products. If a person follows these recommendations exactly, the immune system will work perfectly, and excess weight will not bother. In addition, in representatives of this blood group, the mucosa is usually very tender, therefore, fatty and fried foods, as well as sweet and floury foods, should be avoided. A blood type 2 diet is negative and strongly advises also to refuse fast food products.

Nutrition Guidelines

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In principle, there is nothing too complicated here! A blood type 2 negative diet recommends a so-called vegetarian diet. The daily diet should include a variety of cereals, legumes, and fresh vegetables. It is strongly recommended to abandon dairy products (except cheeses and kefir). Some experts recommend using soy in the diet. It contains a lot of useful substances and perfectly saturates the body. Fruits will help to diversify food (mainly - citrus varieties). Fish is not prohibited (except for fatty varieties).


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Particular attention is strongly recommended to give green tea, natural citrus juices and vegetable drinks. Strongly carbonated drinks and black tea are strictly prohibited.

Useful Tricks

As noted above, this food system involves the complete exclusion of meat from the diet. However, on the other hand, nutrition by blood type 2 positive allows the use of its low-fat varieties. Adherents of the idea that the Rhesus factor does not particularly affect the diet, use this advice and occasionally cook lean meat for dinner (turkey, chicken).

Instead of a conclusion

It is worth noting that the blood group diet, reviews of which on the Internet are often the most diverse, is just a recommendation. It is not at all compulsory to completely refuse food of animal origin. Nutritionists around the world believe that proper and healthy nutrition (regardless of the identified blood type) has not harmed anyone. But in practice, they have not yet managed to prove the necessity and unequivocal usefulness of the food intake system proposed in this article.


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