Why do you want tomatoes? Product properties and its benefits for the body

Tomatoes are plants that belong to the nightshade family. Potatoes, eggplant and pepper are also included in this category. This product is used in different forms. It is eaten raw, stewed, fried and baked. Vegetable is added to the first dishes and salads, used as a side dish. The article talks about why you want tomatoes, as well as about the benefits and dangers of eating for the body.

Positive properties of tomatoes

These fruits contain a lot of dietary fiber. The regular use of such vegetables helps to normalize the functions of the stomach and intestines, and remove toxic compounds from body cells. Tomato juice with the addition of pulp is a natural effective remedy against stool retention. Speaking about the benefits of tomatoes for the human body, it should be noted that this dish helps to reduce blood pressure and avoid the development of hypertension. In addition, the use of such a vegetable helps to improve the condition of patients suffering from gastritis with low acidity. Two glasses of tomato juice before meals allows you to get rid of the symptoms of the disease.

tomato juice

Tomatoes contain substances that make blood more fluid. The product avoids blood clots. Tomatoes have a beneficial effect on the functions of the urinary organs, and increase potency. The vegetable also contains substances that prevent the development of pathologies of the myocardium and malignant tumors.

Why do you want tomatoes during the gestation period? Expectant mothers are often interested in this issue. The fact is that the substances that make up tomatoes (for example, vitamin A and folic acid) are very important for the normal formation of the placenta, the growth of the embryo and the course of the pregnancy process. The body of a woman has a special need for them.

Other useful qualities

Tryptophan is present in the pulp of tomatoes. This substance is an amino acid from which serotonin is formed in the human body. Why do you want tomatoes often? Perhaps this is due to the lack of a “hormone of happiness” in the body. Serotonin has a positive effect on the functions of the stomach and intestines, the nervous system, normalizes the blood coagulation process, helps prevent emotional instability, hemicrania attacks, depression and many other mental disorders.

The use of fresh tomatoes protects the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight and early aging. The pulp of these fruits is a folk method for the treatment of burns, sores and wounds. Vegetables have an anti-inflammatory effect. Specialists often recommend that their patients include tomato dishes in the diet.

fried tomatoes

Tomato juice helps prevent anemia. The substances that make up the pulp of the fruit have a beneficial effect on the condition of the eyes, prevent the development of pathologies of the visual apparatus and help to avoid cataracts, myopia and hyperopia even in old age. In addition, eating tomatoes is good for brain and liver activity. Dishes from this vegetable help to cope with increased fatigue. Why do you want tomatoes? Craving for tomatoes can be caused by a deficiency of substances that are contained in the pulp of the fruit.

Composition of the product

Tomatoes are a healthy and low-calorie food. The energy value of 100 grams is only 20 kcal. Therefore, such a dish can be safely consumed by those who seek to maintain the harmony of the figure.

chopped tomatoes

How many vitamins are in a tomato? At least five. In addition, tomatoes contain many other beneficial compounds. The composition of vegetables includes:

  1. Potassium.
  2. Vitamins A, C, K, group B.
  3. Copper.
  4. Manganese.
  5. Magnesium.
  6. Phosphorus.

When is the use of a product undesirable?

The composition of these vegetables includes a large amount of organic acids. Dishes prepared from tomatoes cannot often be eaten by patients suffering from cholelithiasis, arthritis, pathologies of the urinary system, inflammation of the pancreas, gout. Tomatoes with gastritis with high acidity are also contraindicated. Hypertensive patients and patients with heart muscle ailments are forbidden to consume these vegetables in salt and pickled form. In addition, we should not forget that tomatoes often provoke individual intolerance. Therefore, people prone to allergies should exclude them from their diet.

According to experts, tomatoes cannot be combined with such types of food as: meat, bread, eggs and fish.

Terms of use

Tomatoes are a product that has many positive properties. So that vegetables bring the body only benefits, it is necessary to follow several important recommendations. Why do you want tomatoes? The craving for this product is due to a lack of substances that are important for well-being and the normal course of the pregnancy process.

tomatoes during pregnancy

Experts say that it is better to give preference to fresh fruits. Of these, it is recommended to cook different dishes. Canned tomatoes can be eaten in small quantities. Tomatoes grown in spring or winter are not recommended to be bought. These fruits are likely to contain chemicals. Also, you should not choose vegetables that have been picked green.

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