Children's cottage cheese Agusha: composition, photo, reviews

The healing properties of dairy products have long been known. They contain calcium, help strengthen bones, promote hair growth. A variety of such products can be seen on the shelves of many stores. Now it is produced not only for adults, but also for children. Curd "Agusha" - one of the most famous, created specifically for kids. We will tell about its useful properties, composition and advantages in our article.

The use of cottage cheese

cottage cheese agusha

Comprehensive development is very important for a small child. The complex of vitamins contained in dairy products is necessary for the proper growth of the baby. The first complementary foods that parents introduce into their diets should be safe and, of course, useful.

Already from six months old it is allowed to give Agusha cottage cheese for testing. Why is a child needed for it? The answer is simple. The values ​​of mother's milk (or a mixture if the baby is breast-fed) are no longer enough by this age. You need to gradually get used to adult food. Therefore, cottage cheese in this regard is the best solution. It is a fermented milk product, therefore it is extremely important for the good functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. You will avoid problems such as constipation or diarrhea in your baby.

Cottage cheese not only strengthens the entire skeletal system, it also helps the child’s skeleton to develop and grow harmoniously.

baby cottage cheese agusha composition

In addition, this product has a good effect on the functioning of the heart. For all these beneficial properties to work, Agusha curd must be consumed regularly. It must be introduced gradually, starting with the minimum amount. By the year you already teach your baby to hold a spoon. Then he will gobble up this yummy on his own and with great pleasure.

Famous brand

baby cottage cheese agusha

Under the brand name "Agusha" hides the real famous producer "Wimm-Bill-Dann." The company was established in 1992. She has at her disposal not only the brand we are describing, but also many others that are well-known: “Village House”, “Merry Milkman”.

Undoubtedly, they all have tremendous success in the sales market. Each product has proven itself on the positive side, because today it is in great demand.

By purchasing cottage cheese "Agusha", reviews of which are pretty good, you can not be afraid for the quality. After all, no wonder they say when there is demand, then there will be supply.


The variety of this product is very large. Yoghurts specially designed for children, curds, milk, and kefir are produced. The most pleasant surprise for young mothers is the presence of a ready-made liquid mixture. You can go for a walk with the baby for a long period and not be afraid that he will be hungry. Just pour the contents of the small package into the bottle.

The probiotics that are part of these products protect the baby’s immune system and help to avoid numerous diseases, especially during exacerbations.

The cottage cheese “Agusha” has a good reputation among mothers. A photo of happy kids confirms this. When a child grows up, he will love drinking yogurts with various fruit additives.


The entire range of products from this manufacturer has a low acidity compared to adult dairy products. The positive side is the availability of cottage cheese on store shelves. In almost every networker you can find the most diverse products of this company.

Agusha curd classic

The main thing - see the expiration date. Expired products on the shelves do not always mean that they want to deceive you. Children's health is usually not joked. But sometimes the seller may have too much work, and he simply does not have time to track all the deadlines on the products. Therefore, you need to carefully approach this issue, showing responsibility.

It is noteworthy that the goods of this manufacturer are disassembled long before the expiration date. This delicious dairy product is to the liking not only of children, but also of adults. After all, it is believed that children's products undergo more stringent sanitary control, and therefore are better.

Curd "Agusha" is made only from natural ingredients. Selected cow's milk and cream go to the production of products for babies. If used regularly, they help to remove nitrates and various toxins from the body.

With a soft consistency, the curd is easily absorbed in the child's body. It does not need to be chewed. It is enough to put it on the tongue, and the child swallows it without much difficulty.

Curd "Agusha": composition

What is enriched with this product and why are children so fond of it? On the label you can read that it will not contain any preservatives. Only normalized (i.e. specially adapted) milk and sourdough.

Now it is worth mentioning the substances that it contains. Well, naturally, cottage cheese is a source of protein. It helps to grow the baby’s fragile muscles. In addition, it contains calcium and phosphorus necessary for bone growth. It also helps healthy hairs grow and the teeth develop properly.

Thanks to cooking technology, all the useful properties of baby curd are preserved. Casein is present in fermented milk products intended for adults. This is a substance that is heavily digested by the child's body. In the product under the brand name "Agusha" this substance is absent due to the special method of filtering the product.

There are no dyes or GMOs in it either. Children's cottage cheese "Agusha", the composition of which is very sparing and useful for the child, is very fond of many parents. As a rule, they share their opinions with other dads and mothers, positively characterizing this product. And the list of consumers choosing this curd important for the baby is being replenished.


It is worth starting the lure with the simplest, without the addition of a product. "Agusha" classic cottage cheese has in its assortment.

cottage cheese agusha reviews

It has 4.5% fat, which is optimal for a child. When the baby is older, treat him to less fatty curds with fruits and berries. For example, a pear in its composition will help the baby easier to go to the toilet. But blueberries are very good for eyesight. The combination of apple and banana will enrich the child’s body with iron.

Sugar is already added to such goodies. Be careful if the baby begins an allergic reaction. Sometimes this is how the body system reacts to an unfamiliar product.

The calorie content of this product is quite high - 100 kcal per hundred grams of cottage cheese. This indicates that your child will be full for a long time.

To give or not?

Every mother is faced with such a question. But sooner or later the time will come to introduce the child to adult food. The manufacturer claims that the cottage cheese "Agusha" can be consumed from six months. This is the optimal age, do not rush.

cottage cheese agusha composition

Start feeding your baby with half a teaspoon, adding gradually and watching the reaction. Watch out if the baby has started vomiting. Perhaps this product does not suit you, or the storage standards in the store were not very well observed.

As mentioned above, do not rush to pamper the baby immediately with fruit curds. Of course, he will like them more than the classic, but he should not risk it. If before that he had not tried anything except mother’s milk or a mixture, then the reaction can be unpredictable. Be sure to warm the product under a stream of warm water to a temperature of 38-40 degrees. This contributes to its better absorption.

Do not reuse the curd when the baby has not eaten the jar. Indeed, in the refrigerator open it can be kept no more than twelve hours. Otherwise, poisoning with toxins is inevitable.


Now you all know about this product. When the time comes, it's up to you to decide whether to use purchased curds or cook your own. As practice shows, many still begin with a storefront, since they balance all the nutrients and vitamins.

cottage cheese agusha photo

Bon appetit for your baby! We hope he will not be disappointed in new food.


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