Nutrition for arthrosis: healthy and harmful foods, mealtimes

Arthrosis is a disease that affects about 15% of the world's population. Chronic disease leads to irreversible deformation of bone tissue. Proper nutrition for arthrosis is one of the ways to alleviate the condition of the patient and a preventive measure to prevent exacerbations.

Arthrosis is an age disease

Age-related changes in cartilaginous tissue lead to a loss of joint elasticity, due to which their normal work is disrupted. Most often, hip arthrosis develops, knee, but the small joints of the hands and shoulder are also susceptible to this disease. A person experiences pain in these places mainly after physical exertion. In a calm state, discomfort ceases. Later, the joints begin to hurt at night, a swelling appears. Arthrosis is an unpleasant companion of old age. Changes in articular cartilage occur by the age of 50, most often in women. By the age of 60, according to statistics, the disease has already reached half the population, regardless of gender. Recently, there has been a tendency to "rejuvenate" arthritis. The age at which a person overtakes arthritis depends on the genetic predisposition, the environmental situation in the place of permanent residence, the severity of physical activity, and excess weight. Arthrosis of the joints of the 1st degree is an age-related disease. Secondary arthrosis can occur as a result of an injury.

nutrition for arthrosis

Why diet

Arthrosis is an almost incurable process, like all stages of human aging. The only way to help is to prevent degenerative processes and slow down the wear of the joint tissue. Properly selected nutrition for joint arthrosis is an effective method for solving this problem. “We are what we eat,” the ancients said. A monotonous menu, lunch and dinner from semi-finished products accelerate the development of arthrosis. Throughout life, our joints accumulate in themselves the remnants of chemicals that destroy the lubricant. The body suffers from an imbalance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and a lack of vitamins.

Excess Weight - Enemy No. 1

Overuse of arthrosis can provoke severe physical exertion, but still the majority of people suffering from this disease are overweight. The more extra pounds, the heavier the legs, as a result - hip arthrosis and damage to the knee joint. An excess of fat leads to leaching of potassium and calcium, bone fragility increases and overall immunity decreases.

nutrition for joint arthrosis

Not every diet in favor

The problem of losing weight excites many at different ages. Diet has developed innumerable, hard and not so strong, which are necessarily accompanied by training in the gym. Here is the most important point: a diet for arthrosis should contribute to weight loss and at the same time fill the body with all the elements necessary for the full functioning of cartilage. It happens that by applying some famous diet, a person has significantly lost weight, and joint problems have only increased. Nutrition for arthrosis should be organized so that weight is reduced, and bones and joints are strengthened. Mono- diets are harmful, diets are lean, low-carb, and vegetarian.

The same warning applies to exercise. Not every fitness and sport is shown with age, especially women should be careful after 50.

How to eat with arthrosis?

Special nutrition is needed, but let it be “soft” diets without severe restrictions. Use fractional nutrition: in small portions every two hours. It is necessary to increase the amount of proteins of plant and dairy origin and, by reducing meat, provide the body with a large amount of vitamins. Vegetables and fruits should be consumed more raw. A diet for arthrosis should strengthen the joints and prevent the process of their destruction. The goal of therapeutic nutrition is to reduce weight, thereby reducing the load on the joints, reduce the risk of developing inflammatory processes, slow down the natural aging of connective tissues, and normalize metabolic processes.

A large amount of liquid is necessary, but not sweet: pure water, freshly squeezed juices, fruit drinks, herbal teas.

diet for arthrosis

Menu Basis

Nutrition for arthrosis must necessarily be based on the following products:

  • Dishes, including gelatin: jelly, jelly.
  • Proteins of dairy origin.
  • Carbohydrates from fruits, berries.
  • Vegetable fats, butter.
  • With a lack of vitamins, especially group B, you can add them in the form of vitamin complexes.
  • Dishes from vegetables, lean meat should be used stewed and boiled, or steamed.

how to eat with arthrosis

Include in diet

  • Sour-milk products: cottage cheese (low-fat), cheese, kefir, natural yoghurts.
  • Low-fat varieties of meat and poultry.
  • The eggs.
  • Legumes.
  • Any nuts and dried fruits.
  • Fish.
  • Vegetables, fruits, juices in unlimited quantities.

lunch and dinner

Useful especially

  • Flaxseed oil - Omega-3 vitamins.
  • Rabbit meat.
  • Fatty fish species - phosphorus, iron, selenium.
  • Oranges, bell peppers - antioxidants that prevent aging of joints.
  • Pineapple and pomegranate - reduce inflammation.

diet for arthrosis: menu

Deny or limit as much as possible

  • Whole milk.
  • Fat meat.
  • Fast food, convenience foods, refined foods.
  • Sausages, smoked meats.
  • Shop mayonnaise, margarine.
  • Energy, sweet soda.
  • Alcohol (the exception may be natural grape wines in small quantities).

Reduce consumption of salt, sweets, marinades, semolina, fresh bread, rich broths, coffee.

Diet for arthrosis: menu

The proposed menu is not mandatory. These are approximate options for a therapeutic diet that will help to fill your breakfasts, lunches and dinners with delicious and most useful dishes.


1. Cottage cheese, cheese, berries, herbal tea with honey.

2. Buckwheat porridge with milk, pear or apple.

3. Protein omelet, fruit or berry jelly, compote or fruit drink.


Some of the fruits: orange, apples, pineapple, pears or a glass of pomegranate juice.


The first dish of your choice: ear, bean soup, vegetarian borscht.

Second course:

1. Boiled chicken with brown rice and vegetable salad.

2. Steamed sardine with stewed vegetables.

3. Baked turkey with porridge (millet, buckwheat, oatmeal).

Snack: fish or chicken jelly, fruits.


1. Seafood, egg and fresh cucumber salad, seasoned with sour cream.

2. Sea fish baked in foil with cabbage salad.

3. Fish with vegetables and lentils, orange.

A supplement to the menu can be a complex of vitamins.

It is worth focusing on the fact that both treatment and diet should be strictly individual and applied after consulting a doctor. Arthrosis may not be the only disease in humans. Some products may be contraindicated in other diseases, someone may cause allergic reactions.

arthrosis of the joints of 1 degree

Interesting recipe

Special and dietary nutrition for arthrosis does not have to be fresh and tasteless. Of those components and products that are useful for bones and joints, you can cook a lot of not only healthy, but also extremely tasty dishes. One of these recipes is for your attention. We will cook fish jelly with tomato juice.

Essential Ingredients:

  • Fillet of any fish, for example, pikeperch - 400 g.
  • Tomato juice - 250 ml.
  • Gelatin - its amount is best calculated according to the instructions on its packaging, since gelatin of different production requires a different amount of liquid.
  • The onion is one medium.
  • Lemon juice - 1 tbsp. l
  • Peas, bay leaves, salt, spices - to taste.

Cooking procedure:

  1. Prepare gelatin.
  2. In half a liter of water put onion, chopped into rings, spices and lemon juice, bring to a boil.
  3. Add fish and cook it for 10 minutes.
  4. Remove the fillet from the broth, cool and cut into small pieces.
  5. Strain the fish broth, add tomato juice, seasonings and warm, without bringing to a boil.
  6. Warm and stir until gelatin is completely dissolved and add it to the broth.
  7. Spilling for solidification is done like this: pour a little cooled broth on a jelly dish, let it freeze in the cold. Lay out pieces of fish on top of the hardened layer; for decoration, you can cut pieces of boiled carrot or egg circles, greens. Gently pour the remaining broth.

A beautiful, tasty and healthy joint dish is ready.

Arthrosis Prevention

To worry about the health of your joints should be long before they begin to bother themselves. Disturbances in the work of articular cartilage lead to problems with movement, it becomes difficult to perform simple movements. It is very, very unpleasant to lose mobility and depend on others, not to mention pain.

  • Recommended nutrition for joint arthrosis should be the basis of the diet long before the onset of the disease, especially if the lifestyle is associated with great physical exertion.
  • Now about the loads. Already with the development of the disease, doctors advise more reasonable mobility. An active lifestyle will help prolong the healthy functioning of any limbs without excessive weight lifting. The payload is motor: walking, running, swimming, moderate physical labor.
  • The enemy of the joints is cold. Hypothermia can lead to inflammation and exacerbation of the disease.
  • Another factor causing the development of arthrosis even in young people is injury.

The generalization of recommendations is as follows: the prevention of arthrosis is reduced to a healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition, moderate stress, a moving lifestyle will continue the time when life is beautiful and in joy.


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