Curd at night - tasty and healthy

cottage cheese for the night

Many products that lovers of a healthy lifestyle include in their diet have been known to people for a very long time. So cottage cheese, which at night is used, perhaps, only by athletes, is very popular in many diets. This inexpensive dairy product is a very inexpensive source of protein and essential amino acids. It is assimilated many times better in comparison, for example, with meat. The only thing is that it should not be consumed by people who are not able to consume milk protein and milk- derived products.

Curd is produced quite simply: by fermenting plain milk. Only then should the serum be removed from the resulting mass. This technology can be applied even at home, getting homemade cottage cheese for the night. The resulting product is usually classified according to how much fat it contains. 0% is, respectively, fat-free cottage cheese, less than 3% is non-greasy, up to 9% is bold and over 18% is fat. Fat-free, low-fat and bold types of cottage cheese are considered a dietary product.

low fat cottage cheese for the night

Low-fat cottage cheese for the night is one of those options that you can resort to, since I really want to eat late at night. But in general, the protein of any cottage cheese contains a lot of essential amino acids, without which a person can not do. Curd is absorbed without a trace, but it takes quite a lot of time - about six hours. The reason for this is the presence of casein in the curd. That is why athletes, in particular, bodybuilders, it is better to eat cottage cheese at night, bodybuilding is only welcome. It can also be consumed one and a half to two hours before training. The daily soldering of cottage cheese for an athlete is not more than 0.5 kg. The exact amount depends on how well the body tolerates this product.

Of course, any kind of cottage cheese is useful. But what is the best? Yes, it’s better to eat less fat at night. Well, what about all the other varieties? Here the answer lies in the purpose of consuming cottage cheese: what exactly does a person want to achieve, including this snow-white delicacy in his diet. The fatter the curd, the tastier it will be. However, the more fat, the more calories you get. Some difficulty arises here: the fatter curd is absorbed by the body much faster and easier, but it is harmful to the figure. You need to navigate exclusively on your own body: if there is no excess weight or, on the contrary, it is not enough, you can go to the store and choose a bold product without fear, and sometimes even bold. That's just such cottage cheese for the night is not worth it - it will be too hard.

cottage cheese at night bodybuilding

But if suddenly the body mass is too big, and this is by no means muscle mass, then the only option is fat-free cottage cheese, which can be eaten at any time of the day. Well, of course, except for the deep night, this is too much. Fat-free cottage cheese is pure protein and calcium, and is extremely healthy. If the weight is not normal, then you should eat low-fat cottage cheese, which you can eat before bedtime. It turns out a solid benefit. Well, if you just got tired of the cottage cheese so that you don’t want to look at it at all, you can diversify the dish: eat it with milk, add dried fruits (but not candied fruits!), Berries, nuts, even greens and cereals. The only thing is to make sure that there are no chronic diseases of the liver or gall bladder. Excess cottage cheese can cause severe pain. Well, for a healthy person there are no restrictions, only a reasonable approach.


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