Broccoli, calories and benefits

Oddly enough, broccoli did not succeed in gaining due popularity among many people, despite the unique composition of trace elements and vitamins inherent in this product. It helps in the fight against gastric ulcer and cancer, it contains many healthy substances, and besides, broccoli, whose calorific value is negligible, is a recommended product for those who want to lose extra pounds.

The story about this cabbage should start with the fact that it is a real storehouse of vitamins PP, K, C, beta-carotene, and ascorbic acid contains almost 3 times more than in citrus fruits. By the presence of provitamin A, which has a beneficial effect on vision and skin condition, broccoli is several times superior to many cultures, even overtaking pumpkin and carrots. When using broccoli, calories can not be taken into account at all - a minimum of calories enters the body, about 30 per 100 grams. So we answered the question, how many calories are in broccoli.

A food product such as broccoli cabbage, whose calorie content is quite low, is an excellent element that should be included in the diet of a losing weight person. This cabbage can be easily found on the shelves of any hypermarket in the fresh vegetables department, and frozen broccoli in the corresponding section. It is recommended to store fresh broccoli in the refrigerator, but not longer than seven days. Losing weight with broccoli is a real pleasure, because from this product you can cook a huge number of delicious dishes, from salads to soups. Believe me, in every dish where this type of cabbage is present, there will be a lot of vitamins, since broccoli retains all its useful properties during any processing, except frying.

How to cook broccoli?

The broccoli taste is quite close to cauliflower, which is more in demand, but the taste is much more piquant first, it can be a great substitute for color in any recipes: it is fried, boiled, stewed, serving to the table with butter, sour cream - for an amateur. Mayonnaise and fatty sauces are better to exclude, of course, if you monitor the state of your figure. Broccoli, the calorie content of which is only 30 calories per 100 grams, will give more benefits if you eat it without unnecessary dressing.

If you decide to lose weight with broccoli, calories will definitely not bother you if you cook the product correctly. Steaming is the most convenient way, because after 30 minutes you will get a steaming and fragrant product from the double boiler, which can be eaten in large quantities. Also, cabbage can be stewed in a saucepan, but without the use of oil. For other flavoring sensations, you can season the food with natural seasonings. Broccoli can also be boiled in unsalted water, and nutritionists unanimously shout about the amazing benefits of mashed soup from this product with the addition of the same boiled chicken breast. This is one of the most nutritious meals on the low-calorie list, as one serving contains only 300 calories, and energy will be provided for as long as 5 hours.

Interestingly, broccoli, a seemingly completely unremarkable product, is shrouded in a cloud of myths under discussion, one of which suggests that it is a product with a negative calorie content. This implies that for its digestion, the body spends more calories than is found in broccoli. But, as we already found out a little higher, this product is simply low-calorie. The second myth is that broccoli significantly speeds up the metabolic process, so cabbage is simply indispensable for weight loss. You can believe this myth, because the chemical composition of this product is rich in chlorophyll and B vitamins.


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