Calorie pickle

Rassolnik soup has been cooked in Russia since ancient times. In literary sources you can find descriptions of a dish very similar to what we now call pickle, but under the name kalya, the main ingredients of which are also pickles, potatoes, cereals and cucumber pickles .

How many calories are in pickle?

To date, you can find many recipes for the preparation of this soup, and depending on what foods will be part of the dish, the calorie content of pickle will be different. On average, homemade pickle soup is not very high in calories - from 46 to 230 kcal per serving (250 g).

The basis for this soup is the broth, which can be meat (on beef brisket, pork, with the addition of offal, usually kidneys), chicken, fish (such a pickle will be most similar to the previously mentioned Kalia) or be purely vegetable.

As for cereals, for the classic pickle they choose mainly pearl barley or rice cereal, less often add millet or buckwheat.

Also required components are potatoes, onions, carrots, you can add parsley root, celery, other spices, depending on the recipe and personal preferences.

The calorie content of classic pickle on meat broth with the addition of beef or pork kidneys can be about 213 calories per serving and it is shown to people of low nutrition, with a lack of animal fats and proteins in their diet. In addition, it has a lot of carbohydrates. Those who follow the figure and carefully calculate all the calories consumed per day should choose lean meats or prepare vegetable options for cooking, then the calorie content of pickle will not exceed 46-103 kcal.

It is also worth remembering that dried ingredients (if you choose them for cooking), unlike fresh ones, will make the calorie content of pickle much higher (especially for dried potatoes, carrots, onions and mushrooms).

Below are 2 simple recipes for pickle, mushroom and fish, which, in my opinion, it is quite possible to diversify your home menu, along with the classic meat version of this dish.

Mushroom soup pickle

For this soup, you will need to soak dried mushrooms in cold water for several hours in advance, then boil them in the same water until fully cooked, remove from the broth and cut into strips.

Put potatoes chopped in whetstones into the broth (4 tubers), cook until tender, and at the end of cooking add 2-3 pickles, cut into small slices.

Season the soup with onions and parsley root previously pre-massaged in vegetable oil.

Add cucumber pickle to taste, add mushrooms and boil under the lid for another 5 minutes over low heat. If there is not enough salt, then add salt.

Serve with sour cream and fresh herbs. (Note that this pickle recipe is prepared without adding cereals.)

Pickle with fish

This pickle is also called fish hodgepodge. This type of pickle must be cooked with cereals, best of pearl barley, which is well washed and steamed during the cooking of fish broth.

For its preparation, they take zander, perches or other fresh fish, clean them of scales, gut them, cut them into portioned pieces, separating the heads, tails, fins, ridges (it is from them that the broth is cooked separately for an hour). The finished broth is well filtered, add pieces of fish and cook for another 10-15 minutes, salt, and then remove the fish. For piquancy when cooking, you can add a glass of white dry wine.

Next, all the ingredients are cooked in fish broth, with the addition of potatoes, sauteed onions, carrots and root celery.

Serving such a soup is good with fresh herbs and sour cream.

Eat tasty and be healthy!


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