Is it possible to breastfeed eggs?

Most of the fair sex, who recently became mothers, adhere to natural feeding. It is no secret to anyone that in breast milk contains all the nutrients and trace elements that are so necessary for the baby in the first year of life. Also, much depends on the diet of the woman herself. That is why mothers try to eat healthy foods and dishes. This article will discuss whether eggs can be breastfed. You can find out the opinions of experts on this subject. We also consider how mothers inject eggs into the diet during breastfeeding.

eggs for breastfeeding

Varieties of the product: what are the eggs?

Before you say whether eggs can be breastfed, it is worth recalling that several types of such a product are used in food. The most popular are chicken proteins and yolks. Also recently, quail eggs can often be found on sale . In addition, it is permissible to eat eggs of ducks and geese. However, these products are less common.

Eggs for breastfeeding: harm or benefit?

There is still no consensus on this. Some experts say that you should not limit yourself in nutrition. You need to eat all the products from the very first day after birth. Other doctors are sure that it is unacceptable to use eggs during breastfeeding. All due to the fact that the product can cause a severe allergic reaction in a child and lead to poor health of the newly mummy. There is also a group of people who say that this dish can be eaten. However, this must be done very carefully, taking into account all the features of the newborn baby. Let us consider in detail the different opinions about whether it is possible to eat eggs during breastfeeding.

Is it possible to breastfeed eggs

What do nutritionists say about this?

You can eat boiled eggs when breastfeeding. This is the opinion held by specialists who monitor the weight of patients and their diet.

Most mothers want to lose weight after the baby is born. This is completely natural. Eggs have a fairly small energy value. However, the protein from this product is absorbed by the human body by almost 97 percent. Eating one chicken egg for dinner with vegetables will allow you to quickly return to your "pre-pregnant" parameters. Most women lost weight in this way.

Doctors also say that the chicken egg contains vitamins of groups D and E. They have a beneficial effect on the body of a nursing woman. Vitamin E allows you to restore the skin after childbirth and increase its elasticity. Also, this element improves the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, which is important during natural feeding. Vitamin D allows calcium-containing foods to be fully absorbed. After all, it is no secret to anyone that during natural feeding, the nails, hair and bones of a woman suffer greatly.

boiled eggs while breastfeeding

Opinions of pediatricians and other pediatric doctors

Can I boil eggs while breastfeeding? What do experts who monitor children's health think about this?

Pediatricians note that it is possible to use this product during natural feeding. However, before this, you should make sure that the baby is not allergic. Many newborn babies are prone to negative reactions to certain foods. In the first months after the birth of the baby, the intestinal microflora has not yet been established. Any “wrong” product eaten by a mother can affect his health.

Pediatricians say that it is not prohibited to eat eggs when breastfeeding. However, you need to enter this dish gradually, starting with half the yolk.

What do breastfeeding experts think?

Can I eat chicken and quail eggs while breastfeeding? Experts in this field say that the product will not only not be harmful, but also useful for mom in this period. However, this rule only applies if the baby does not show a negative reaction to the introduction of a dish into the diet.

Eggs contain folic acid, which is involved in hematopoiesis. This element allows a woman to recover faster after childbirth. The product also includes zinc and selenium. These components enrich breast milk and make it more beneficial for the baby. Calcium and magnesium, which are present in eggs, help strengthen bones and improve the functioning of the nervous system. This is what helps the newly minted mother to cope with postpartum depression.

Is it possible to boil eggs while breastfeeding

What kind of eggs should never be used while breastfeeding?

Despite all the benefits of this product, there are a number of exceptions in which it is unacceptable to eat eggs. Consider them:

  • Do not eat a raw product. Of course, most poultry farmers vaccinate poultry. This allows you to protect the eggs from the development of bacteria in them. However, do not risk it. If you eat a raw egg, you may develop intestinal infection or salmonellosis. Moreover, such a protein is practically not absorbed by the human body.
  • Fried eggs during breastfeeding are also not very useful. It is worth noting that products processed by this method should not be consumed at all during this period. When frying an egg, most of the beneficial substances evaporate from it.
  • It is worth refraining from introducing goose and duck eggs into the diet. They may contain a large number of microorganisms, which at the moment the newly minted mother is completely useless.

quail eggs for breastfeeding

How to properly and safely use eggs while breastfeeding?

Before introducing the product, it is worth consulting a pediatrician. If the doctor permits, then you need to start with the yolk of the quail egg. Use it in the morning and watch the reaction of the crumbs. After a day, you can try to eat the whole egg, and only after that you can introduce the chicken product into your diet.

Start also with half the yolk. Watch the baby’s reaction throughout the day. If the crumbs have anxiety, abdominal pain and any rashes on the body, then you should cancel this ingredient and try to introduce it after a few months in a similar way. If all is well, then continue your policy. After that (within a few days) increase the portion. At the same time, watch how the child reacts. This item should be the most important for you.

fried eggs while breastfeeding

Summarizing and concluding article

You now know many interesting facts about the benefits and harms of different eggs during breastfeeding. It must be remembered that in the event of an allergic reaction in a baby to a particular product, it is necessary to exclude it completely. It is also not recommended to give this ingredient in the future with the introduction of complementary foods in a child’s diet. Pediatricians are advised to wait until the age of three years before re-giving the product.

If you have additional questions, you should contact a specialist. Eat properly and varied. If you are breast-feeding, this does not mean that you have to give up any tasty food. Your diet should be good for you and your baby. Be healthy!


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