Quail eggs for children

Quail eggs are widely known for their beneficial properties: from ancient times they were used in Chinese medicine, served on the table to Egyptian pharaohs and English kings. After the atomic attack of the cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japanese doctors found an effective way to remove radionuclides from humans using quail eggs. They also found out that the benefits of quail eggs for children are their positive effect on the mental development of the child, and even introduced into the code of laws the mandatory use of quail eggs in children and adults. The experience of Japanese doctors was used by Russian doctors after the tragic events in the city of Chernobyl.

Beneficial features

High body temperature (42 degrees Celsius) does not allow quail to get infected with salmonella infection, due to which quail eggs can be eaten raw, getting the maximum benefit from this product. Quail eggs for children are used for allergic reactions, low immunity. Children really like these small eggs with multi-colored eggshells, which are five times more useful than chicken ones. They contain potassium, iron, a vitamin complex - A, B1, B2, phosphorus, copper, nicotinic acid and many other healing trace elements for the growing body. Doctors advise starting to take quail eggs for children up to a year who are on artificial feeding. Studies have proved that the eggshell is similar in composition to the teeth and bones of a person, contains 27 elements and is easily absorbed by the body, improving the general condition.

Quail eggs for children

These eggs replace many nutritional supplements and mineral-vitamin complexes; they are a concentrate of all biologically necessary substances for humans. Eggs normalize the work of the cardiac and vascular systems, facilitate the work of the stomach and intestines, and strengthen the immune system, which is especially important for the growing body of the child. Quail eggs for children are a preventative measure against respiratory diseases that so often occur in children attending day care centers. They make up for the lack of essential vitamins and minerals, and with their regular consumption they accumulate useful substances in the body, improving the physical condition as a whole. The positive effect of the consumption of quail eggs occurs with nervous disorders in children, diabetes mellitus, bronchial asthma and even anemia. With such diseases and just for prevention, children should be given quail eggs in raw form daily in the morning on an empty stomach in the following proportions: children from one year to 3 years old - 1-2 pieces, 3-10 years old - 3 pieces, 10-18 years old - 4 pieces . Such a number of eggs has a very beneficial effect on the body of a child and adolescent, eliminates a lack of calcium, increases working capacity and school performance, increases immunity to viral and bacterial diseases. If a child cannot drink a raw egg, it can be added to soup, mashed potatoes, juice. Treatment and prevention should be carried out for up to 3-4 months. Children under one year of age, especially for allergy sufferers, can be given a yolk of a quail egg (starting from the age of seven months) at a dosage of half a yolk in two days to 1 yolk every two days when feeding is added. For the overall strengthening of the growing organism, eggs can also be cooked - fried, boiled.

Quail eggs for children are a source of vitamins and minerals that promote growth, strengthen the nervous system, improve mental abilities, get rid of allergic reactions, diathesis, and, of course, strengthen and establish the immune system. Take care of the health of your children!

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