Beef: benefits and harms to the body, properties, calories

The traditional list of products must include beef. It is valued for its benefits and nutrition, therefore it should be used by everyone for excellent health. The benefits and harms of beef for the body are described in the article.


Considering the topic of the benefits and harms of beef for the body, you should familiarize yourself with the features of the product. This is red meat with a slightly sweet taste. It is not very fatty, like pork, and the most nutritious compared to poultry. From this meat cooking is possible:

  • salads;
  • soups;
  • cutlets;
  • steaks;
  • stew;
  • toppings for baking.
beef benefits and harms the body

The product in rare cases causes allergies, so it is used for baby food. Beef is the main source of animal protein. Its regular use affects human activity and energy. The cooking method affects calories.

The nutritional value

You should know not only about the benefits and harms of beef for the body, but also about nutritional value. The product is valued for its high protein content. In 100 g of products, it is present in an amount of 20 g. By the presence of this component, beef is a leader in comparison with other types of red meat. For example, in 100 g of pork 17-19 g. Protein, and in mutton - 16 g.

the benefits and harms of beef for the human body

There is also fat in meat - 19 g (per 100 g). Saturated fats are also present - 7.7, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated - 0.7 each. There are no carbohydrates in the product. There are 288 calories in 100 grams of tenderloin. It is important to consider that calorie content is determined by the conditions of growing the animal.

Beef is also rich in vitamins - E, B, PP, N. Of the minerals in the product there is iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, magnesium. Amino acids are also present - valine, lysine, arginine, isoleucine. More details about the benefits and harms of beef for the body are described below.


What are the benefits and harms of beef for the human body? First you should familiarize yourself with the value of the product. Benefits are provided only with moderate consumption. Eating meat provides satiety. Meat dishes are needed for quick recovery and strength after illness. Boiled beef is recommended for increased physical and mental stress, lactating women.

Beef-based foods improve the digestive tract. The product restores metabolism, maintains a stable acidity of the stomach. Beef removes bad cholesterol from the body. It has the property of strengthening the walls of blood vessels. Hemoglobin levels are restored if you eat red meat. The risk of anemia is reduced.

Another product is needed for:

  • memory enhancements;
  • strengthening muscles and bone tissue;
  • restoration of blood formation;
  • increase blood coagulation;
  • accelerate wound healing;
  • maintaining the nervous system;
  • weight loss;
  • reduce the likelihood of a heart attack.
beef health benefits

Beef is a valuable meat for athletes. Since it has a lot of protein, it restores muscle fibers after training, strengthens the inter-articular ligaments. It is advisable to eat diet foods for people after surgery, with chronic ailments, and also to maintain the immune system.

During pregnancy

Beef is a valuable meat for pregnant and lactating women. And also the safest. Therefore, when carrying a child, this meat is preferable. And while breastfeeding, the introduction of any product should be treated with caution.

From 2 weeks after birth it is allowed to introduce the product into the diet. This should be done carefully. You need to start with the broth. After the normal reaction of the child, you can eat meat. Beef should be thoroughly cooked, and blood should not be allowed. It is better to cook dishes without spices and a large amount of oil.

For children

In the children's menu, meat should be required. Better in a boiled form, without a lot of spices. The benefits of meat for a child are as follows:

  1. Proteins are absorbed quickly, are considered a building material for tissues.
  2. Vitamin A is needed to improve vision.
  3. The product has a positive effect on the central nervous system.
  4. Improves muscle growth.
  5. Phosphorus and calcium do not allow the appearance of rickets.
  6. Slag removal.
  7. Strengthening the immune system.

For men

Meat is good for men. Women often eat fish, chicken, vegetables and cereals. But men want meat dishes. But fatty varieties are not considered the most healthy. Pork needs to be eaten less often. And beef should be in the diet more often. The reason is that there is less harmful fat in it, and more protein. It is distinguished by nutrition, the ability to deliver all the necessary components to the body.

beef meat benefits and harms the body

Iron saturates cells with oxygen, amino acids and zinc are needed to increase testosterone. All other substances are also useful, as they increase male strength. It is best to cook fresh meat.

For women

The benefit of the product for women is that this meat has a positive effect on beauty, allows you to maintain excellent condition of hair, nails, skin. Although beef has a low calorie content, it saturates the body with all the necessary substances. The product keeps normal acidity, includes many valuable vitamins E and A. Iron is effective for anemia after childbirth, diets, and diseases.

beef meat benefits and harms


The benefits and harms of beef for the body are the same for everyone. What are the harmful properties of the product? The negative effect is not beef itself, but its excessive consumption. A large amount of beef provides the opposite effect:

  • depressing effect on the heart and blood vessels;
  • the appearance of digestive problems;
  • clogged intestines.

With uncontrolled consumption, blood cholesterol rises. Excess product negatively affects the liver and kidneys. The risk of cancer is increased. For women, the norm per day is 150 g, and for men - 170 g. On average, no more than 0.5 kg should be eaten per week.

Keep in mind that beef can be harmful if stored improperly. Fresh product should be kept in the refrigerator at a temperature of no more than +4 degrees. It is advisable to leave it in an enamel or glass bowl. Also use plates or bowls wrapped with cling film. But in this case, the shelf life is not more than 16 days.

Freezing significantly extends the shelf life, but eliminates some of the valuable components. Different cooking methods affect calories and nutrients. The benefits and harms of beef meat depend on them. For example, with sensitive digestion, oily and spicy foods will be harmful.

Care should be taken with the product supplier. Some farmers sell unchecked clipping, which may include parasite cysts. In order to prevent infection, the product must be purchased in a proven place. It must be subjected to proper heat treatment.

The health benefits and benefits of beef depend on growing conditions. Therefore, a meat dish can be harmful if the animal was raised in negative conditions. Product quality depends on stress, foreboding of death. Adrenaline, the use of hormones for strong growth, unnatural food - all this affects the meat. Some producers improve the quality of beef and increase its production, and as a result, a product unsafe for human health is produced.

For diseases

You also need to know about the benefits and harms of boiled beef for various ailments. With pancreatitis, dietary meat is allowed. And fatty foods are best avoided. It is advisable not to eat beef fat due to the high presence of fatty acids that overload the inflamed pancreas.

beef broth benefits and harms

The benefits and harms of boiled beef depend on which meat is chosen. It is advisable to buy fillets of young animals, and cook them for a couple. Diabetics benefit from dietary beef, especially broth. Stewed fillet stewed with vegetables is positively absorbed.

The choice

You need to choose a quality clipping. To do this, take into account the following symptoms:

  • it has a juicy red color;
  • there is a pleasant aroma of fresh meat;
  • the fat will be soft, creamy;
  • the meat itself has a marble fibrous structure;
  • with pressure, the fillet will be elastic, quickly restores shape;
  • the cut should be shiny.

If the fillet has a dark red color, and the fat is cloudy and has films, then this is a product from an old animal. The best grade is fillet, dorsal and thoracic parts. The first grade is the scapular and shoulder portion, the second is the incision, the front and rear drumsticks. More useful are the brain, tongue, liver.


The benefits and harms of beef broth depend on the quality of the meat. The cooked product is nutritious. It has all the valuable properties of beef.

But in the broth there are not only valuable components, but also negative ones. This applies to meat on the bone. Then the broth will include salts and metals, which negatively affect the body and slow down digestion.


To get juicy meat, several recommendations should be considered:

  1. It is better to purchase the meat of a young cow.
  2. Cutting is performed along the fibers.
  3. Before frying, the product is dried with a towel.
  4. Salt when frying.
  5. Hard meat needs to be processed with vinegar before cooking.
  6. It is better to start frying over high heat, and then reduce.
  7. Roasting is performed in foil so that the dish is juicy.
boiled beef benefits and harms

Thus, beef is a juicy meat that is good for all people. The main thing is to comply with the norm when using it, as well as choose useful cooking methods.


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