What is good for the liver?

Every person in life comes a moment when he thinks about his health. And it’s good if this happens as early as possible. The older we get, the more diseases turn into a chronic form, and the amount of toxins in the body begins to go through the roof. All this affects the comfort of our lives.

Therefore, with an imbalance in the body, you should pay attention to such an organ as the liver. It is she who is the filter through which all food, drinks, and medications that we consume pass. To improve your health, you need to know what is good for the liver.

In the first place is clean water. The one that runs from the faucet can be called water with a stretch, and never clean. Therefore, get a quality water filter and get a drink that is good for the liver.

What is good for the liver from drinks? Good tea, berry fruit juice , natural juice, kefir and dairy drinks with a low fat content, as well as mineral water. Opt for Essentuki, Narzan and Slavyanovskaya. Excellent mineral water is bottled in the Caucasus.

An excellent drink is the herbal collection, which is desirable to drink once every six months for a month. It includes rose hips, licorice root, marigold flowers, celandine, rhubarb root, peppermint and immortelle flowers taken in equal parts. Four tablespoons of the resulting mixture must be steamed in a liter of boiling water and insisted for at least 6 hours. Take a glass in small sips half an hour before eating. Such tea will help the liver to cleanse and earn at full capacity, which immediately positively affects the state of health.

Healthy food for the liver does not mean tasteless. When choosing meat, it is worth stopping on veal, chicken or turkey meat. They are the most dietary and contain the minimum amount of fat. Limit lamb and fatty pork. It is advisable to eat goose or duck meat very rarely, and even then on holidays. What is good for liver from fish? All low-fat varieties, which include hake, silver carp, cod, carp, zander and trout.

Your liver will be grateful to you for a large number of vegetables, herbs and fruits without nitrates and other chemicals. Therefore, if you do not have a personal plot yet, then maybe it is time to start it? Only in this way will you be sure that there is no large amount of fertilizer when growing. Focus on the use of cabbage and carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes, beets and pumpkins, zucchini, dill and parsley. This is exactly what is good for the liver.

Of fruits, prefer sweet varieties in the summer and dried fruits in the winter. Dates, dried apricots, prunes, raisins, figs and bananas will become a real treat for the liver. Of all the sweets, it is worth choosing honey of any kind.

Try to cook various vegetable soups, stews and, of course, do not forget about salads and vinaigrettes. And as a dressing, use any vegetable oil. Do you like sandwiches with butter? Perfectly. But if you take care of your liver, then gradually replace the butter with margarine, which does not contain harmful cholesterol, and she will thank you, and the sandwich will be no less tasty.

Eat more cheese, cottage cheese and any dairy products. Just choose varieties and types where the fat content is minimal. Boiled eggs are also useful, but only 2-3 times a week.

It is necessary to minimize the consumption of pickles and pickles, as well as savory foods in the form of horseradish, vinegar and mustard. Coffee lovers should drink it with the addition of cream or milk. Alcohol is completely contraindicated. The fusel oils that are in them are a real poison for the liver, destroying it as much as various medicines. When thinking about what to drink, remember that you have one liver. And you can only help yourself to restore health.

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