Dr. Laskin's Buckwheat Diet: Nutrition Diagram, Highlights

Today, there are only two ways to treat cancer - medication and chemotherapy. Recently, however, another option for combating this pathology has been gaining universal popularity - nutritional. Among the nutritional systems common today, the so-called anti-cancer buckwheat diet of Dr. Laskin deserves special attention. This is a famous oncologist who for many years helped his patients repel the attacks of such an insidious disease. There was little benefit from the use of chemotherapeutic drugs. Soon, the doctor set himself a new goal - not to fight the disease, but to completely heal his patients from it. After years of studying special literature, Dr. Laskin developed a unique diet.

The secret of efficiency

Creating his own methodology of nutrition, the specialist took as a basis the work of George Ozawa, who for several years treated cancer patients with a special cereal diet using rice. In those days, brown rice was in short supply in our country, so Laskin decided to replace it with buckwheat. As an experiment, he suggested that his patients go for a while to a specially designed diet. After just a few weeks, patients who decided on such a courageous step came a steady improvement. The secret to the effectiveness of such a diet is very simple: Dr. Laskin’s buckwheat diet delivers a shock dose of quercetin to the body (300 g of cereal contains approximately 24 g of this substance). Quercetin has an antitumor effect. It is assumed that it stops the growth of pathological cells and provokes their death, not allowing actively multiply. In this system, rosehip is also used, which also contains this antioxidant. Thanks to the help of the diet, the patient’s body is gradually freed from free radicals, continuous regenerative processes are launched in it, the immune system improves.

Dr. Laskin's buckwheat diet

general information

Dr. Laskin’s buckwheat diet is divided into two conditional stages. The first implies significant restrictions in the diet, due to which there is a cleansing of the body and other processes associated with recovery. The second stage is necessary to consolidate a positive result.

Dr. Laskin’s diet sharply limits the intake of salt and sugar, red meat, smoked meats, alcohol, bread, and dairy products. It’s much easier to list allowed products than talking about prohibited products.

The basis of the diet should be buckwheat. The menu may be supplemented by other products of plant origin (fruits / vegetables, berries, nuts). In addition, a separate food option is provided. This means that proteins and carbohydrates cannot be mixed in one meal.

Dr. Laskin's diet

Stage number 1

The duration of this phase of the diet, as a rule, does not exceed 3-4 weeks, but if desired, this period can be extended. It is important to take into account the general condition of the patient, because such a restriction in nutrition and exclusively lean food can negatively affect his well-being.

It is recommended to start the morning with a nutrient mixture (ground rosehips + a tablespoon of vitamin flour + a teaspoon of flower honey). Such pulp should be eaten daily before the first meal and dinner. For breakfast, you can cook porridge with buckwheat (about 0.5 cups of cereal must be poured with water, be sure to bring to a boil, and then simmer for another 15 minutes). It is recommended to season it with the most ordinary olive oil. After about an hour, a second meal. It includes a handful of raisins and a cup of green tea. Dr. Laskin’s buckwheat diet suggests drinking freshly made vegetable juices all day long. Preference should be given to red and green vegetables, as they contain a large amount of magnesium, which has a positive effect on cancer cells.

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Stage number 2

At the next stage, Dr. Laskin proposes to diversify the diet with chicken meat and lean fish fillet. This means that now for lunch and dinner you can cook steam patties, grilled fish , etc. To cleanse the body, it is advisable to take bran. Dried fruits and nuts are allowed. Some adhere to this option of nutrition throughout life as a prevention of oncology.

Dr. Laskin's buckwheat anti-cancer diet : menu

Every day, approximately 30 minutes before the first meal, it is recommended to eat porridge from the wild rose (the recipe is presented in this article). The first breakfast should always consist of buckwheat porridge, 100 g of raisins or any dried fruits, green tea. Instead of a second breakfast, you can eat a glass of any fresh berries (blueberries, grapes). 30 minutes before dinner - again porridge from rose hips. After this time, you can cook a vegetable salad with the addition of olive oil, bean soup, steamed fish. Dinner should consist of 100 g of any dried fruit, nuts and green tea. With an intolerable feeling of hunger for the last meal, you can again prepare a vegetable salad.

Dr. Laskin's buckwheat anti-cancer diet menu

Five basic principles of diet

  1. Do not eat canned foods.
  2. Boiled / fried vegetables should be avoided.
  3. Drink more water, green tea.
  4. Vegetables and fruits are best eaten raw, as they retain more vitamins.
  5. Dr. Laskin’s buckwheat diet recommends careful calculation of daily fiber intake.
    lascina buckwheat diet anti-cancer diet

Contraindications and side effects

Currently, side effects in people who adhere to such a diet are not found. In any case, before resorting to her help, it is recommended to consult with your doctor. It is possible that a specialist at some stage of therapy will decide on nutrition adjustments. Note that the diet of Dr. Laskin cannot be perceived as the only true way to treat cancer problems. However, for many people, it has become a genuine symbol of hope for recovery and an ordinary full life.

Dr. Laskin's buckwheat diet discussion


Unfortunately, it is impossible to 100% judge the effectiveness of such a diet that Dr. Laskin's buckwheat diet offers. Discussion of this food system continues to this day, despite the fact that it was first voiced about 40 years ago. At present, however, conservative therapy is the only correct method of combating oncology.

On the other hand, there are numerous positive reviews from patients with just such a diagnosis. It cannot be said that this system helped them exclusively, because patients underwent chemotherapy along with a change in diet.

Does Dr. Laskin's diet really help? Reviews about the diet are very diverse. There is another assertion that this food system is not only an excellent cancer prevention tool, it helps to get rid of a few extra pounds. If a person resorts to the help of such a diet in order to lose weight, it should be observed in the second period. Depending on the duration of dietary restrictions, some manage to throw about 7-12 extra pounds. Of course, in this case, it is not recommended to try to lose weight on your own, you must consult a nutritionist in advance.

Dr. Laskin's diet diet reviews


In this article, we talked about how Laskin’s buckwheat diet (anti-cancer diet) differs, what are its basic principles and an approximate one-day menu. The proposed diet does not require serious costs, the average person uses all the products daily. However, the diet imposes some restrictions, many products are prohibited (for example, fatty meat, milk, alcoholic beverages, cheeses, pastries and sweets).

We note again: one should not take such a nutrition system as an alternative to conservative therapy. As medical practice shows, today there is no universal medicine or diet that could cure a patient with oncology.

We hope that all the nutrition information presented in this article will be really useful for you. Be healthy!

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