Gout: diet is very important!

Gout is a disease that disrupts the metabolic processes in the body. The diet of patients with gout is of great importance, it is aimed at reducing the formation of uric acid in the human body . Proper nutrition can significantly improve the patient's condition, there are cases when, thanks to the diet, patients recover completely and the symptoms of their disease disappear.

Gout. Diet.

Gout. Diet. What is undesirable to eat?

With a disease such as gout, the diet eliminates purine-rich foods. To do this, it is necessary to significantly reduce the consumption of meat and dishes from it, especially for pork and beef. With such a disease, it is desirable to give preference to lamb, as it contains a small amount of purines, compared with pork and beef. The liver, kidneys and lungs are also rich in purines, that is, it is advisable to exclude these offal from your diet. It is necessary to completely exclude such products as sausages and a variety of smoked meats. It is also not recommended to use meat broth and dishes prepared on its basis. It is necessary to limit the consumption of poultry, fish and foods from them, in particular this applies to salted fish products. Also, legumes, some types of berries (raspberries, lingonberries, figs and grapes) and mushrooms are completely excluded from the diet. It is undesirable to eat sorrel, spinach and salad, as well as to exclude mustard, black pepper and various spices, except bay leaf and vinegar.

Diet of patients with gout.
Drinks such as cocoa and coffee are completely excluded. Brewed tea should not be very strong with a disease such as gout. The diet also excludes alcohol, it can not be consumed in any case, because it just delays the withdrawal of uric acid from the human body. Therefore, you should completely refrain from drinking alcohol.

The diet is aimed at preventing the appearance of excess weight, because with excess weight, the excretion of uric acid is difficult. That is, patients should limit the use of fatty foods and foods. It is also important to note that under no circumstances should one go hungry.

Diet for gout. Menu

The menu of such a diet is quite diverse, it is only important to exclude the above products. With a disease such as gout, the diet involves plenty of water. Various compotes, decoctions of vegetables and rose hips are useful.

Diet for gout. Menu.
Alkaline waters are also recommended, which contribute to the breakdown of various uric acid compounds and prevent the deposition of urate in the joints.

With a disease such as gout, the diet is based on eating vegetables such as tomatoes, beets, cucumbers and carrots. Mandarins, lemons and oranges are also very useful for gout. The diet also includes the use of milk and dairy products, excluding only fatty varieties of cheese. It is advisable to eat eggs, nuts and foods that contain vegetable fats.

It is worth noting that with a disease such as gout, the diet should be balanced. Do not overeat or starve, but sometimes you can triple fasting days.

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