Gaskets "Naturella Ultra": originality and the main difference from other hygiene products

Gaskets "Naturella Ultra" - a necessary device for every girl for whom comfort is above all. The product eliminates unpleasant odors and guarantees a feeling of freshness over time. Provides maximum protection against blood flow during critical days.

Gasket Features

naturella ultra

Naturella Ultra Normal - Clinically proven intimate area pads that protect lingerie on critical days. They are served in individual "envelopes", do not take up much space in a handbag, they are convenient to take on the road. Products perfectly absorb blood and abundant vaginal discharge. They provide girls with maximum comfort, take care of the most delicate skin, preventing irritation.

Due to its soft texture, the pads are almost not felt during wear. Their thickness is only 2 mm. The aroma of the products is unobtrusive. The pads may smell like chamomile, calendula or green tea. The liquid that has come to the surface is absorbed for several seconds, preventing the appearance of an unpleasant odor. The wings retain moisture on the sides and prevent the gasket from moving.

Main difference

expanded gasket

Gaskets have an exclusive absorption system. Inside there are special granules in the form of balls that hold menstrual blood and quickly absorb moisture.

It is worth noting that Naturella Ultra contains Dermacrem dry lotion. Due to the protective ability of the cream, the skin of the intimate zone is not exposed to allergies. The component prevents irritation in areas of greatest contact.


From the above, it can be concluded that Naturella Ultra pads provide women with reliable protection during menstruation. They are very convenient to use due to their suitable shape. Products can be used for girls with even the most delicate skin thanks to a super-thin cream coating. The film prevents the appearance of various allergic reactions, such as rash, redness, itching. Gaskets have pleasant floral aromas that retain a sense of freshness for the whole day.


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