The benefits and calorie content of green apples: we lose weight on fruits!

Many have heard that apples are a very valuable product and contain many vitamins. This fruit, growing in abundance in our area, is useful for both children and adults. Apples are consumed fresh, they are added to salads, baked, and pies and cakes are made with them. In general, many ways have been devised to make this wonderful fruit tasty and healthy. It's no secret that apples are great for those who want to lose weight. Green apples are especially useful. They have many vitamins, and the calorie content of green apples is very low, which allows them to be consumed in unlimited quantities without harm to the figure. In this article we will look at apple diets and their benefits.

Apple diet for weight loss is quite diverse and popular. Many women use them, because the calorie content of green apples is quite low, but this fruit is rich in vitamins, which makes such diets very attractive. But still, it should be remembered that you should not get involved in apple diets, they can be used no more than once a month.

Apple diet for a week

On the first day of the week - Monday, only apples should be consumed, but not more than one kilogram.

On Tuesday, you need to eat one and a half kilograms of apples.

On Wednesday, the number of apples must be increased to 2 kilograms.

On Wednesday and Thursday, leave the number of apples unchanged (2 kg)

On Friday and Saturday, reduce fruit consumption - one and a half kilograms.

On Sunday, eat one kilogram.

For a diet, they recommend buying green apples.

If dieting is very difficult, you can eat a couple of slices of black bread in addition to apples. One day, you can replace some raw apples with baked ones. The calorie content of baked apples is low, and this does not stop you from losing weight.

Kefir apple diet

Kefir-apple diet is designed for seven days. Thanks to such a diet, you can get rid of 5 to 7 kilograms of excess weight.

The difference from the previous diet is that 1% kefir is added to apples. 5-6 apples and 600 ml of 1% kefir should be consumed per day.

It is often impossible to use this diet, despite the fact that the calorie content of green apples is low, so the diet gives a good result. This is due to the negative effect on the stomach of malic acid. Going out of the diet is necessary gradually.

If you do not want to sit on a strict diet, but still want to lose a few pounds, start with dinner. Instead of a hearty and high-calorie evening meal, try cooking baked apples. You may not know how many calories are in a baked apple, but you certainly won’t get better from such a dish, as it is low-calorie and healthy. In addition, if you make a baked apple with cinnamon and honey, it will turn out to be quite tasty as well (though the calorie content will increase by more than 1.5 times compared to a fresh product or baked without any additives). This combination of products helps to maintain low blood sugar, so you will not feel hunger for quite some time.

You can just eat a green apple before bedtime. The calorie content of green apples is about 80 kcal per fruit, so you can safely eat it in the evening, even before bedtime, to relieve hunger.

Green apples are rich in vitamin C and B vitamins, contain pectins, potassium, citric and malic acid, phosphorus, iron and many more useful substances. Although the calorie content of green apples is so low, they saturate the body and do not warm up feelings of hunger. A delicious salad of green apples with onions, spinach and Brussels sprouts is also great for evening meals.

You can spend fasting days on apples once a week. This technique gives pretty good results, provided that on the rest of the days you adhere to the basics of proper nutrition.

Be slim and healthy!


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