How many calories are in fish, calories of dried, boiled, fried and smoked fish

Today, more and more people are especially watching their lifestyle. We all want to stay healthy and stay young for a long time. Therefore, we prefer to eat only the right food, which will support the whole body in good shape. In pursuit of harmony, we prefer fish and dairy dishes, vegetables, natural fruits and berries.

Which fish to prefer during a diet? How many calories are in fish? In what form is it more useful? Let's try to answer all these exciting questions.

So how many calories are there in fish? To give a clear answer, it is necessary to understand the type of processing and the variety of fish. Consider the most common varieties. Fresh, the lowest calorie content are:

- Atlantic herring, it contains about 57 kcal;

- cod - 59 kcal;

- pike and pike perch - 72 Kcal;

- pollock - 70 Kcal;

- hake - 72 kcal.

Among medium-calorie varieties, flounder (it contains 90 Kcal), horse mackerel (it has about 119 Kcal) can be distinguished; then there is pink salmon - 147 Kcal and capelin - 157 Kcal. The most high-calorie fish is tuna, it contains up to 300 Kcal per 100 grams. Do not forget that these indicators characterize only fresh fish, as for other options - smoked, salted, boiled and fried, we will talk about them below.

How many calories are there in salted and smoked fish ? Such foods were processed, so they contain more calories. This indicator is the lowest in such species as herring (145 Kcal), mackerel (150), cod (115), sprat (154), pink salmon (164).

Then come the dried bream - 221 Kcal and trout - 227.

Salted and smoked salmon is considered one of the most high-calorie dishes, it contains up to 240 Kcal per 100 grams. With additional processing of any dish, the amount of fat content in it increases. Salting and smoking fish, although it gives a special taste, but also adds calories. That is why during the diet period you should not abuse these types of fish.

In general, today people prefer fish rather than meat. According to many scientists, meat is aging a person. It is worth remembering that the Japanese and Chinese eat fish dishes that prolong their life and make them healthy. Fish saturates the body with useful substances, gives strength and maintains harmony. Unlike meat, fish dishes have low calorie content and high nutritional value.

How many calories are dried fish ? Sun-dried fish undergoes more processing than other varieties, and, therefore, has a high calorie content. Cooking is considered the best way to cook fish, it is in this form that the dish retains all vitamins and has a low proportion of fat. How many calories are in boiled fish? The smallest of them are in cod - 78, in pollock - a little more - 79, in burbot - 92, hake - 95, pike perch - 97, pike - 98. Then come flounder - 103, catfish - 114, bream - 124. fatty varieties: sturgeon - 179, mackerel - 211, halibut - 216 and others. The calorie content of dried fish is high, in addition, when processing the dish loses its useful qualities. Therefore, you should eat more boiled fish and vegetables.

We examined the calorie content of smoked fish, dried, raw, dried and boiled. This indicator largely depends on the method of cooking fish. But still, losing weight on a fish diet is much easier than, for example, on a vegetable or fruit diet . Indeed, in this product there are all the substances necessary for the body. Fish contains calcium, which is needed for growth, fatty acids, which are necessary for brain activity, phosphorus, which is needed for bones and energy metabolism of cells. That is why boiled fish, which is considered to be “food for the brain”, is added to the human diet from childhood. All experts recommend consuming this product more often to insure against diseases associated with digestive disorders, mental stress and other negative phenomena.


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